Cake decorating 2 – grand finale cake

The course-2 of wilton cake decorating ended yesterday with the last class. In this entire course of 4 weeks, we bake just one cake in the last class. We make a lot of different kinds of flowers, save them all and use in the grand finale in the last class. So it all gets built up until then.

I could not make all the flowers, because I took wrong icing to all the classes. For some classes, I was really tired and just wanted to take rest. So I practiced all flowers on last Sunday. I could not get one flower, but thought that I would leave that flower out for grand finale.

When I went to the class yesterday, I thought I would mess up this cake. I was really tensed about the basket weave. But when I started it, I realized that it was too easy. Though I messed up at few places, the final result came out to be cute. It was better than my expectations. I know some of other students might get it perfect, but I am very happy with my cake :). The pictures don’t make justice to this cake, I tried taking good pictures many times. But finally I let it go.

I wish I had a few friends and family here for whom I could bake these cakes. My husband is getting a heavy dose of cakes due to my classes :), if only I could bake them for someone else, I would be very happy.

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  1. Hi Shilpa,

    Cake bhaari chand dista go! Haanvu address divun ve megele? 🙂
    I have been meaning to join these classes forever…maybe I shud just take that step now!
    Good job!
    Supriya H

  2. Thats adorable! Basket weave, flowers and birds ..perfect cake for the Spring. I would feel so bad cutting it after all that hard work and such beautiful result.

  3. Hi Shilpa,

    have been a g8 fan of your site… the receipe’s are too good. now seeing this cake decoration i am so encouraged.. Great Talent…

  4. B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L cake shila. u r saying it looks much better than the picture here? my my… i am floored. ah!!! send me some and relive ur hubby from heavy dose of cake:)

  5. Congratulations on completing the class Shilpa. I know from your posts how hard you worked on this course. The cake looks fabulous. It looks like a wonderful celebration of Easter or Spring with all the beautiful, light colours.

  6. Hi Shilpa,

    Very good attempt !! Besides the compliment I would like to suggest something as well.I felt that the beauty of the cake and the basket weave effect would have been enhanced if brown frosting as used in place of white. And then place the colorful flowers and birds on top !

    Hey you also take very good pictures. Can I know what camera you use and where you bought it and th pricing?

  7. hai shilpa,
    look at that cuitie little look very beautiful.i luved it if only i can get a peace of it.yha if ur around i would have requested one.

  8. You did the basket weave!! Woweee! It looks super. Doesn’t it require a ton of patience?

    And, please come once more to Colorado! Mesa Verde is a place you will definitely enjoy! And, please bring this cake with you. Decorated cookies will also do. 😆

  9. hello Shilpa:

    which Michael’s is this that you took the Wilton class at? I would like to take the next course with your instructor Barbara.. sounds like fun!.

  10. Thanks to you all for the encouragement.

    Vidya, I have Nikon D40. We bought it few months ago, costed somewhere around $600.

    Winnie, where do you live?

  11. Hi Shilpa!
    The cake looks great! I really like your daffodils! They turned out very well:) The flowers are so useful to cover up any imperfections!
    Thanks for visiting my blog. I am taking a break from cake decorating class. It was getting too hetic with work. I think I will take gum paste and fondant in the summer. It is very fun and I have certainly used the skills and techniques I learned from class in decorating cakes and cupcakes!
    Cheers, Savithri

  12. Hi Shilpa,

    Very nice! well done to fit this in your busy schedule. I used to like creative work but have stopped it since taking up full time work. So kudos to you for making such a good job out of it!
    BTW i visit your site nearly every two days and save up the recipies to try every neighbour has recently been saying that delicious smells are wafting out of my kitchen now!LOL


  13. Hi Shilpa,
    I have just started the wilton class yesterday. I want to ask you that do I need to buy an electric mixer? or I can buy a hand mixer. I am here(US) not for a long time.I asked my instructor she said I can use a hand mixer. I need your opinion.

  14. Swati, sorry for my ignorance, I donno what is the difference. I serached in google and I got this result for both. Can you gimme the link for both so that I will understand??

    I have something similar in that picture which I bought for $9(the simplest possible thing).

  15. Shilpa well I just wanted to know that do we need those big tilt head mixer to make the icing. But you have already mentioned that u used a $9 one. Can u tell me the brand and place to buy.
    Did you buy the wilton’s 101 tool caddy collection?
    Sorry I am asking you so many questions.But I know you r the only one who can help me.

  16. Swati, I have toastmaster electric hand mixer. It had costed around $9, may be in sale, not sure though. I bought it in Osco Drug. I think it is taken over by CVS pharmacy now.
    I didn’t buy the caddy. I am buying the kits before each class and that is enough. The 101 caddy looked like too expensive to me. Check what all they have included in that. I came to know about that caddy after 3 classes and I didn’t want to buy that again, since I had already bought an empty caddy and first kit.

  17. hi there
    came here looking for a batata wada recipe on google. hehe and then started snoopin around your space. hey looks like we are kindred souls. ive always harboured this wish to bake cakes for everybody i know. but ofcourse i have yet to master the art. so until then poor husband has become the scapegoat. and now he hates the mention of cake. so yeah im on the lookout too for someone to eat my cakes. i will bake those wonderful cakes one day. i just have to get around to doing it. for now trial and error continues.

