Blue Princess Cake

Blue Princess Cake

Blue Princess Cake
Blue Princess Cake

My friend’s beautiful daughter turned 6 years old over the weekend. I asked my friend if I could bake a small cake for her. Initially I thought of baking just a simple cake. Then last week, I thought I would decorate it into a Princess. I had seen that she enjoys Frozen movie. Then I found some Princess cakes onlines, with blue dress which looked so beautiful. So I decided to go with blue dress. The blue Princess cake, I think it came out very well. Someone asked me which princess it was based on, since it had the bindi, I really did not base it on any princess characters, it was just that I really wanted to make it a light blue cake. I added the bright yellow flowers for the extra pop of colors.

The cake was Simple egg cake. The frosting was creamcheese-buttercream frosting. The doll is plastic. It was a 4 inch doll. Since the doll was kind of small, I thought of keeping it on a oval shaped cake. It gave the much needed height to the cake. Before frosting the cake, I cut each piece horizontally and applied a thick layer of frosting in between to give extra taste to the cake. I have seen many Princess cakes where a dressed doll is used as the insert. That may be something I will keep in mind for future. For now, I really enjoyed making the whole dress.

Pictorial :
blue princess cake3 blue princess cake4 blue princess cake5 blue princess cake6

Some more closeups of cake
blue princess cake2
blue princess cake1
blue princess cake8
blue princess cake7

14 thoughts on “Blue Princess Cake”

  1. Shilpa, lovely decoration. Admire your patience in doing such intricate work – must have taken hours to do it. Don’t know how you manage to spare time to do the cake, blog, etc. with having little ones.

    Great job by you and your mom with sharing Konkani recipes!

  2. Hi shilpa wanted to let you know that there is some issue with the blog. On opening any post the text seems to completely get smudged. I have seen this issue since a week now, you might want to check it out. thanks

  3. What size cake pans did you use and how long was the cake cooked and on what temperature please for the princess cake thank you

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