Don’t we all have at least one version of uttappam/uttappa that we love? These are thick dosas topped with one or all of – onions, tomatoes, carrots etc. Usually I make uttappa(as we call it) with left over dosa batter, to just finish off the batter. Last year when aayi came to visit us, she made this version which she had seen in one of TV programs. We instantly became fans of these uttappas. According to me, this is anytime better than the ones I used to make before. Soft, fluffy, tasty, healthy. I sometimes add chopped carrot and tomatoes also. Needless to say, I have switched to this recipe of uttappas ever since I tasted it.

1 cup rice(any normal rice)
1 cup boiled rice
1/4 cup urad dal
1/8 cup toor dal
1 tea spn fenugreek seeds(methi)
3/4 cup chopped onion
1 tbl spn chopped coriander leaves
1 tea spn chopped green chilies
1 tea spn chopped ginger

Soak rice, boiled rice, urad dal, toor dal, fenugreek seeds in water for around 5-6hrs. Grind it to a very smooth batter, mix salt and keep it overnight.
Mix together onion, coriander leaves, green chilies, ginger in a bowl.
Heat tava and spread a thick dosa (If required, use oil/ghee before spreading dosa). Spread a tbl spn of onion mixture on top. Close the lid and cook for sometime on a medium or low heat. Now turn the dosa upside down and cook on the other side for a minute. Serve hot.

Serves : 4-5
Preparation time : 20mins

Update: Do not confuse boiled rice with cooked rice.

34 thoughts on “Utthappam/Uttappa”

  1. I am ready to bite into tht rite now, looks really good…By rice, u mean any kind of raw rice like sona masuri or so Shilpa ?? And boiled rice is the ukdo tandul ?? Sorry, might be a very dumb question.

    Shilpa: Yes Maya. By rice I meant any normal rice. For ukdo(boiled rice), I use Rosamatta rice.

  2. Wow, the picture looks so neat. Like Maya said, ready to take a bite. Hey, never tried with toor dal anytime. I love to make it with different combinations each time.

    Maya …Try Ravi Brand “Idli rice” for dosa and idli. It is ukdo tandul. They are avble in Indian Stores 10 and 20 Lbs respectively. I always use this one for all idli and dosa batter. Surnali turns out to be perfect with this rice.

  3. Shilpa, lovely uttappas! They sure look fluffy, new thing is addition of toor daal. Tks to your Aayi and you for sharing!
    (Here I stick to Chakra brand, Idli rice, gives best results for idli,dosa-Ukdo taandulu)

  4. Hi dear,

    You have simplified my life. I have since compiled a recipe book with all your superb, simple and quick recipes and have tried so many.
    Now my kids have a better variety and I am more planned.
    thanks for the inspiration !!

  5. I say Uttappa too, love it. I add carrote and beans to make it colorful!:)
    Send it to Srivalli who is having “Dosa Mela” event!:)

  6. manisha has been trying to get us to say uthappa. now, repeat after me. ut tha ppam 😀

    Shilpa: No bee, Uttappa is “short and sweet”, you should listen to Manisha ;). Just like the sweet name “Bee” instead of “????”

  7. Hi Shilpa…I make Uttapas the same way only difference is I add chana daal will try with toor daal,looks fluffy.

  8. Shilpa – Why dont you send a sample piece for me to taste – hope this technology too comes shortly. Will you please correct your receipe regarding the boiled rice – i too was confused with ukado tandul ki cooked rice. It was clear after reading the comments. But for others to follow – i feel the correction may be made – sorry for the free advice.


  9. Hi Shilpa…

    I have a doubt .. why we are adding fenugreek ..
    What is the use of adding it..
    I tried utappam its very tasty..
    everyone in our house liked it very much..
    Tell us some more dosa varietie’s…


    Shilpa: Ashwini, as far as I know, fenugreek gives a very nice aroma and taste to dosas. Helps in digestion, some people say dal causes indigestion(not sure if it is true). I am not sure if there are any more reasons for it. Please check out “dosa corner” there are many dosa recipes on the site and I keep adding to this category.

