Sweet Puri(Buns)

I was thinking about blogging about this typical konkani style Buns from many days. But recently one of my visitor, Seema, requested for this recipe. So I thought of blogging about it without any further delay.’Buns’ is a very famous Konkani dish usually prepared with pumpkin or ripe bananas. Usually when we get the big pumpkins at home, a veriety of dishes are prepared using them. It will be cut into big pieces and some of the pieces go to neighbours and relatives who stay in nearby places. The remaining pieces are dried under the sun and kept for a few days.

Since I love pumpkins, my parents keep it till I go home for some vacations and then cut it and the usual procedure I explained just now goes on!!. Isn’t it so sweet…. Ahh…I am missing my parents now…Well, I think I am becoming too emotional!!.

Pumpkin pieces or ripe banana pieces 1 cup
Wheat flour 2 cups
Jaggery or Sugar 3/4th cup

Cook pumpkin pieces (ripe bananas are directly used without cooking).
Grind pumpkin/bananas, Jaggery(or sugar) to a smooth paste(preferrably dont use water).
Add wheat flour and salt to the paste and kneed the dough(Puri dough consistency). Preferrably keep the dough overnight.
Make puris(a bit thicker than normal puri) and deep fry in oil.
Serve hot with chutney.

Serves : 4
Preparation time : 20min

13 thoughts on “Sweet Puri(Buns)”

  1. Oh, wow, Buns…one of my absolute favourites at my in-laws’ place. My mother-in-law makes them in a slightly different way, though. I don’t make them too often, because I have some kinda aversion to frying. I make deep-fried preparations only once in a year or two. That’s too healthy for comfort, isn’t it?

  2. Thanks Vaishali for the comment. Do share your recipe of buns. I would love to try out.
    You are welcome Seema. Do try out and let me know.

  3. Hi Shilpa, I wrote to you about buns in the rice puri section, last evening. The way my mom makes it she uses maida instead of wheat flour. Also sour buttermilk is used and no water. It is fermented overnight. Try this out…..Its yummy

    1. My Mum used to call it Bubus roti ….same recipe as you mentioned with sour buttermilk and maida.

  4. Thank you for this recipe. I had one question though. Is the dough to be left out overnight or refrigerated?


  5. Maryam, you can keep them refrigerated if it is too hot where you live. Otherwise you can keep them out.

  6. My inlaws are karwaris and we go to goa often. On our last trip we had the most amazing buns from a roadside eatery in madgaon….ur blog reminded me of that taste!!!!

  7. Shilpa, I saw those buns in Udupi but was hesitant to taste them, i shall make them for the new year pl clear these doubts
    1]Is it the yellow pumpkin
    2] you have mentioned about sun drying them, how can it be done
    We are very fond of yellow ones and ofcourse white ones too, sometimes i too buy a large piece and wonder what to do bye

    Shilpa: Yes, yellow ones. Just keep the pieces(quarter or half of the pumpkin) under hot sun for few hours till the water evaporates and looks dry. Then it remains good for a while

  8. Hey Shilpa,
    I have been going through this website for quite some time now. I justed wanted to know one recipie.
    How do u prepare “sanna kotto”. It’s named in konkani this way. I have heard it from my husband that it will be like idli, brown in color.
    Could you please help me writing this recipie in this site. So that i can preapre this(fav dish of my hubby) & impress him 😉
    Waiting for your response

  9. Hi Shilpa,

    I am a staunch Konkana who absolutely loves konkani food. My parents are both excellent cooks and all of their children learned so much by just watching them cook. We all love to cook and cook from scratch. Your website brings so many nostalgic memories.
    Ofcourse I have the recipe for sanna khotto —amma always made them and we ate them hot with fresh coconut oil drizzled on top.
    Was looking through some recipe and saw that you had request for this recipe a while ago. Have you had any success in finding it? If not, I will be happy to share amma’s recipe with you.

  10. Hey Shilpa,

    Thanks for your recipe. I tried it out for the first time, and it turned out pretty alright 🙂 Except that out here in Europe I haven’t been able to get the normal wheat flour like back home. Here it’s like a bit brownish… My pooris came out a little hard 🙁 That’s disappointing but the taste’s there. Any suggestions?

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