Cake decorating FGP – cake 3

In May,I had joined Fondant and Gum Paste class. I didn’t know what a gum paste or fondant is before joining this course. After I finished my course-1 and course-2, I directly joined this course and skipped course-3. This course turned out to be a bit disappointing for me initially because I always love to do things from scratch and this course does not teach how to make these two kind of icings at home. My main concern was how to make these when I return to India in future. I think these ready made stuff might not be available there. But since I wanted to do all courses, I joined anyway.

This is more expensive than other classes. I forgot to take a cake for class-1. Then in class-2, I had hard time rolling fondant because it gets too hard very soon. I missed class-3 because I had to plan for our long weekend trip. When it was time for class-4, I thought I had lost this whole course. I was very busy that day and I thought of missing it again. But last moment, I decided I had to go for this class.

This class was amazing. The final cake turned out to be very good. To start with, Barbara was very happy that I returned to the class. I absolutely love this lady, so I was happy when she showed happiness for seeing me. She said I can attend class-3 with the next group of students. The fondant was in perfect shape this time, since I had all the things like shortening etc to keep it from drying. I had missed the fondant coating on the base because of less time, but I did all other decorations.

I added some extra violet flowers on it and Barbara said those flowers looked very good on it.

Other pleasant surprise was, Barbara gifted me a book ‘Cupcake fun’. It has some amazing pictures and ideas for cupcake decorating. Barbara said it is for being “such a good student”. That made my day :).

When I reached home and showed it to my husband, he simply loved it. He even wanted to take a video of it. He spent a lot of time to make a video of it. I will upload it soon.

Here is the video my husband created. When he saw the cake, he was all excited and wanted to take a helicopter view of the cake :). We don’t have a camcorder, so he took this from our old digital camera. His excitement gives me a lot of encouragement to continue on my hobbies. This video is nothing special, but it shows his excitement. So I thought of posting it here.

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  1. Beautiful….Love those violet flowers. Waiting to see the video too. Great to see you working, being a housewife, attending different classes and above all devoting time to aayisrecipes. Keep up your good work.

  2. Hi Shilpa, the cake looks beautiful. You are truly an amazing girl ! Ask the teacher directly, if you can do a make-up class in the next session, they never say no.
    Michaels does run ‘sales’ on their cooking classes, keep checking their website. Generally in the summer, it is pay half-price or 2friends can join for the price of one.
    In India fondant is popularly known as ‘marzipan’ and everyone makes it from scratch.

  3. Hey dear,
    Remember the chat we had in which u told me that Micheals offers cake decorating class? I have enrolled for course 1. It’s starting next Tuesday.
    This cake looks so lovely. Keep posting pics of more cakes that u decorate.

  4. Woh!! Amazing cake shilpa!! I can see how much effort you put into it and at then end of the class, branded as good student!! thats really an achievement!!!
    waiting fr the video now!!!

  5. Hey Shilpa this looks simply fabulous!! You seem to have got your hobby to a professional level…..great to see your excitement & keep up the good work!! 😉

  6. Hey,
    Loved the video and the 360degrees helipcopter view of the cake. The cake’s really pretty. Also loved the music of the video. Way to go, gal!

  7. Love the music on the video. You are certainly a talented cake decorator. I lke the textural-lace-like feel that the decoration has on the top.


  8. Splendid !!! Way to go Shilpa, you have a done a fabulous job.Making fondant from scratch is not that difficult though it is defanitely time comsuming. To start with you can make Marshmellow fondant which is inexpensive and fun to make. A google search will give you the recipe, and it is a no fail one. If you need it i can send you a recipe for making the original fondant from scratch.

    Shilpa: I am very happy to see your comment about this Archana. You are one of my inspirations to take this class. It would be great to have the fondant recipe. Please give me if you don’t mind. I will mail you again later. Thanks

  9. Hi Shilpa, I love how you share your ups and downs in these classes with us. I was planning to take a cake decorating class and I wish I could be half as good as you are. Your husband appreciates what you do and that is so nice too. Lovely cake and lovely color combinations too.

