Cake decorating – Cake for my dad

Wish a very happy father’s day to you all.

I have been writing so much about my mom on this blog. But I think, I have never written anything about my dad. Now what can be a better day than Father’s day?

My dad – ‘pappa’ as we call him is a doctor and a social worker. After he finished his medical studies, he moved back to the village to stay with my grand father since my grand mother was no more and grand father was alone. He had more than his share of troubles for staying in such a small place. He is very actively involved in more than one school management, temple management and many such social work.

When it comes to family life, he is the best dad anybody can ask for. While growing up, he always gave us any smallest thing we asked for. We would ask for a chocolate and he would get the entire big pack of chocolates. He would take us for restaurants and every place we asked. He always tried his best to give us everything possible. He is very good in mathematics and he was too worried because during my initial school days, I was pathetic in studies. Then he started teaching me mathematics and I used to feel, ‘why he does not leave me alone? why he is always behind my studies?’, but when I started getting 100% marks in mathematics, I knew what my dad had done. If I was the favorite student of most of my teachers, the full credit goes to my parents who spent so much time on me.

Today I wanted to make something special for my pappa. I didn’t know what to cook. I had great ideas of making a small model of my native. But it was too difficult to make. So finally I decided to put everything he loves represent on the cake. I don’t say I did a great job, but I tried my best.

I am sure you guys can’t recognize what I was thinking when I was putting these bits and pieces on cake. So here it is –

Vada, idli-chutney-sambar, batata vada, hittu/khotte, kadamb

Masala dosa

Chakli, jackfruit chips

Rice, dali thoy, pickle, papads

I love you pappa…

52 thoughts on “Cake decorating – Cake for my dad”

  1. Shilpa- That cake looks awesome. You have done a terrific job. Did you use fondant for the food item?

    Happy Fathers’ day to all dads!

    Shilpa: Yes Mika, most of the food items are made of fondant :). They are easy to make.

  2. What a unique way to celebrate father’s day. I guess you were always a good daughter and will be one. I like the idea of decorating all his favorites in one cake. Your papa will be exited to see a cake for him. Wish he was with you to celebrate fathers day. You can decorate one more for aayi and papa when they visit you.


    while i am reading this, i m missing my aanu (dad) a lot, silly it may seem but my eyes r welling wt tears!my aanu is special to me too..and ur imagination and use of resources is unique & awesome! believe me no one must hv even thought abt such a way leave aside trying, in a cake like this b4!

  4. Hi Shilpa,

    What a great idea about the cake with all the desi items. I am amazed and excited to be a part of the world in which you blog. Thanks for sharing. Happy weekend.

  5. Hi Shilpa,that is so nice of you to bake a cake for your dad.Certainly,mom and dad both are the most important people in our lives..even though we don;t speak as much of dads as we do about moms,they are still very very special.There is not one day of my adult life that I think about the sacrifices my dad made to make us what we are today.

  6. So UTTERLY ADORABLE! I am awestruck with your creativity! Every tiny detail has been thoughtfully made. Such a perfect cake…and what a lovely tribute to your dad! I am sure he is so proud of you.

  7. Shilpa, so thoughtful of you, asusual i love your blog not for the food but also for the sensitivity you bring to the food itself. Great job!


  8. AWESOME!! In the first pic I though I was imagining the medu wadas!

    Good to hear abt you pappa….so far I have had a rough image of just aayi!!

  9. What a nice way to say thank you to dad!!!
    great cake and I miss my dad so much as he is no more, when i saw your post, its very touching and i remembered those wonderful days u know!!!
    thank you

  10. Hi Shilpa,

    Thats a wonderful tribute to your dad…I am sure he is going to be very touched…my eyes welled up with tears reading it…I remember my dad who’s in Mumbai so far away from where I am…just reminds me of the sacrifices our parents make to bring us up…

    Good job again!

    Supriya H

  11. Shilpa.
    That’s the sweetest thing you have done. That’s a beautiful cake decoration. I loved ur idea. But girl, you got me all senti by making me miss my father all the more.
    Keep up the great cake decoration!

  12. Wow Shilpa……the theme brings back the memories of a traditional meal on a banana leaf & of course “Papa” too!! Good job. 🙂

  13. Hi Shilpa, what a lovely and touching tribute to your father 🙂 Your traditional foods in icing are really wonderful and creative! I’m sure he was pleased as punch to see that beautiful cake and your beautiful words 🙂

  14. What a sweet daughter you are- your pappa must be very proud, and for you to take this time to sculpt his favorite foods onto a cake is a sure sign that you must love him very much! Thanks for sharing this with us!

  15. What can I say….you’ve touched the heart of not just your dad, but a whole bunch of people – dads and everyone. You seem to be a very nice person!

    God bless,

  16. Shilpa, if possible, pls update this post wt ur Dad’s reaction & comments!



    Shilpa: Purnima, Dad was very very happy to see this cake :). He liked very much. He said he had not expected this when I asked him what does he like to eat :). That made my day.

  17. Shilpa, i m very happy to hear this! 🙂
    tku very much for updating.
    it sure was a Fantabulous cake and one that has gr8 sentimental value! when i daily visit this site, i take a look at this cake wtout fail! my brother was online (hes in singapore on a software project) i asked him to refer ur site and also to hv a look at the cake, he was totally in awe of this and said-‘Oh Fix! what a lady,what caliber & patience!’
    so hv a gr8 wk!!(tku 4 ur curry-leaves tip)

  18. prathibavijaykumar

    shipa,thank you very much for giving such an idea to are full of creativity.I am going to share this with my friends. thanks

  19. Hi Shilpa!
    The cake looks great! How was the rest of the gum paste and fondant course? I haven’t had a chance to take it yet. I’m going to see if I can in the fall. Hope its good!

    Shilpa: Savithri, it was okay. I feel there is nothing great about this class. Its too easy and with the book, we can learn it easily. I didn’t like this class as much as others. But we can make something really great with gum paste and fondant in no time. These don’t taste as good as other icings though.

  20. hey, i saw this cake…it really brought tears to my eyes…I’m based in NZ and parents are back home in mumbai…my heart went out to them really…

  21. Hi shilpa,
    Lot impressed by your website. we share both passion of cooking. i always do googling for new recipes. recently i came across with your website. i really like the way u show recipes . most of them are fast. r u still in usa. and r u an architect. u hav elot of creative side. i would like to talk more with u.i have just shifted to usa.


    Shilpa: Pallavi, thanks. I am a software engineer and yes, still in USA.

  22. hi shilpa ,what is fondant?can it be eaten?
    and u had suugested in 1 of ur rely that u often use vegetable it a must for buttercream icing?can d icing be made without it ?

  23. I am pretty sure you make your parents proud….
    that was a great effort Shilpa…
    I wish i could do something like that for my Pappa…

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