Marble Cake

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marble cake

Congratulations India for winning an awesome match against Pakistan. While watching the match, I was working on this cake. When I saw India was about to win, I changed the plans and made this. Sending good wishes for finals.

I baked this cake yesterday night and refrigerated. Took a day off today to get some of the stuff around the house done. I also wanted to decorate that cake, had no idea what would be the decorations. Team India gave me good inspiration. We ate this cake as celebration.

It was a late night baking session yesterday. I started only at 10, after finishing all work and Ishaan went to bed. For once, I was not in a mood to click pictures, so I will post the pictorial when I make it again.

1 and 1/2 cups all purpose flour
1 tea spn baking powder
1/4 tea spn salt
4 eggs
1 tea spn vanilla essence
1/2 cup water
1 cup sugar
2 tbl spn unsweetened cocoa powder

Preheat the oven at 325F for about 10mins.
Sieve together all purpose flour, baking powder and salt.
Separate egg yolks and whites.
Beat egg yolks until light. Gradually add in sugar and beat. Add vanilla essence, water and beat.
In a separate bowl, beat egg whites till soft peaks form. Keep aside.
Now add dry ingredients to egg yolk mixture and mix. Fold in egg whites very slowly.
Divide the batter into two equal parts (it need not be exact half). Mix cocoa powder in one part.
Grease a baking dish. Put one big spoonful of one type of batter and put another type of batter next to it. Keep repeating (it need not be in any particular pattern and don’t worry if both get mixed, when the cake is baked, it will have two colors). Bake for about 45mins or till done.
This can be served as it is.

I wanted the cake to be moist. So I heated 1/4 cup of water with 1 tbl spn sugar till it is little warm (20sec in microwave). Now soaked the cake with syrup.
For decorations, I used whipped cream and store bought buttercream icing.

38 thoughts on “Marble Cake”

  1. Oh- so we won??? YAY 🙂 I had to leave for work once India’s innings were done and the score was not looking that great. Glad we made it.

    That cake looks wonderful- I’m sure the cricket team wishes it could get a bite.

  2. Priyanka Ankolekar

    Hi Shilpa,

    This is such a wonderful way to celebrate our victory!
    I am looking forward to the recipe. 🙂


  3. Hey Shilpa,
    Love your posts and your patriotism.!!!!…..It was an amazing victory and i wish we win the finals too…:).
    Aayi’s Reciepe rocks!!!!

  4. Lovely Shilpa! The decoration one the cake quite reflects the mood of the people here in India last evening 🙂

  5. Hello dear..
    Would love to try the Marble cake recipe, but couple of questions… 🙂

    What happens if we don’t seive?

    Can we omit or reduce eggs?

    Did you use an electric mixer?

    Did you use U.S measuring cups?
    Thanks a lot dear.. 🙂

    1. Sieving incorporates more air into the batter and makes it fluffy and also helps to get rid of any lumps.
      I haven’t tried without eggs. So I don’t know, sorry.
      Yes I used an electric mixer. But if you don’t have one, you can still make it, will take more time to whip the eggs.
      Yes, US measuring cups.

  6. shilpa ji , bahut hi achcha laga is cake ko dekhkar aur jeet ki khushi bhi par aap egg ki jagah kya upyog kare batayengi ? matlab ki veg . cake . aur whip cream kaise banaye mera kabhi bigad jata hai kabhi pani chut jata hai .

  7. Hey shilpa..

    I have been a big follower of aayis since 4-5 months.. Married new and learning to cook..
    Tried few recipes on here.. I just love them 🙂

    keep going 🙂

    The cake looks lovely 🙂 baking is far ahead for me yet

  8. Hi Shilpa,
    Nice job, Cake looks very yummy. I wanted to bake this cake. I have tried many cakes from your site but never tried decorating the cake. First time I am going to try. So I have some silly questions.

    1. You have mentioned about syrup which can make cake moist. 1/4th cup of what we have to mix with sugar? Is it 1/4 cup butter with sugar or? Its not clear in the above description.

    2. Is white color is whipped cream and blue color is butter cream icing on the cake? Do they melt easily, like after decoration how long we can keep it in room temperature or do we need to keep in refrigerator?

    3. Whipped cream and butter cream icing how much quantity do we need to buy, a small tin would be sufficient? DO we need to buy the ones which have cone shape, so that we can easily make the design?

    I hope you won’t mind with my silly doubts. Thanks in advance.

    Have a great weekend!!!


    1. 1) with water. Thanks for pointing out, I have updated the post now.
      2) Yes, white is whipped cream and blue & other colors are with butter cream icing. I made the whipped cream icing from the recipe given in Orange cake. Used up all of it for the cake. No, they don’t melt easily (if you keep in a hot place, they will melt)
      3) Depends on what kind of decorations you want to do. I just bought the smallest available white butter cream icing and colored it with cake colors. I have different tips and icing bags that I had bought a while ago. But if you don’t have any, you may have to buy them too. You may want to look at Wilton site for ideas.

  9. Yummy cake.. wish I can take a bite .. question – for your orange cake you soaked in orange juice and I think in one of your fruit cake you soak the cake in juice too here you are adding sugar syrup… which adds more moist to the cake? the sugar syrup or soaking in juice?

    1. It depends on what flavor cake you want. If you are making a fruity cake and want it to taste like some fruit – like orange cake, soak in juice like I used orange juice in that recipe. Here I didn’t want the cake to have a fruity flavor, but just wanted it to be moist. so used normal syrup.

  10. Hi, I tried this cake and it tasted fine but was not a soft cake. What could be the reason? I bake cakes regularly and I am a big fan of your date cake and they always come out nice spongy and soft but this one was little harder. Are we not supposed to beat the egg whites for a long time? Could that be a reason?


  11. You have not used any fat in this recipe, wont it make the cake heavy/dry? Tried the apple raisin cake, it was awesome. Baked it in a convection microwave oven, took almost an hour to bake but was still moist. Don’t know if the texture will be different if baked in a regular oven.

  12. hai Shilpa, i tried this today without any decoration. i felt it bit dry. it would have been better if unsalted butter was added and little more sugar.

  13. I am a regular visitor of your site and love your recipes. Suddenly I am not being able to see the archive recipes or the monthly break down of the recipes any more from the home page.

  14. Hai Shilpa,
    I am a frequent visitor of your blog and found it very useful. Great effort. i am new to cake preparations and had baked it only once. I want to try this one but i have some basic doublts about cake decorations.
    In this decoration, buttercream icing is the white one and the whipped cream is the coloured one. Am i right?
    In your orange cake recipe, you used whipped cream for icing. Does it mean that either buttercream icing or whipped cream can be used to cover the cake?
    How do you bring colours to your decorations? By adding food colours?
    Is it required to keep the cake in refrigerator before or after icing?

    1. Vibha, as I said earlier in another cake recipe, you need to add some kind of essence to give aroma. Otherwise it won’t taste good.

  15. hi Shilpa,

    Tried the recipe. Though the cake looked great, was nice spongy but it was quite dry. Some of the readers have also mentioned it. Maybe some butter is required in the recipe. It needs to be decorated with cream and icing , but it should be as good as yours to be a success…:) I decorated it with chocolate icing, but it didn’t help much. the cake was still dry. If you try it a bit differently , do update this recipe.

    Thanks for the nice detailed recipes and for your efforts!


  16. hi, shilpa,
    how r u? every day i excepting ur recipes,& try 2 cook also,many of ur recipes r very delicious but marble cake is hard. 1 time i beat with wooden spoon & 2nd time blender but both time diferent type hard . what is the reson please let me waiting 4 ur reply

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