  10. Hey Shilpa amazing cake. I have finished my courseI and now joined the courseII. It was great. I made the B’day cake for my daughter this time. It was fun.Thanks dear. You r the one who inspired me to join the class.
    I have a little problem.I always make an eggless cake but it breaks down when I take it out on the cooling rack. I asked my instructor abt it and she said it might be because of absence of egg. Can u help me?

    Shilpa: Swati, it largely depends on the recipe you have used. If the recipe is wrong, the cake gets ruined (usually the recipe needs to be followed completely like a formula). The oven temperature also make the cakes go wrong. If the oven is too hot or too cold, the cake sinks or rises.

  11. Hi Shilpa,

    Wonderful job!!!! I loved the cake, colour combinations too..congrats!!!for getting a gift from your tutor for being a good student…

    Keep going.All the best.

  12. hi, I also took all the Wilton classes from 1-3, and am now in the FGP class, I got a fondant recipe (home make version) from another girl in my class, you can try it out. Her fondant came out very well, but note, my instructor told us that fondant is harder to achieve consistent results w/ home made version. But that girl did it twice and it’s cheaper and worked out fine..

    search online for the recipe or here is her version:

    – 1 package of 16 oz. small marshmallow
    – 2 lbs of powdered sugar
    – 2 tbs of water
    – 1 tbs of clean vanilla (for white fondant)

    you need to kneed the fondant really hard apparently, and you need to apply Crisco vegetable shortening on everything you touch the fondant with to prevent sticking…

    – you microwave the marshmallow for 2 min (with 45 sec intervals when you stir it) — don’t forget to Crisco the bowl and the stir stick.

    – kneed the sugar into the warm marshmallow 2 cups at a time, half way put in the water and vanilla flavor. Then kneed in all the powdered sugar until uniform…

    Let me just say that it will take a LOT OF work but it works for her!

    enjoy! ^_^

    Shilpa: Thanks a lot for the recipe Winnie. I will try to make it at home sometime.

  13. Hi Shilpa, your latest creation is lovely! It’s great you’re getting so much pleasure out of these classes — I admire you making the time to learn something that really appeals to you!

    And I enjoyed the video too; very dramatic music 🙂

  14. Fantastic that’s all I can say. Doesn’t look that missing a class hampered your spirit or skills in any sense. Ver Beautiful
    Shall check out the video too

  15. That hubby of yours loves you! And he is right, this is one of the most beautiful cakes I have ever seen- I think you are destined to decorate!

  16. Hi Shilpa,
    I love your cake. In fact I like all your cakes. I had a few questions for you regarding the FGP class. So do we have to go to the first class itself with a cake?? I presume that you have to cover it with buttercream icing? Did you get all the stuff on the shopping list for this course? I agree with you that this appears to be more expensive that the rest of the courses. Did you buy the 20 inch rolling pin?
    I hope you find time to answer my questions.

    Shilpa: Pani, you have to ask your instructor about the first class. The instruction book does not mention about taking the cake but our instructor said we need cake for the first class. Yes, if you take it, it has to be covered with buttercream icing. I bought only the things which are absolutely necessary for this class. So I asked my instructor before every class to make sure I had all necessary things. I didn’t buy the rolling pin, I used the wooden one that I had at home which I use for rolling Indian bread(parathas/chapathis). Hope this helps.

  17. Hi Shilpa ,
    did you try to make fondant from the scratch? If yes, what was your experience?

    Shilpa: No chocolate, I haven’t tried it at home yet. The taste of ready made fondant is really bad, so it is on my to-do list.

  18. Hi,this is the first time that I browse through your web and what a lovely creation you made – so lovely and just by the pictures the taste is sure to be yummy.

  19. hey shilpa this one is amazing cake ..hey i just wanted to decorate the cake for my girl’s 2 birthday …but don’t know where i have to take this gum sugar paste …plz advice me 🙂 ..:})

    Shilpa: I bought it from Micheals.

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