Veg Cutlet

My Pachi(mom’s sister) is a expert in morphing one dish to other. She makes different cutlets with left over side dishes. They are always very tasty and you can not make out they are from old side dishes. She also makes these simple cutlets from potatoes which taste heavenly and are very filling.

2 potatoes(cooked)
1 cup green peas
1 cup soya granules or bread(soaked in water, squeezed & then crushed)
1 tbl spn cream
1 tea spn chili powder
1 tea spn garam masala
4-5 strands coriander leaves
1 tbl spn corn flour or maida
1 cup fine sooji(rava)

Mash potatoes and peas. Then add all other ingredients(except sooji & oil). Make a ball of this mixture & give desired shape with hand. Apply sooji to all sides of the cutlet. Deep fry or shallow fry these cutlets till they turn slightly brownish.

Serve hot with mint chutney or tomato ketchup.

Serves : 3
Preparation time : 20min

PS: Dip the cutlets in well beaten egg before rolling in sooji to bind the sooji to cutlets.

25 thoughts on “Veg Cutlet”

  1. HI shilpa i am from belgaum and wife also , i am cooking veg cutlet for my wife today, and will let u know how it turns out to be !!

  2. Its perfect, very good recipe but PLEASE add the cooking method as a last step, because I cooked it in Kadhai and the Cutlets just dissolved in the oil.

    But I searched online and then found out that I had to cook them in the frying pan instead and when I did that, they were quite good, but still I used a bit too much oil so the cutlets soaked it. Ideally you should use VERY less oil, only enough to cover the bottom part of the cutlet and an extra 1/4th centimeter

    Mr. Channel

  3. Hi Shilpa,

    This recipe is easy and very tasty… i have just one question.. when i shallow fried cutlets… most of rava seem to be gone in oil or say stuck to pan.. is there any way to retain it more to cutlet?

  4. Nayak mayi, use very fine rava or breadcrumbs to coat the cutlets. You can also dip the cutlets in egg and then roll in rava so that the rava sticks to cutlet. Then shallow fry it.

  5. Thanks for ur time and lovely suggestion. Will try next time… its so yummy… iam planning to try it again soon…

  6. Nayak mayi, please let me know how they turn out. Your feedbacks help me to improve the quality of my writing :).

  7. Dear Shilpa
    Do we cook the green peas beforehand or just add them raw in the cutlet. Will the peas get cooked if we shallow fry the cutlets? The cutlets look yum.

  8. Shubhada, I use uncooked green peas and let the patis fry very well to ensure peas are cooked in them. But if your peas are not very tender, cook them slightly(do not over cook) before using in this.

  9. Shilpa,In ur picture the cutlet looks white in color.I want it to be Golden Brown.How can we make that?Is maida really required?Or Bread soaked in water is enough?
    Also once the cutlet is prepared Iam planning to put these cutlets in middle of a bun(meant for preparing burger),after applying Mayonesse to the bun.In this way is it possible to prepare Veg-Burger.Does my idea looks good?

  10. Sudhi, you can fry them for more time to get golden brown color. Maida is added as a binding agent. You can try without adding it, if you can make balls out of it, just ignore maida. you can make veg burgers with them. I make it often.

  11. Hi Shilpa,
    I’m a pure vegetarian.So tell me instead of egg,is there any other substitute for it. as the bread crumbs wont stick properly.
    Thanks waiting for u’r suggestion.

    Shilpa: you can add cream instead of eggs. Most of the time I add it instead of eggs.

  12. Hi shilpa,
    I recently got married and came over to US. I’ve never entered the kitchen(for cooking) until I got married. I find your blog very useful. Thanks a lot. Iam learning cooking through your blog! Can this cutlet be cooked in a microwave?

    Shilpa: I don’t know if these can be cooked in Microwave Hema. Since the crispy outer crust tastes very nice, I have always made them on stove top.

  13. Hi Shilpa,
    Can you guide me with some dishes which can be cooked in Microwave. But it can’t be used in baking. Do let me know some recipes & how to cook it.

  14. hey shilpa – tried this last week – was v unsure how it wld turn out- but abs divine – my husband simply loved it -v simple recipe – with no cutting business :)) but a sure winner – thank you .

  15. nazreena.21-3-2008.7.15pm
    I really enjoy your recepies.for the egg briyani is there any home made briyani powders recepies
    i find your your website is very usefull and intresting


  16. can someone please teach how make vegetarian boiled eggs please thanks for your kind understanding and coperation

  17. 1 packet boneless chicken
    grinded cashew and almonds paste 6 tablespoons
    butter or margarine 10 tablespoons
    curd 1 cup
    coconut milk 1 cup
    2 tablesppoon oil
    chopped onion and chillys
    garlic and onion paste 4 tablespoons lit the stove
    add in the grinded cashews and almond paste the you put in the xhicken the saucepan add in the curd and coconut milk add in the chopped onion and chillys
    then put in the butte rub in the lime juice
    then put in the salt

    Shilpa: Nazreena, I have tried sending you mails a couple of times, but they bounce back. So please give me your correct mail id.

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