Whole moong set dosa

I love to make dosas for breakfast. There are two reasons for this, one – I feel they are very easy to make once batter is ready, second – they keep the stomach full for a long time. So any kind of new dosa is welcome at my home.

This one is a super healthy version of set dosa, sent to me by my reader Neha Gokarn. I was a bit confused when I got this recipe because this was very different than the set dosas I have tasted in Bangalore. Neha was very kind enough to give me some background about this. This dosa was very tasty and I am making this very frequently these days.

I sent across a few questions to Neha,
– Is this some traditional recipe from some region? I am asking because, the set dosas that I have tasted so far were very different in taste. They were thick like uttappam and the batter used for them is completely different. Any thoughts?
– Isn’t fermentation required for the batter?
– Is there any particular chutney served with this?

Neha answered,
“This traditional recipe is from Bangalore. It is a common snack prepared in Lingayath community. It is not necessary to ferment the batter. Onions are added into it for good taste as well as for good aroma, like we add methi in it! Set dosas are made with varieties of flavor and in different types & also in different procedure. This set dosa is one among them. Chutneys are also made in varieties. I make the simplest one, ie, Grind, a cup of coriander leaves, 1-2 inches of ginger, handful of putani dal, 1 cup of grated coconut, 4-5 green chillies, salt to taste, 2-3 tbsp of lime juice. grind well.”

Lots of thanks go to Neha for the wonderful recipe.

4 cups rice
1 ½ cups urad dal
1 cup whole green moong (do not use moong dal)
1 ½ tbspn chana dal
2 tbspn toor dal
1 tspn fenugreek(methi) seeds
1 cup cooked rice
1/2 cup chopped onion

Soak rice, urad dal, moong, chana dal, toor dal, fenugreek seeds in water for overnight.
Grind these to a smooth paste along with salt. Then add rice, grind, add onion and grind again.
Heat tava, make thin dosas. Add oil/ghee if required while frying.
Serve hot with chutney.

Serves : 7-8
Preparation time : 15mins

68 thoughts on “Whole moong set dosa”

  1. Hi Shilpa,
    You say 1/2 cup chopped, is it onion?
    I do this kind of dosa, but I have never added onion. It does taste good.

    Shilpa: Sorry, it was a typo, yes it is 1/2 cup onion. Thanks for mentioning πŸ™‚

  2. Shilpa,I am going to try this one tomorrow for breakfast.On my way to soak daals.One question though.It says serves 7-8.Is it people or makes 7-8 dosa.With the quantity you mentioned it should be 7-8 people.:-)

    Shilpa: Yes Ushakka, it is for 7-8 people πŸ™‚

  3. Oops.Forgot to ask one more thing.Is onion a must or can I skip that part ? Might give different aroma as well as taste to dosa.My son is a picky eater.You know him.:-)That’s the reason for this question.

    Shilpa: Yes, you can skip onion. But since it is ground along with batter, it actually does not make much difference. I am sure A cannot make out the difference πŸ™‚

  4. Hi Shilpa,
    This is a very healthy recipe… I didnt know that so many dals can be combined for a dosa.. I usually make dosas with urad+moong dal or urad+chana dal+rice, U might know these, typical Konkani breakfast πŸ™‚ I agree with u about Dosas for breakfast, :)I make different kinds of dosas in a week, i skip dosas only on weekends..
    Keep it up..
    Thank U πŸ™‚

  5. Hi Shilpa, it’s funny that when cool weather is coming, I feel more like making dosas — this when it’s harder to ferment the batter πŸ™‚ I like this recipe with whole moong, and the dosas look so pretty in that photo. I also really enjoyed your exchange with Neha.

    Have you ever thought of compiling a cookbook? Your own and your Aayi’s recipes of course, and stories, interspersed with your collection of others and the tidbits like that “interview” with Neha — similar to what you did with Barbara from your cake class. With your easy conversational style of writing I think that would be a big success! Just a thought πŸ™‚

    Shilpa: Thanks for the lovely words Linda. I was giving a bit of thought about cookbook, but as of now it won’t be possible. May be in future.

  6. Dear Shilpa, Nice Yummy dosas out there… We have something similar called “Pesara Dosas” in Andhra cuisine.. They are made of Moong Dal too.. Thanks for the recipe

    Shilpa: Siri, These are not from moong dal, whole green moong is used for this

  7. Shilpa,
    I shall make these dosas tom itself..am going to soak dals in short while..after the success of your moong daal dosa at my place, they always keep demanding that dosa.I have one question though..what abt the whole moong skin..are we to grind along with it or after soaking it has to be washed off? Kindly let me know please?!