  18. Hi shilpa,
    How do you carry iced cakes from home to the class? If in a box then from where can I buy one?

  19. Swati, I use cake saver which looks something like in this picture. It is available in all craft stores and Walmart. In craft stores like Micheals, it is around $19 and in Walmart it is less than $5, ofcourse the quality is different. I use the one I bought in Walmart (it is near the utensils isle).

  20. Hey Shilpa,
    I Baked my first eggless cake and decorated it in wilton class last night. It came out very well. But I felt that the buttercream icing was very sweet. Did you also feel the same? Can I decrease the quantity of sugar in it?

  21. Swati, Yes, it is bit more sweet for our taste buds. I am not sure if you can decrease the amount, because the icing becomes soft if you decrease amount of sugar. You can ask your instructor for any alternative. I am sorry, I don’t have much info about it.

  22. Hey Shilpa,

    Cake looks so delicious, but I think if I would have made this…I would never let anybody cut tjis:)…I wish I could master this art of cake decoration.

  23. Hey Shilpa,
    My last class of course1 is on monday. It was amazing. I have learned a lot. Thanks to you :). I want to join the second class also. I just wanted to ask you that do we need anything extra for the second course as right now I have a discount coupon of Michaels for this week-end.

  24. Swati, happy to know you liked the classes. You have to buy the course-2 kit. Because the tips used for 1 and 2 are different.

  25. Dear Shilpa,
    That was an awesome decoration and so inspiring! Such attention to detail and meticulous presentation. Looks like that would have required a lot of finger dexterity and patience! Keep it up!

  26. Dear Shilpa,

    It is my wish to learn decorating cakes,I bake good cakes but completeing them is not possible.I am writing from Coimbatore( India)and would want to know if you can help me find a course here where I can fulfill my dream. The cakes u hv decorated are awsome,if my kids see these they will freakout.Can u help me ??????

    Shilpa: Shilpa, Thanks for the compliments. I am not sure if there are any cake decorating classes in India. I had not seen any, but there must be something. You can find the decorating techniques at Wilton site. These instructions are pretty straight forward, so you can catch them easily. Do give them a try.

  27. Hi eveyone

    I am a keen sugarcrafter based in Almora.
    I conduct workshops on sugarcraft in Delhi on a regular basis.
    Do get in touch with me if you need further details.
    [email protected]

  28. Hi Shilpa,
    Do you know how the bakers in India prepare their icing(fresh cream icing)? Its so tasty.
    I will really appreciate your help.

    Shilpa: Sorry, no idea.

  29. i would like to learn to ice cakes professionally

    Shilpa: Sangeeta, If you are in US, you can join Wilton’s cake decorating classes. I am taking these classes now. These can be taken at Hobby lobby or Micheals and few other stores.

  30. Hey shilpa…Great cakes,they sure show off your patience. I am also taking course I now. I am not very good at icing….yours looked so evenly iced. Could you please give me tips on icing? Thanks.

    Shilpa: Thanks Kavya. I am also learning like you and I follow whatever my instructor asks me to do. I have had too many failures myself and still trying to improve :(.

  31. hey….i am also taking course 2 right now. i just wanted to ask u one quetion.
    i didnt buy the course 2 kit…instead i got all the tips and flower formers seperatly..
    i dont have oval pans..
    do i need for the class or can i bake a round cake??
    i am little hesitated to ask my instructor

    Shilpa: Yes you can use the round pans. But make sure your instructor is okay with it.

  32. hi i love your work …..are u in delhi ??????do u take classes ????how do i contact you ….please lemme know ….thanks

  33. Your cake looks absolutly BEAUTIFUL!… I plan on taking a Wilton class and I just can’t wait!! You did a great job and I hope your very proud or yourself! You were saying you wish you had someone to give the cakes to… If I lived near you I would Say “GIVE IT TO MEEE!!” 🙂 GOod Job again!

  34. Hi,
    I am a Wilton method cake decorating teacher in Stamford, Ct. I saw your cake & read all the comments. I was pretty impressed to see so many people interested in the cake decorating classes and techniques. I teach in Michaels, Stamford and would be happy to ans ur questions or help your friends and give info about the classes.

  35. Hi,
    I am living in Germany with my husband and 21 month old daughter. We came here 1 year back.

    I really liked the cake recipes and the way it is presented. I need a big help from you, if possible. My daughter is going to be 2 year old in June. I want to bake a nice birthday cake for her. I know to make simple cakes but not the exotic ones with icing. Please let me know if you can teach me bake a cake with decorations and icing.

    Thank you and God bless.



    Shilpa: There are many recipes on this blog for cakes. Please follow one of them. You can check the decoration tips at

  36. hey…its lucky u who got to learn cake decorating from wilton…do u have any idea if there is same kind of cake decorating class available in delhi(capital of india)? i will be really gr8ful to …waiting 4 r reply…

    Shilpa: Please contact Swati at Swati’s sugarcraft. She teaches cake decoration in india.

  37. hi..i stay in the US in NJ newport can u pls suggest a close cake decoration class . have been searching for it for quite sometime . would also like to know which classes did u attend in Wilton

  38. Hi!

    Your cake looks absolutely delicious i would be obliged if u could know of anyone who conducts such classes in mumbai india


    1. Hey !
      Have you had any luck finding any such class yet?
      I would really appreciate if you can provide me with any details.

      Thank u so much . xx

  39. Where in Mumbai (India) can i find classes of the similar type?
    I would really love to learn more about cake decorating but i just cannot find a decent class.


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