  10. Hi Shilpa, The utthappa looks delicious. I love your website and have recommended it to so many of my friends. I have a Q about the utthappa….what if one doesnt have ukdo tandul? Is there some change in rice dal ratio that will help compensate lack of ukdo? You must have guessed I’m also konkani. Keep up the good work!

    Shilpa: You can use normal rice, same proportion Rashmi. As far as I know, ukdo tandul gives a very nice aroma to them. Also makes them soft. Good for health

  11. Hi Shilpa,

    My batter has not risen even after 5-6 hours. Is it supposed to rise? I followed all the directions as mentioned. Thanks in advance.
    Kepp up the good work. I tried your chicken Vindaloo recipe. Came out great.

  12. Hi,

    I live in Melbourne and finding it hard to get Thosa or Idly flour raise even after adding carbonated soda to it.
    Some days it turn into yellow colour the next day.
    Please advice.

    Thank you

    Shilpa: If you have an electric oven at home, take the batter in a steel vessel, cover it and keep in oven with oven lights on in the night. This helps in fermentation.

  13. Shilpa ,

    Of course basmati rice would change the taste of this rite? It will be good to use ukda rice like some one suggested in the comments rite?

  14. Janet Stephens


    Can i use basmati rice as normal rice. i live in melbourne..its hard to ferment..i hv a gas oven. wil this help me in anyway.

    Shilpa: Yes, you can use basmati rice. Gas oven may not help. So keep the vessel with batter in a big bowl of warm water and close with a thick towel or something. You can also try keeping the vessel on the warm stove after you are done with cooking for the day.

  15. I prepared the most delectable uttappas with this batter today. To my surprise the batter increased with fine lovely bubbles of fermentation just as you have described elsewhere. I have been using a heating pad set on lowest setting: placed very thick towel onto the pad then placed the bowl of batter on top of this, then the pad and bowl is entirely covered with a clean kitchen towel to keep warm. You do not want the batter to become hot or it will taste aweful! Before putting the batter to ferment, I also cover the batter bowl with plastic wrap and punch 5 holes into the wrap. It keeps the batter moist but allows air flow during the fermentation over-night, and excess gas to expires for a very fragrant batter.

    Also many years ago, I learned that fenugreek not only adds lovely taste but also assists in fermentation of the batter.

    As the batter made so much, and was so light and fluffy
    I also made idli with it which were the best I have ever eaten either here or in India! Maybe this is not an idli batter but I cannot possibly switch now!

    Shipla I am thanking you and especially your Mother for this recipe. My husband especially favors uttappa and I idli, now we shall have both quite easily.

    Many blessings to the both of you.

  16. Hi,
    I am a regular visitor to your site and was going through the comments under dosas. Few points I would like to share:
    1. I live in the UK and I use a tried and tested method to ferment idli and dosa batter. I mix salt with the grinded batter as I have experienced it aids fermentation. I heat the oven for 5 mins at 160 degree C and then switch it off. Place the batter in the oven (the batter an be in a plastic/steel vessel) overnight. I normally leave it for 2 nights so plan accordingly and do the same process of heating the oven the 2nd night too in case the batter has not risen. This always gives me fermented batter.
    2. If dosas stick to pan rub the pan with 1/2 a raw onion or potato before u pour the batter. You can repeat this before every time your pour the batter on the tava. Your dosas will never stick to the pan.


  17. I live in US.
    I use the oven to ferment the batter.
    I preheat the oven on the lowest setting for less than 5 min. It should just warm up the oven.
    I place the batter and turn ON the oven light to keep the oven warm. The batter ferments in less than 8-10 hours.

    It works well. Try it out.

  18. i really liked ur recipes.thanks a lot for publishing such recipes.when i got married to a pakka vegetarian i was really shocked what to cook.recipes from ur site helping me a lot.thanks once again.

  19. I recently came across your blog. This was the first recipe I tried for my kids (who are very picky :)) They absolutely loved it! Thanks!!

    Take care

  20. You can also add Oats instead of toor dal or along with toor dal. It is very tasty and healthy. my daughter who does not like oats eats this dosa and loves it.

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