A fruity send off

Today my parents started from here back to India, and once again we feel our house is empty. To give them a nice send off, I made this moist fruit gateau. I had made this for the first time about a year ago and had liked the taste. But now that I have a bit knowledge about cake decorating, I was making cakes with butter cream icing. My parents are not very familiar with cakes. Aayi had made few when we were kids and my pachi makes a lot of them, but still both my pappa and aayi have mainly tasted cakes without icing. So I made 3-4 cakes while they were here and each time I used different icing. My husband has grown a dislike for butter cream and so he was asking for some other icing. So this delicious moist, soft and easy cake came to my mind.

?Since I used whipped cream for icing, this got ready in literally 20mins (apart from baking time). It was moist, sweet. As I said, I have made few cakes while they were here and they took atleast 2 days to finish each cake. But this cake got over within minutes. They simply loved it. My husband has totally approved this topping. This does not require any decorating skills, I just spread the whipped cream with a spatula.

Please click Fruit Gateau(A fruity cake) for the recipe of this cake. I didn’t use any dry fruits this time.

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  1. What a wonderful way to say ‘bye!! u r going to feel lonely for a while!! 🙁 but then, u have beautiful memories of the time spent! hope ur parents have a safe and comfortable journey back home.

  2. Hate to see them leave. Cake is a beauty. Did you whip the cream at home or did you use miracle whip? Did the cream stand and not become soggy for a coupla days?

  3. Shilpa, this is outstanding, like Bee said, you are a real artist!

    Just focus on all the fond memories you have to treasure until you see your parents again. From reading your posts I know that everyone had a great time. Hugs.

  4. Shilpa, the decoration is very pretty! Keep yourself occupied wt lovely memories, more posts. Take good care of your health too on top priority.
    take care..best regards…hugs&kissies

  5. Awwwwwwww Shilpa your parents left. Only yesterday I was thinking of asking, how long they will be here. You must be missing them so mubut hey think of the fun you had and the new stuff you can try out in your kitchen

  6. With all those lovely cakes you’ve made, your parents must be certainly thrilled to have a daughter like you. Remember the good times you spent with them.

  7. hey shilpa

    i hope u answer this im planning to make this particular cake for my hubbies bday ive never made cake before as they dont turn out right but this sounds easy ?..all i need to know is the brand of fresh cream tat u use after reading this post i did search our local walmart but didnt see and fresh cream there so if u could please tell me the specific name i can look for it



    Shilpa: Shalmali, use any whipping cream that you find in dairy aisle. whip it very well till it makes peaks. I use the smallest available packet

  8. Thats so lovely! Did you say it does not require any decorating skills? Nope, it really takes an artist to make it look so beautiful.
    Thanks to your parents for sharing with us some wonderful traditional recipes.

  9. Lovely cake for the sendoff Shilpa… You must be so sad now with your parents gone back… Hope they had a great trip back… Mine are leaving in two weeks too 🙁

  10. Hi Shilpa,

    Your blog is very useful & the recipes you give are very easy to make. I often try out your recipes.Your dates cake recipe is a big hit!
    I have a doubt about the fresh cream icing. When ever I have tried to whip the cream within a few minutes it splits & curdles. I have never been successful in whipping the cream till it forms peak. Do you refrigerate the cream once you whip so that it gets the spreadable consistency?Please tell me how you got that consistency to spread?

    Shilpa: You can read about frosting tips here. I used to directly whip the cream and use it. But recently my blogger buddy Arjuna sent me this link and I am going to use the same for my next cakes.

  11. hello shilpa, i looked at your cake recipe 9moist fruit cake and could not resist making it. very tasty. it came out so well and all my guests and my husband and children liked it so much andi myself ate so much of it. thanks for the recipe. absolutely delicious.

  12. i am amazed at the way yoy mange work and home..and yet manage to cook so well and keep us posted,,wowww..women of substance!!
    do you know konkani?i am from goa

  13. hi shilpa..could you please tel me how to make icing?any simple one will do..i plan to mke date cake for my husbands birthday..but would like icing ..
    can you please tel me also if amul fresh cream is whipped cream or is it somrthing else..

    and for different colured icing whish essence colour do you use?how u get colour?is it essence or colour?

    1. I normally use this icing if I have to do lot of decorations. Otherwise I just beat cream and sugar till it forms peaks and use that. Fresh cream is unwhipped, you need to whip it. Use food coloring.

  14. hi can you please tel me how ca i use amul fresh cream as an icing..its very watery..u mentiones in your above reply that frsh cream is unwhipped..how do i convert it into whipped cream?aand for buttercream icing is vegetable shortening a must ingredient as i dont think it is available in india.

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