Carrot cake with apple filling

This recipe is from Neeta Mehta’s “Oven recipes” book. I am a novice when it comes to decorataing a cake. So like most of my other cakes, I could not decorate this cake well. But this tasted amazing.

I had purchased a big pack of apples and they were sitting in my refrigerator without being touched. So when I saw this recipe, I was more than happy to try it. I made few modifications to original recipe. Here is what I followed.

1 cup all purpose flour or maida
1 cup sugar
1 tea spn baking powder
3/4 cup oil
3/4 cup carrots (grated)
3 eggs
1 tea spn cinnamon powder
1 tea spn vanilla essence (or extract)

1 cup apple(cut into thin pieces)
1 tbl spn butter
1 tbl spn sugar

Whipped cream:
3/4 cup cream
2 tbl spn sugar

Sift maida and baking powder together and keep aside.
Beat eggs with sugar till frothy. Add oil little by little beating all the time. Add cinnamon, essence and mix well.
Now add carrot and flour and mix till the flour is well mixed with the egg mixture.
Preheat the oven at 350F for around 10mins. Pour the mixture in a greased(apply butter to the inside of baking dish and sprinkle 1 tea spn of flour and spread it) baking dish. Bake at 350F for around 35mins or till a knife inserted in the cake comes out clean.

Take out the cake off the vessel when it is cooled to room temperature. Cut it into two halves.

Heat butter and add apple and sugar. Cook till the apple becomes soft.

Whip the cream with sugar till it forms soft peaks.
Spread the apples on one half of the cake.

Spread the cream on the bottom side of other half.

Keep the second half on the first. Press gently.

Decorate as required.

Serve cold. (While storing in refrigerator, cover the cake in a large vessel or with plastic sheet otherwise it gets hard).

Makes 8 large pieces
Preparation time : 20mins (excluding baking time)

31 thoughts on “Carrot cake with apple filling”

  1. Carrots and apple gr8. It looks yummy. I too had lots of apple for last 3 weeks, did not know what to do with so many, but now only 2 are remaining. I too had a Nita Mehta’s book for oven recipes, but all recipes were eggless (now that book is lying in my hse in Mumbai). Thanks for a different cake, Shilpa.

  2. Hi Shilpa,
    This cake looks delicious,im going try it asap.Today only all the apples in the fridge got over,so asa I get apples Im going tomake it.
    Thanks for this recipe.

  3. Wow Shilpa, thanks alot.Reall past 2days i was surfing many sites for froasting and icing tips.As this weekend my niece b’day, planning to prepare cake and decorate myself.

    Luckily got your receipe that too with step by step illustration with pictures,whatelse i need.

  4. Your food blog is great.I have become an addict and fan of your recipes.Any time I have to cook some thing nice I just step into your blog and every time I get some thing nice,and so I finally I blogrolled you to make my visit even easier.Thanks for the lovely post.
    Recently I made the recipe for pomfret fish(with teppal).It was extremely tasty.In the begining it was hard to find teppal ,but some how I found in an Indian grocery store.Thanks one again for your recipes.

  5. That’s a lovely twist to the carrot cake!I make similar carrot cake but loved your apple filling.will try it.And the decoration is excellent…very tempting!

  6. wow shilpa! very beautiful cake! you are sure to impress any guests with that!!! i like carrot cake very much, but never had it with apples before, so i will add this to my cooking “to do” list!

  7. Thanks to you all for the comments. It tastes great and I am happy that you all liked the cake decoration(???).

    Pelicano, I am very happy to see you back :D.

  8. I was wondering if we can use the apple chunks in between two layers of batter and bake it…you think that wil be fine?

    Shilpa: Nandita, sorry I somehow missed your comment. I think it should work too..but somehow I feel the cake might not be so moist if you bake it all together.

  9. Hi Shilpa
    I have tried your date cake it was yummy! Is there are way to make Carrot cake egg-free. Can you possibly post one if you have … I love carrot cakes and I wish to prepare one soon for my baby’s 1st bday!!

    Shilpa: Sraj, as of now, I dont have a eggless carrot cake recipe. Will surely post it if I find one.

  10. thank you for giving me such an information, i need this in making new recipe that is derived from yours.

    Thank you!

  11. Hello aunty…..i want to know the receipe of Black Forest Cake(veg)….Send it fast aunty or my mom will not prepare cake for me …..your sweet sweet fan

  12. Hey Shilpa,

    Guess wat..?..”Wheat flour cake” is possible.! 🙂

    Yeah, i tried it yestrday..n it rose well jus like normal cake..Has become soft n tastes also good.It has got a brown colour as that of wheat….It tastes lil crispy(but nice)….might b coz i used d whole wheat flour (stone ground).
    I was actully thinking whether it wud rise or no ..!!..But it turned out gud:)

    Foll r the details:
    1)V.imp,I tried it with ur above mentioned (basic)carrot cake recipie…. (excluding the apple filling part)..I guess it shd b cald Wheat carrot cake..!!

    2)To avoid wastage,i wntd to use less of all tried d cake reducing all the ingredients to almost half of above mwntioned quantity(but,in right proportions)
    N yeah, i used 2 eggs(not 1 and b exact ;))
    I dint use cinnamon powder.(dint have it)
    N Followed procedure exactly as u mentioned in above cake recipie..

    2)Also,to tell u..The wheat flour i used is not v.fine..(Actuly i hd got it to make Chapatis but discovered tht its lil coarse or kinda cripy.As i inquired..they said.. thts d finest wheat flour they had).The label on it says – Whole Wheat Flour,Stone Ground. I guess thts readily avail with various brands in US markets ..[nid to try ths cake with Indian n fine (chapati)flour once..]

    Will try ur other cake recipies using wheat flour(instead of All purpose flour) n chk out the resuting cake..!!….
    I think just replacing the All purpose flour with wheat flour( kiping othr ingredients constant, as they are.)will do….lets c..
    Request u to try out d wheat cake n chk out..n pls lemme kno if u hav any additional info/inputs..on this..
    Thnks for giving me the inspiration to try n experiment somthng new n better..
    Thnks again.


  13. hey shilpa, m awaiting ur response..


    Shilpa: Meenal, I think I had replied to your previous comment somewhere else. But I have no idea at all about wheat flour cake. I am happy to know you tried it and liked it. May be you can try chakki fresh atta (Pillsbury or Sujata) they are very fine.

  14. Hey Shilpa,yeah…. i just gt Annapurna fine wheat flour(frm Indian store). Will surely try with dat..
    Request u also try n chk whethr u like it..


  15. Hi Shilpa

    Thanks for the prompt reply. I found the recipe for
    carrot apple cake.

    Do you have a recipe for plain carrot cake with walnuts?
    Without any other fruits.
    I want to make carrot cake for my husband birthday,
    it’s coming up next week.

    Thank you for your help.


    Shilpa: Sheena, the apple in the above recipe is used just in the filling. So if you want a plain carrot cake, leave out the filling. You can include few walnuts in the cake.

  16. Hi Shilpa,
    check out hte following link It is regarding egg substitutes or for replacing eggs to make eggless cakes. I have tried using banana + extra baking pwd instead of one egg in a cake and it actually works. I hope this is helpful to those who want to avoid eggs in their cooking.

    Warm regards,

  17. can I replace eggs with banana here?

    Shilpa: I don’t know. You have to try. It will give a very different taste because of banana.

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