    Shilpa: Purnima, you should use moong along with skin. These skins make this dosa super healthy with fiber and all πŸ™‚

  8. Please always keep the possibility of a cookbook in mind, Shilpa; I totally agree with Linda in that it would be a volume treasured by many.

    Shilpa: Thanks Pelicano. But the thing is, it requires a lot of time and money. I don’t have both at this point. But yeah, I am thinking about it, it would be the best gift I could give to my mom who is behind this whole blog. It was her dream, but she could not do it due to various reasons. I wish I can do it sometime.

  9. The Set dosa plate I tasted in Mysore had three Urad dal,Methi dosas, thick as you said and spongy with the chutney as Neha has given. Adding Moong will make it nutrtios, looks great.

  10. Hi, It is wonderful recipe.
    I don’t make dosas much because fermented foods don’t suit me.Now your this dosa recipe without fermentation made me so happy that I am feeling like to make it right now.However I don’t have ingredients ready.
    But sure I am going to try it soon.
    Thanks a lot for this recipe.

  11. Hi,
    This is yummy. In Andhra, we make a different variety of Moong Dosa called “Pesarattu”. We just soak and blend whole moog with skin along with lots of Ginger and green chillies. Then just make dosa with that batter. It really tastes good.


  12. Hi Shilpa
    I use a similar thing but not with so many pulses. I grind moong sprouts with a little water into a paste and then add rice flour to it along with a little water to get the required consistency. πŸ™‚

    Seasons (Rutu)

  13. You are really great…………My son likes dosas very much…….whenever i prepare aamboli ,he calls dosa……….I know he will definetly like it……….thanku

  14. hii shilpa thank you for the nice recipe can i make this deleting the onions and cooked rice??

    Shilpa: Mythili, rice and onions make these dosas very soft. So I think it is a good idea to add them.

  15. hello
    i need to know one thing……….in given ingredients ,you didn’t mention rice typr…….i.e.regular rice or idli rice……please specify………..waiting for your reply….

    Shilpa: Sheetal, if you have the idli rice, you can use it. But otherwise any regular rice is fine (I used regular rice).

  16. Hey Shilpa,
    You have a very nice blog. I try a lot of recipes and yesterday I made the moong dosa and should say, it came out fantastic. I retained a part of the batter and left it out to ferment while used the other part without fermentation, Both turned out very versatile. The one addition that I made was to add finely chopped dill to the unfermented batter, it tastes very good. Today i made set dosas with the fermented batter along with saagu. Very nice recipe and I am sure will follow this one. Thanks to your friend Neha too.Will post the pics soon.

  17. Looks good. I am tired of the usual dosas now, will tell my Mai to try these!!

    I had “set” dosas at Banglore last year (Adhigaas Vijaya). But they had the usual taste but were thick dosas. But 3!!! I was stuffed.

  18. Hi Shilpa..tks to you and Neha for bringing forth such a lovely recipe..i prepared these dosas today..were too delicious!! tks again!(Btw-batter wd last for 4 days quantity is that much!..hahaha)

  19. Hi Shilpa,
    I made this over the weekend and it was a hit. It was fast and easy and delicious and healthy too…

  20. Hey Shilpa,

    Am new to Kitchen..Going to get married in couple of months..Will use all ur recipes from now on…

    I Came across ur website while surfing for some recipes!! Am going to try these Dosa tomo…

    Ur website does have a lot of answers to my questions.

    Am going to be hooked on it..

  21. Thanks for sharing this recipe. I tried it, and it turned out great.

    I made some changes to your recipe. I tried it minus the onions. Instead I put in a teaspoon full of black pepper corns while grinding the batter.

    Also, I used a thinner batter consistency instead of a thick one. This was I got thin, crips dosas.

    Once again thanks a lot!


  22. Hi Shilpa, Since last few days I go through yr recipes and enjoyed it ! I put 2 fists of charmura in place of cooked rice in these dosas and they turned very porous!Please excuse me if u find difficult to understand my launguage!

