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Third class of Wilton’s first course was about ‘flowers and figures’. We were asked to bring the clown heads(available in baking section). We practiced rose, though it was not even anywhere near to perfect. We practiced shell borders. I wanted to practice as much as possible since I hardly find any time for this in the entire week. So I have extensively put in whatever came to my mind. This cake might not be attractive, with the not-so-symmetric lines and dots. Everyone had put one or two clowns, and I had put 4 of them on mine. So everyone in the class thought it looked like a playground. After the class, I got this idea of putting some grass(?) on my playground :). Soon after I started decorating with green color, I realized grass is not that easy to make. So finally in my half-sleep, it was a very long and tiring day, I had decorated(!!!) it like in the picture. Because of quite a lot of practice now, I have learnt a few things which will be useful in future.

Few tips from Barbara

– Most of us might assume the cakes should rise while baking and form a dome shape on top. We feel right when the cake has risen well. But that is apparently a completely wrong notion. The perfect cakes don’t get the domes after baking. In case your cake gets it, put a flat plate on top and press slightly so that you get a flat top surface.

– When we try to ice a cake, few crumbs from the cake get into the icing and spoils the icing. To avoid this, prepare a very thin consistency icing, coat a thin layer on the cake. Let it dry for sometime. Then put the actual icing.

– Those who don’t want to use extra butter for greasing the cake pan, cut a parchment paper to exactly fit the bottom of your cake pan. Pour the cake batter in the pan and bake it. When the cake is cooled completely, turn the pan upside down to take out the cake. Slowly remove the parchment paper from bottom. Cake comes out very clean.

PS: This tip is for beginners – Always remember to put the cake upside down after baking, i.e., the top becomes the base and you actually ice the bottom.

21 thoughts on “Cake decorating 1 – cake 2”

  1. Shilpa,

    Thats a beautiful one. Nice combination of soothing colors.

    I read somewhere that the cake gets a dome in the center when the oven temperature is lower than required and gets sunk in the center if the temp is higher or vice versa. Is that true?

    My initial few attempts for cake were a failure since I don’t have a temp knob on the oven and I used to keep at a approx settings. Now I use a oven thermometer, maintain 350F.

  2. I am a frequent visitor here, seldom leave comments. Your cake looks great!
    I tried making your spicy pineapple palya today… came out really well.I had no idea that pineapple could be used in this manner. Thanks a lot for the great recipe!

  3. Hi Shilpa
    Nice Cake. Looks very beautiful.

    I always make your dates cake recipe and everytime i make, it comes out the best.

    Thanks to you.

  4. Wow…wow…and WOW!!!! You are really learning a lot!
    I do cut the parchment for the bottom of the pan for my cakes, but I have NEVER even tried icing a cake with a bag/tips yet before…I can’t even imagine how beautiful your cakes will be in one year, if they are this stunning now! 🙂
    I love your playground with clowns- it makes me wish to be young again…but that’s what my nephew is for- a good excuse to play too! 🙂

  5. very nice…
    next time you can try a different base colour instead of white..may be with slight tinge of pink or orange or green or yellow…it should be very light..then main decoration can be darker version of the base & contrast.but little of contrast colour.
    sorry if it is too much a tip..but the interest u r showing makes me feel like sharing my ideas with u.
    waiting to see ur next cake decoration.

  6. Hi Shilpa — cake decorating is going really well isn’t it! You sound so excited — and your cake is just beautiful. Keep on having fun with it 🙂

  7. Your home must be a fun place with all the cakes you bring back!Where do get these cakes from-for class and who gets to eat them eventually?

  8. Wow Shilpa,

    Even I was planning to join the wilton classes…ur post is the second motivating resource…the decoration is jus great…for beginners!!

  9. Thanks Coffee.

    Manjula,thanks. Yes, Barbara also said the dome on cake might depend on temperature. All these days I was never bothered about it because I was only concerned about taste. But these days, I am watching out for it. I have never seen the cake sinking though.

    You are welcome Aruna.

    Thanks Ranjani.

    MK, believe me, from the day I tried the ananas palya, I am making it almost once in a week :). It has become my favorite these days. Good to know you liked it. Thanks for letting me know.

    Thanks for letting me know PR.

    Pelicano, *blush* *blush*, you are too kind :).I hope i reach the point which you have mentioned :D.

    Sangeetha, thanks for the tips. They will definitely be useful for me when I start decorating actual cakes. As of now, I can’t decide on colors because it usually depends on what color I use for my practice sessions in class. I will keep your tips in mind for next class.

    Linda, I am very excited. Learning something other than usual technical stuff is a fascinating stuff for me these days :).

    Arjuna, I am overloaded here with a demanding job and these classes. But its a very good experience.

    Preeti, I like to cook/bake/decorate. But when it comes to eating, I am very picky eater. I bake them, one day before the class. Our teacher told us to use store bought mix, but I make the dough from scratch, so it takes a long time.

    Thanks Ayunus, these classes are worth every cent. Do not miss them.

  10. Beautiful cake ! May I offer a humble suggestion ? If you want to make a grass like decoration (for any time in the future, like decorating a cake like a park or play ground, etc) you just need to take dessicated coconut ( dry coconut powder) add few drops of green food color. Just let it dry for few minutes and spread it on the cake. It will look like grass.. I did it for my kids’ birthday.. But really good looking cake, and may I mention, I am a regular visitor here, though I dont post comments.

  11. Hi, I was searching for decorating cake recipes and got your website its a gr8 website but when i accessed to your cake decoration section i coul’nt find any. My husband’s birthday is after three days, it will be gr8 favour if you could help me with it. I have plans for making eggless chocolate cake as we are vegetarians kindly help me with icing/frosting/decorating whatever needed? Thanks

    Shilpa: Please go through for all decorating techniques as well as recipes.

  12. Your website is awesome. I stumbled on it recently. However, from couple of days I do not see any of the photographs that you have uploaded – Example: Cake Decorating, your famous Date Cake, etc. Please look into in based on your convenience. Also, I got inspired to enroll for a Wilton Cake Decorating class, after seeing the writeup and pictures on your website. Thanks for sharing your experience!

  13. Whoaa…this is PERFECT CAKE…!!! I’ll devour it, can you send a sample of this one xDD
    BTW, awesome site, full of cool and hot things. Well done :^:

  14. Hi Shillpa, that’s a beautiful cake there !!!! Can u pls tell me what is a good substitute to parchment paper coz i dont think parchment is available in india…….if yes, can u pls let me know where? I tried using butter paper but i think it’s not good enough. Will be very grateful if u can help me with this as i have a few wilton tips and have no idea how to use them without parchment. ( i have’nt done the course at wilton..but a friend of mine sent me some of them). thanks !

    Shilpa: You could use a normal plastic bag, make a whole in the corner and insert the cake decorating tip there. I do that all the time. (I am assuming you are talking about using parchment paper for decorating).

  15. Hi Shilpa,
    I am just a beginner to cook but am keen to learn always wanted to bake cakes but dont know how to decorate can you teach me we do have classes but that is too expensive and i cnt afford it can you help me by teaching me online …..where do you old were you when tried making cake for the first time..plese dohelp even i wanna make cakes lie you do

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