Cake decorating 1 – cake 4

This is not a cake that I made for the class. I have already joined the course-2, for this class we bake less cakes compared to the course-1. We were supposed to practice a lot for all the courses and I was never finding any time. This weekend I made sure to bake one cake from the course-1 book just as a practice.

Though I baked the cake early, I went for my shopping and by the time I came home it was already 10PM. I started decorating the cake after that. I practiced writing, snow peas and leaves on this cake.

Lessons learnt, do not start delicate work like decorating cake when you are very tired :).

Now that most of you have guessed it right, here is the full story. I was planning for a birthday cake for my husband from many days. But I got very busy when the time came to actually bake it. I wanted him to cut the cake at 12, so I wanted to finish decorating that night itself. By the time I started, it was already 10PM and by the time I finished, it was too late and he had already slept. Finally he cut the cake next day. He was very happy with the decoration. I am happy that he liked it very much. It has come out totally different than what I had initially planned – I had picked up a design from the instruction book. Still I am very happy with the decoration.

Thanks for all your wishes.

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  1. Hmm! I saw the changed status message on IM yesterday and wondered…this kind of confirms it! Happy Birthday to your hubby! Tell me I am not wrong! 😀

  2. Well if this is just practise, I can’t begin to imagine what the mastered work would be. This looks like perfection to me.

    Yeah, you are right about being tired. I could not believe that at 10 p.m. you would consider doing this. You are something else.

  3. Shilpa, it’s LOVELY!!! Don’t worry about a thing. You are making such great strides! I am living vicariously through you with cake decorating classes — knowing I would never have the time *or* the patience you have. And yes, you have a great deal of patience. Your writing, your flowers, and the heart-shaped cake are all beautiful. Keep on having fun 🙂

  4. Hey in fact I was to say that make all your cakes after 10pm only.:).this is the best of all your cake decorations-that’s my opinion and it’s too good!I really admire your dedication and patience for learning all these things inspite of being busy!great job!

  5. Shilpa-
    Each one is more and more beautiful!! I love the pea-flowers and leaves! Happy Birthday to your husband, he is a very fortunate man to have you.

  6. Looks great to me! Hubby’s birthday?! Happy B’day to him if it is!:))

    You cound send this to Monisha’s Flower treat event SHF!

    Great job Shilpa:))

  7. So after 10 pm u did all this.. omg u have a lot of patience and I must say u are very sincere.. It looks lovely shilpa.BTW I admired ur corn patties too.

  8. Gr8 cake shilpa. i liked the pea flowers and leaves too. Decorating at 10 pm in the night is to celebrate somebody’s birthday and cut the cake at 12 midnight right?

  9. Hi Shilpa,
    Thanks for the encouragement. I completely sympathize with all your cake stress! I am very glad I took the classes though. Even though my technique is not perfect the cakes still look nice!
    I am taking a break from classes at the moment but plan on taking the gum paste and fondant course next. Good luck to you in your decorating endeavors:) I look forward to seeing your creations.

  10. Hi,
    Has anyone tried this decoration on an eggless cake.How does it come out?
    BTW Shilpa you r the one who has inspired me to enroll myself for the wilton cake decoration course1. I am a vegetarian. I want to make a surprise eggless cake for my daughter’s B’Day which is in May.
    Please reply ASAP.

  11. HI

    those cakes are really wonderfull n visit ur website regularly to find out abt the delicious recipes……Thanks a lot i learnt from ur site about the wilton cake decorating classes nnn joined them as well

    Thanks a lot

  12. Hi,
    U bake lovely cakes. I hav tried ur date cake very often. I want to learn cake decoration.
    Can u put up some videos? Also tell me how to make the icing.
    Thanking u in advance.

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