Halloween cake

This year, I had decided to post something at least for one of the American festivals. Even though the lighting around my house, painfully reminds me of Diwali(which is just round the corner), and I terribly miss being at home in India. Although I could almost feel the fireworks of Diwali, I am just trying to enjoy the festivities of Halloween. All my colleagues seem to be so excited about it. So I thought of making something on this occasion just for my readers.

Last year is when I came to know about Halloween. I didn’t know it was so popular. I still remember the days when we saw all the festivities going around us. One of our friends explained the significance of this and about “trick or treat“. Then I read about it in all the different food blogs (my first stop was of course at my favorite blog).

So this year, I thought I would make something for Halloween. I initially started with an idea of some cake with white ghosts – something similar to “Chandamamabhooths. Did I say I was crazy about Chandamama while growing up? But I was always scared about the white bhooths(ghosts) pictures. I would never read the first page of Vikram-Betaal. I would flip that page as fast as I could. But now when I wanted to have ghosts on my cake, they were the first things that came to my mind.

I wanted to make these ghosts with Colorflow icing and stick them to cake like I had created birds in this cake. But I was feeling so lazy to mix this icing, I decided to give up the idea. But then I decided to make the bhooths just with normal icing with white color. I asked my husband (who is a huge fan of Chandamama) to draw few of these on a paper so that I could copy them on cake. Following was the outline he drew for me.

This is a pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting sent to me by Deepa Raj last year.

47 thoughts on “Halloween cake”

  1. Hi Shilpa,

    Wow…a perfect cake for the season!! The ghosts reminded me of “vikram-betaal” ;p
    Looking forward to the recipe. Good work.

  2. Cake looks gr8 as usual. Waiting for the recipe. I haven’t baked any pumpkin cake so far. I am with you, i too miss the festivals in India.

  3. oooh your ghosties are scary and cute all at the same time 😀 What a lovely cake for the theme of halloween! The mention of vikran-vetal really made brought back great memories…

  4. The cutest halloween cake i’ve seen :). The cake must be really delicious, Shilpa! Hey and i loved and still love Chandamama :-D.

    Happy halloween :).

  5. :Clap: :Clap: :Clap: for the cute little ghosts dear… just love the halloween cake .. though even I get reminded of Diwali a lot.. we can even phodofy one cracker yaar..:(

  6. :Clap: :Clap: :Clap: for the cute little ghost beauties on ur cake dear.. even I get reminded of Diwali a lot.. we can’t even phodofy one cracker yaar…:(

  7. Great sketching, V! And superb decorating, Shilpa! The red colored sugar adds to the ghoulish touch of the cake!

    I’m not doing anything special for Hallowe’en this year. I am swamped with too many things. So I was really happy to find out that I had not been volunteered for anything. 4th graders plan their own party and Medha missed the planning as she had been pulled out of class for some testing. When she returned, all tasks had been assigned. But we are currently engaged in making her Hallowe’en costume. If we have it ready before Wednesday, I’ll post a picture.

    Shilpa: Ohh :(. I was waiting for your Halloween post Manisha. Never mind…enjoy making a costume 🙂

  8. Shilpa..me & my brother kept reading Tinkle,ACK and Chandamaama all our childhood! American ‘Halloween’ with Indian ‘Betaals’–nice concept! I loved the background on which your Bhoots are lying down.. and scary red spots too!!! Keep it up Shilpa..no one to match it!!

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    Shilpa: Purnima, this is solved now. I am having some problems with site these days. I have tried to solve as many as possible.

  10. Shilpa, that`s just the cake my little one has been asking for …A GHOST Cake!!! Wow..thanks so much, and waiting for the recipe.

  11. Hi
    When r posting it ? i want to make it for my friends. Can u keep it eggless ?

    Shilpa: Mukta, sorry, I cannot post it soon. So please choose some other cake from my cakes collection. You can decorate any cake with similar decorations. It is a cake with eggs. There is eggless date cake recipe on the site & I think you can bake that and make a topping of buttercream icing. I have tried it before and it comes out awesome.

  12. Ooooooh!! Spooky!!! Good one!
    I used to read Chandamama too!
    BTW… am still a total fraidy cat when it comes to ghosts etc! cannot watcha horror movie without screaming-shivering and finally giving up in the first half hour of the movie!!

  13. Wow Shilpa!Cake luksv.attractive..Amazing decoration..N yeah,d ghosts luk v.cute haan..:)wh is a rare instance..!:)..
    U are so v.creative..Kip it up dear..
    Wonderful cake for Halloween ..waitng for dis Pumpkin cake recipie..

    Best Regards

  14. hi shilpa….im a big fan of your site….thats a nice cake u have…but have you tried skull cake?? its the coolest halloween cake ever…i remember making it and bringing it to school as a kid….its so easy that you dont even need to bake it….if you would like i could send you the recipe by email…

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