Chocolate Eclairs

This is the time again for Daring baker’s challenge. This month’s host is that lovely blogger, because of whom I joined this group. Yes, it is Meeta along with Tony. I won’t be lieing if I say, only because it was Meeta’s month, I took up this challenge. Now, some of you may wonder what that is supposed to mean – as I mentioned in my last post, due to so many things that have come up on in our lives, that need more attention, I would not be able to make time, so I have decided to leave this group for now.

I made these Éclairs very early this month, as soon as Meeta revealed the challenge. After I read it a couple of times, I was sure we would love this chocolatey heaven. Since I had not even seen these before, I was not sure how they were supposed to taste. So I googled and found this video.

Everything went fine, the pastry was fine (or so I think). I was happy with the way it was going. But my happiness was short lived when I totally messed up chocolate pastry cream. It was watery and I had no idea what was wrong. Anyway, I thought of using it as it is because of shortage of time. I was thinking to make it again but could not manage.

Verdict – we both simply loved these Éclairs. We both are not chocoholics, but we both could not stop eating these. I think this was the easiest and the quickest daring baker’s challenge so far. Thanks a lot Meeta and Ben for picking this recipe. I am going to make these again as soon as things at my end come to normal again.

Click here for the recipe.

Here is a pictorial

I used few fresh strawberries along with chocolate pastry cream as stuffing. The berries tasted great with chocolate. I topped them with few chopped cashews.

22 thoughts on “Chocolate Eclairs”

  1. I know how it can be tough to fit the DB’ers into a busy schedule. Your eclairs look like they came out beautifully and we hope to see you back on full time status soon!

  2. oh shilpa! because of me you joined the db? what an honor and that is why i am sad to hear you leaving the group – even if it is only for the “moment” i was always glad to chat with you about these challenges on google – now i will miss it! thank you for making these eclairs. i smiled knowing you have never had one – and now you and your family love my favorite pastries too LOL!

  3. What a great job you’ve done of making something you’ve never seen before. Sad to know you’re leaving the group…but, life does have other priorities too, right?

  4. Ooo I love the way you plated the three eclairs in that last photo. So cute and so fun, with the chocolate decorations and the cashews! Way to go on this month’s challenge, the eclairs look amazing 🙂

  5. Heya heya hey! Eclairs!!! They look fantastic Shilpa- the choux pastry looks perfect, the chocolate glaze is beautiful! I had the same problem with the pastry cream filling last time I made them as well, so… eventually one of us will figure out the trick! 😉 But strawberries and chocolate(!): you can’t go wrong with that combo. Did you and your hubby eat all of them?

    Shilpa: Oh well..I would have finished it all if we had not started the diet almost at the same time. So I froze them. I was thinking to use them after a while. After a while I had to throw some out because I thought they might have got soiled by the time. Thats the reason I am leaving the group. If I could not finish these, I am sure I won’t be able to finish any of the other sweet challenges :(.

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