Cake decorating 1 – cake 3

This Thursday was the last class of course-1, it was basically a practice of making roses. I was very excited as well as sad that day, since the classes for course-1 got over. I enrolled for the course-2 which starts in April first week.

Now coming to the last cake; this week was one of the most pressurized weeks at my office. There were some unexpected problems in the project and I was really stressed, more than that I was suffering from an eye infection. So Wednesday when it was time to bake and ice the cake, I was totally exhausted. In any case, I didn’t want to miss this class, so I came home a bit early from office on Wenesday. I got this great idea of baking some different cake this time. So I followed a dark chocolate cake recipe from one of the cookbooks that I had. The cake turned out to be a total disaster – my first spoiled cake. First of all, it had become dark from outside, it was not baked from inside and it had sunk in the center. It was already late and I had no mood to bake it again. So I thought of using the same cake for my class.

Now the problem was, which color to use for icing so that the black color was not visible. I didn’t want a chocolaty icing because I didn’t want to put roses on chocolate icing. So I thought of using a very dark color for icing. It demanded almost 4 times more icing than what normally would have taken, to cover up the sunken center. I could not make it very smooth because of shortage of time. Finally when I took it to class on Thursday, I was ashamed to show it to anyone.

I somehow managed to make the roses even though my eyes were really bothering me. Everyone said I had done a good job, even though my cake looked very unprofessional. I was thinking not to post it here, but this would remind me of things not-to-do in future. So it is here.

Even after all these, I am really happy with my roses. They looked beautiful. I need a lot more practice to make perfect roses, but these were very good, may be above my expectation.

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  1. hey Shilpa,

    Your roses do look beautiful. You have done a great job even with your eye problem. Don’t worry about the cake, next time you’d get it.

  2. Shilpa, you had a difficult day, eye problem and a sunken cake. It would have been more than enough excuse for anyone to quit. I really appreciate your determination and a very positive outlook towards the whole episode.

    The roses you made are looking really beautiful !!!

  3. Shilpa- those roses ARE indeed lovely! You’ve really learned a lot from this class… I know the cake isn’t edible, but it sure is pretty to look at.
    I’ve had many many “flops”(recipes that didn’t turn out) over the years. They are all learning experiences, and anyone who cooks a lot is going to have them, especially if they try new things…if they don’t, they aren’t a very interesting cook since they make the same things that they know very, very well over and over again. And that is boring!!! I commend your trying something new! 🙂 If nothing else, you could dry this cake out and use it for decorating a table… 😉

  4. Hi Shilpa,
    Ur cake looks very pretty,u’ve done a great job.The decorating part looks perfect to me, nobody can say that the cake is sunken in the middle.. cheer up!

  5. Hey Shilpa,

    Thats a great job!! really with all the work pressure & stress plus lack of time, you still did a wonderful job. Keep up the enthusiasm & take care.

  6. Your roses look good. A good job, in spite of having an eye infection. I guess a sunken cake is because you left it in the oven for a long time or too watery. I am wondering how, because it happened to me for the first time today. I had a sunk cake, not edible.

  7. shilpa,
    The roses look beautifull, wow great job that you enrolled for the class.
    Even my cake sunk yesterday, oof mine sunk i beleive is because the pan too big for the batter!

    Is it a cake sunking Day! he hehe

  8. You are becoming an expert Shilpa.Looks great.Are you eating all that? Hope you are ,get little bigger,will ya?!;D

    Use Pastel colors as a base for frosting.Top looks great with darker color.Just a suggestion:)

  9. Good work Shilpa and I appreciate ur honesty….the roses look beautiful…not at all bad for beginer…

  10. Hi Shilpa,

    Ur cake looks wonderful! The roses looks very much natural.
    When I was going through ur post… daughter saw the picture, she was asking r those roses real one!

    I appreciate for ur hard work.
    Get well soon.

  11. Hi Shilpa — we are our own worst critics! I think the cake and the decorations look first rate. Give yourself a little break and think how well you did in spite of the hurdles you had 🙂 And good for you going on to course #2! Can’t wait to see the next cake.

  12. Hi Shilpa,
    The roses look really good. Inspite of all the problems U managed to make this wonderful cake.. Sometimes these kind of situations come in everybody’s life.. forget it and as linda said give a break and get ready for the next course dear.

  13. Hi Shilpa,

    I really appreciate ur interest and passion in what u r doing. I think the roses look absolutely beautiful.

    Hope ur feeling better…

  14. Hi Shilpa,
    I like the hard work you have put into your cakes. Practice is what makes perfect so for a first attempt you have to give yourself credit for doing a good job. I have to say if I had had any of the problems that you mentioned, i wouldn’t even have bothered with cakes. So truly you should be proud of your creation!

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