  23. hi,
    the whole moong set dosa is a traditional receipe from andhra pradesh. it is also known as pessarattu. pessalu means whole moonu. i will show a traditional way.

    prepare dosa as in above method. now fry few onion pieces till golden brown and them to the dosa. always serve this dosa with ginger chutney

  24. Hey,

    Great recipe! Was very easy to make. I have a small kid and shirk from anything that requires elaborate preparation. This was great. Happened to have all the ingredients handy and the dosas came out perfect the first time around.

    Both my son and husband love dosas and having an easy and healthy variation is a boon. So, thank you!

  25. Hi Shilpa ,

    I was planning to make this dosa for tomorrow. Just a quick question , you said Grind it to a paste .. now i dont have a food processor but i have a blender ..so my question is ..Is it okay to grind in the blender?? Would the batter be good enough ??

    Please let me know .


  26. Lovely Recipe Shilpa! I made this for dinner yesterday with coconut-coriander-ginger chutney..It came out very delicious.. Hubby, too, liked the soft dosas..
    U know, whenever i have to plan a menu, i search for recipes on ur site and prepare the list of recipes..
    Ur site is my first and reliable stop for any recipe to try.. I hv a prepared a lot lot many dishes from aayisrecipes..and always a winner.. as the recipes u give are very easy and can be made at home, since u hv urself tried it..also the way u describe the steps is very simple to understand for anybody..

    I love, love this site and i feel its a benchmark for delicious and variety home cooked food..
    Keep posting such homely recipes.. U r doing a very good job..
    Thanks and all the best…

    Shilpa: Thanks a lot for your kind words Anushri. Keep visiting.

  27. My daughter eats only dosas for continuous days, at 18 months. So her diet now is dosas, Dhal chawal, Rajma etc… Sometimes she eats Ragi dosas to which veggies are added… This is for lunch i.e. πŸ™‚

    Glad I got this recipe. I can send some dhals into her…


  28. Hi Shilpa,

    I have become a regular visitor of ur site ….. thanx so much for the simple yet wonderful recipes …. just wanted to ask one question y does the recipe mention rice as cooked rice ….. is it becoz it is ukda chawal or is rice actually cooked ??? …. m little confused coz never prepared dosa this way n since this dosa does not require fermenatation m wanting to try it asap ….. thanx again ….. also thanx so much for replying to my queries …. m so amazed that u r able to pack so much in ur day ….. will hv to learn time management from u alongwith ur lovely recipes πŸ™‚

    Shilpa: Cooked rice.

  29. Hi Shilpa,

    Needed some help …. i made the dosa as per instructions but it was rubbery in feel and it did not have the lovely perforations like your picture … i hd just altered the measurements a bit as i reqd a smaller qty … hv given it below … could not understand where i went wrong πŸ™
    2 cups rice (regular)
    ¾ cup urad dal
    ½ cup whole green moong (do not use moong dal)
    ¾ tbspn chana dal
    1 tbspn toor dal
    1/2 tspn fenugreek(methi) seeds
    1/2 cup cooked rice
    ¼ cup chopped onion or a small onion

    if u could give some tips it would b great … thanx a ton


    Shilpa: Did you make them too thick?

  30. Hi Shilpa,

    Yes i think i made the batter too thick …. then afterwards i added lot of water n then put 1/2 a ladle and the dosas were much better …. thanx so much


  31. Hi Shilpa,

    Should all of these – rice, urad dal, moong, chana dal, toor dal, fenugreek seeds be soaked together or separately.

    Thanks a lot,

  32. Shilpa,

    This recipe is super hit in our family. We have been doing it for a while and it has become our standard dose recipe. Many thanks to you.

    BTW you have done an amazing job in this site. For quite sometime this is the only site we visit for recipes. It is also my husband’s favorite.

    Thank you so much


    1. HI SHILPA,
      This yummy dosa was our dinner tonight. came out very well. would be making this regularly.
      this is the fourth recipe i have tried from ur site and all turned out delicious. (simple egg cake, spinach soup,fish curry tepla ambat and this). waiting to try out many of the dishes.
      gr8 site .keep it up.

      please post some baby food using ragi. i am a mother to a 2 month old baby.

  33. hi shilpa,
    the time given along with the visitors comments is not accurate.
    the time now is 12.21am in india, but its showing as 1.47 pm.

  34. Hi, this sounds much like Andhra Pesarattu. But this is made only with soaked whole mung, ginger, green chilly, raw onion and coriander leaves.

  35. Hi, Want to know whether the batter is to be left overnight for fermentation or dosas can be made right after grinding the batter.

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