Cake Balls (Inspired from Cake Pops)

cake balls

When I carve cakes like Thomas cake or football cake, one of the things I worry about are the small irregular pieces that remain after the carving is done. They are all pieces which are not so pretty to eat (they taste great) or to offer to someone. Last time, I ended up wasting most of them and felt terrible about it. This time when I prepared football cake, I wanted to do something with them. I had too many cake crumbs (is that what they are called??). I remembered seeing cake pops from some days back and decided to make them. I followed this recipe, but made them with what I had on hand (mine did not look so beautiful, will work on that next time!).

No one in my home or my friends like (or should I say prefer) too much sweet stuff, so I did not want to decorate them too much. I wanted to keep them simple, I was already tired from making the football cake. I tried making the pops with the sticks, but they kept breaking, I think I should have added some more chocolate frosting to the cake pieces. But that would make them more sweet. So I decided to just go with balls. They were delicious. I think I will be making these more often now – I may just bake a cake to make these next time.

I do not have any measurements for these because they are super simple and you can just eyeball all the ingredients.

Cake pieces (I used chocolate cake)
Chocolate frosting (I used chocolate frosting)

Crumble the cake. Add some chocolate frosting and mix everything well.
Now make small balls from the mixture.
Dip the balls in remaining frosting (microwave the frosting to make it thin before doing this). Let them sit in refrigerator for few hours and serve.


cake balls1

cake balls2

cake balls3

cake balls4

cake balls5

cake balls6

15 thoughts on “Cake Balls (Inspired from Cake Pops)”

  1. Prachi Masurekar

    Excellent.. Its so creative of you not to waste it but create something beautiful out of it 😀 Enjoy your time with Ishaan and have a great holiday.


  2. Hi Shilpa,You should add little rum or sugar syrup to leftover cake,it makes it moist and helps in holding it together…..

  3. I remember seeing so many versions of these cake pops in the blogsphere….yet every time I see them I want to reach out and grab one or two…Lovely clicks.
    Happy New Year Shilpa, to you and your family.


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