Almond raspberry tea cakes

I have been baking a lot these days. Usually I bake cakes for my husband’s evening snacks. He simply loves these cakes and I get to experiment a lot. I can say my baking skills have improved in last few days :D.

We have a library near our apartment. I go there to study(??) sometimes. Instead of getting bored at home, last week I thought to spend some 4-5hrs in library. I went there with my technical book and after sometime I could not resist reading the recipe books there. I picked few books, one on cookies, one on pie and the other on cakes. So when going through “The good cookie by Tish Boyle”, I saw these cute tea cakes. I had bought a muffin pan few days back, so tried these. This turned out to be one of the best cakes I have ever prepared. I did few modifications to it. Here is the recipe that I followed.

1 cup almonds
¾ cup sugar
3/4 tea spn baking powder
2 eggs
5 tbl spn unsalted butter
3 tbl spn all purpose flour or maida
12 raspberries

Place the almonds and sugar in blender/mixer and grind till they form a coarse powder. Transfer to a mixing bowl and add egg, melted butter, flour, baking powder and blend till it firms a uniform batter.
Grease a muffin pan. Pour the batter in muffin cups till 2/3rd full. Keep one raspberry in each cup.

Bake in preheated oven at 350 F for around 20mins or till a knife inserted comes out clean.

When they are cooled, remove them from the pan carefully.

Makes 12 muffins
preparation time : 40mins

PS: I want to send this to Nandita’s Christmas special WBB, though these are not related to Christmas. Let me see if she accepts these.

32 thoughts on “Almond raspberry tea cakes”

  1. Wow Shilpa………I have all the ingrediants ready except the raspberries. Either i have to skip them or buy them today itself. But it looks so yummy that i cannot wait. Wish only we were staying nearby. Gr8 for kids snackbox too. Thanks a lot for these muffins.

  2. very nice little cakes shilpa…i imagine these will be accepted by nandita….we eat all kinds of sweets at christmas….and cakes like these are good to have if people stop by with short notice to visit…very much like diwali-time, it is a time to contact people who you haven’t seen for a while…to wish them happiness and a year ahead filled with prosperity and success..strange how both holidays are “festivals of lights”…

  3. Hey, welcome to Christmas spirit!:) Tea cakes look great.See , we south Indians can bake too!

    Btw, this is a perfect Christmas breakfast! Any pastry will do with jam and some fruits,you are good to go.Perfect for WBB although I am not sending any this time.Don’t have time.Enjoy.

  4. ohhh i love tea cakes
    we get these cakes in our place back in india
    near our place its called buharis
    after looking at the tea cake pictures i m remembered of that:( missing those
    wish i could bake it right away

  5. This looks so delicious! i can’t believe that i have all the ingredients at home including raspberries!!! i am going to bake it today itself….thanks!

  6. Shilpa…I made them this morning and they turned to be excellent. Six of them over immediately by me and my kids. I had a bottle of cherries unused so i replaced them for rasberries. Thanks for a wonderful muffin.

  7. Thanks Aruna for trying these out.

    Vini, Sorry I forgot to mention the temperature. I have added it now…

    Lakshmik, try these, u will love them.

    Pelicano, well I din’t know whether they are suitable for Christmas. Now after reading your comment, I am very happy that I baked these during Christmas.

    Asha, thanks :D.

    Krithika, I have tried them only with almond powder. The coarse powder gives them crunchiness. Not sure if they can be made with anything else

    Deepa, yes amlonds give a distinct flavor. U can add 1 tea spn of almond extract to them if you want more flavor.

    Jayakarthik, please let me know if u try them,

    Rajasi, you are right, I forgot the baking powder. Now have updated it.

    Thanks Arjuna.

  8. I normally buy the ‘ground almonds” from the Bulk Barn here. It is not very coarse, could I use this instaed of grinding whole almonds ?

  9. Dear Shilpa,
    Can I bake them in microwave to save on time.

    Shilpa: Shubhada, I have not baked anything in microwave yet. So I can’t help in this, sorry.

  10. Dear Shilpa,

    This again a great recipie….as usual!!
    thnks 4 same.Just one request….u hav mentioned the amt of butter and Flour to be used in terms of tbl spn ..But I request u to please give me an idea of these ingrediants in terms of “Cup” measurements..( if possible );jst as u hv mentioned for sugar n almonds..That will b easy for that i can ensure tht thrs no mistake in the quantity of ingredients frm my side.M very keen on baking this beautiful cake…..n wnt it to be as perfect as yours..!!Awaitng ur response..

    Thnks n Regards,

    Shilpa: Meenal, I use the ready made butter sticks on which the measurements are written. 8 tbl spn of butter is usually 1/2 cup. Now to convert 5 tbl spns into cup measurements would become bit confusing for anybody. Even the same case with flour. I have the measuring spn/cup set(something like this, but mine in black in color and I bought it for under $2 from walmart) that is readily available in any supermarkets and makes the measuring very easy. I think it comes handy in all dishes that requires spn measurements.

  11. Hi Shilpa,

    Thnks for ur prompt reply.I wud definitely get the measuring cup/Spn so that its helpful for me always, in all recipies..
    Thanks again..N i wud request u to post some easy Muffins Recipies please..M eager to make them.just today, got the muffins container..!!..So more eager to bake them.
    Thnks agn


    Shilpa: I will post some soon. Its been a long time I baked any muffins 🙂

  12. The muffin looks great. My H too is fond of tea cakes & muffins. I am going to give it a try, though I wont get raspberries here in Delhi.

    Shilpa: You can ignore raspberry if you don’t get it there. Its not a very important ingredient.

  13. Is there a substitue for egg in this muffin?

    Thank you for the date cake, i tried it & it came out so good. my friends are asking me for a receipe.

    Shilpa: Tulsi, sorry, I have not tried without adding eggs

  14. Hi shilpa,
    i did this recipe,but my cakes didn’t double the size,i added baaking soda,should i add baking powder??
    please help me,

    Shilpa: Please try with baking powder Sarvani. According to my experience, I have noticed that baking soda makes the cakes more dense. Not sure if there is any reason for that.

  15. Do you know how much in u.s. measured standards that the 1 cup of almonds equates to be once they are ground up. I have almond powder already, but I don’t know how much to use.

  16. Hi Shilpa,
    Lovely recipie using almonds..Can i bake this as a cake in a cake pan …?…instead of muffins pan..(as i do not hav a muffin pan rgt nw)
    thnks in advance..

    Shilpa: I haven’t tried it. But I think it should be okay.

  17. Hi Shilpa
    I have been cooking from your recipes for sometime now. However, I always have modifications since I am a healthy food buff, and can’t have butter at all. I tried these today, the batter came too thick so I drizzled some skimmed milk and they turned out well in texture and richly golden. I used almond meal with granulated sugar. Thank you very much this is a keeper for tea time. Thanks for sharing your gift 🙂

  18. Hi Shilpa,
    Have you tried baking in microwave? can we bake in glass pots in convection mode? I do not have tin pans so would prefer to cook in microwave mode instead of oven. Please mention temp and settings

  19. HI,
    I tried this recipe and the taste was fine but the cookies did not turn out crisp . I set the temp at 170. I dont know if it is F or C scale . Its not mentioned on the oven and I cannot find the oven manual. Please help.

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