Stuffed idli

I got this recipe from here. Those days I was not able to get good soft idlis. Then I followed the procedure explained here and now I can get good soft idlis. So I tried these stuffed idlis and they tasted amazing. I changed the stuffing according to my taste. I think kids will love this. I even tried ragi idlis and rava idlis which turned out great.

Next on my list are Asha’s idlis.

This is my entry to Nandita’s Weekend breakfast blogging.

2 cups fermented idli batter
2 cups potato bhaji

Prepare the idli batter as explained here. (The ready made idli batter is available in FoodWorld and few other shops in India).
Prepare the potato bhaji. (I think this potato bhaji is the best stuffing, but any kind of stuffing can be used).

Grease the idli stand with oil. Pour a table spoon of idli batter.

Keep 1 tbl spoon of bhaji on the batter.

Pour another tbl spoon of batter so that it covers the bhaji. (Lightly give a press if you think the batter would touch the next plate)

Steam the idlis.
Serve hot with coriander chutney.

Serves : 4-5
Preparation time : 40mins (including the bhaji preparation time).

29 thoughts on “Stuffed idli”

  1. shilpa- thanks for the tip about roasted channa dhal from yesterday’s post…i will research it..i just made idlis for the first time last week by chance. they are a wonderful food! i had them with sambar and rasam… STUFFED idlis!! this i will try right away with the alu baji…thanks!!! and also…i must mention that the pineapple sheera with your nice additions were a big hit!! again, many thanks!!!

  2. Hi

    i am new to blogging would like to add u on my page can you tell me how . you have a gr8 collection of recipies here ..too tempted to try these stuffed idlis .:)

  3. Shilpa, sounds great! Tow of our favorites in one dish? I think it will work very well! I am making idlis for dinner on Friday – yes, yes, I know you folks think of it as breakfast food but in our family, anytime is idli time – and I might just try this stuffed idli. I’m not entirely sure though cos I am chaperoning the 3rd graders to a field trip that day so I might just come back with a huge headache. They get very excited and talk really loudly in the bus. I must remember to take a couple of Tylenols with me when I go!

  4. Hi!!
    although i don’t write any food blog, i read lots of them!! i have followed ur blog for very long time and i also have tried ur recipies. They r really good!!
    i have always loved to cook and i am interested more in reajonal cooking and culture associated with it than international ones (more suitable to my pallate, :D) thats why i like ur blog!!!
    ne ways, i have never heard about ragi idlis so would u be able to post its recipe for me??
    plz do if u can!!!
    waiting for it!!!

  5. Hi Shilpa……..I always wanted to try stuffed idlis. I am going to make this tommorrow, i am lucky to have kept the idli batter for fermentation, so only need to do the potato bhaji. I dont have to wait long to make them. Will write again after making. I know for sure they will be excellent. Thanks for sharing. Also that one more spoon of batter needs to be added after bhaji is very useful.

  6. Thanks to you all. Let me know if you try these.

    Manisha, I can understand what you are saying. I am very very careful about headaches these days. Never knew they would affect so much :(.

    Rochin, Thanks for the kind words. Such comments really encourage me to post more and more :).

    Vaishali, thanks a lot (BTW…again Ashwini??? :() I have just passed the beginner stage, before that every time I called my aayi for all the doubts (I still get so many doubts and keep bugging her), thats why I try my best to be as clear as possible.

  7. Shilpa,
    Ooops, sorry sorry sorry. Let me say this five times to myself.
    Aayi’s Recipes = Shilpa
    Aayi’s Recipes = Shilpa
    Aayi’s Recipes = Shilpa
    Aayi’s Recipes = Shilpa
    Aayi’s Recipes = Shilpa

    Ok, I think I have got it now. Or so I hope…

  8. Shilpa, I have to tell you about the disaster with my idlis. When I left for the field trip early Friday morning, the batter was looking SO good. It had risen well and I wanted to give it a couple of hours more. So I told my husband to move it to the counter from the oven – I’m back to doing it in the oven cos it’s become so cold out here suddenly and we haven’t started the furnace yet – and I told him not to forget because I didn’t want a spill in the oven. When he got to it, the batter had risen even more and was almost touching the lids. Guess what he did? He stirred it till it had flattened out completely and then he called me to ask me whether he should leave it on the counter or put it in the fridge! I had friends coming for dinner who love idlis anytime, like we do. I was inside the State Capitol so I couldn’t even yell and scream about what he just did!

    As soon as I came home, I put the batter back in the oven. It rose a little bit more. The idlis were fine – not as soft and spongy as they should have been though. I was so worked up that I didn’t attempt your lovely recipe for stuffed idlis. Next time!

  9. Ohh Manisha, that was the best time to prepare stuffed idlis. Last time when I prepared this, my batter had not fermented well and I thought it would screw up my idlis. But the stuffed idlis really came well :). Next time whenever you think the batter is not risen well, try stuffing them, as there is only a thin layer of this batter and more of the stuffing. So the idlis still become soft due to soft stuffing ;).

  10. Whoa! Trust you to come up with a tip! I should have just called you to cry on your shoulder!

    I was too upset to make any potatoes. I still had to make two types of chutneys as well as sambar. And I had a whole house to clear up. Sigh! We had the classic case of Medha asking: is anyone coming over?! 😀

  11. I had a friend who used to bring chutney stuffed idlis for lunch. and I used to like them because they looked so magical:-) I mean outside looks like plain idli, and as u take a bite, there is a stuffing inside. Potato stuffed idli is even better!! Thanks for the recipe.

  12. Shilpa,
    Stuffed idli recipe, pictures are great.
    Those who like masala dosa will surely like this recipe, comparatively a lower calorie one.
    Once I placed a cutlet in place of bhaji and it came out as a masala idli, but with different flavor.
    Aaayisrecipes is a good collection of recipes of Konkani origin plus. Devu boren koro.
    MGKamath, Morristown, TN – USA

  13. HI shilpa,
    Absolutely great idea.I will try it today.Thanks to ur mom too for sharing such great recipes.
    And hats off to u for putting in so much of effort.Keep up the good work.
    God bless.

  14. Fantastic Idea!! I’ve stuffed idlis with a mixture of freshly grated coconut, jaggery and cardamom powder. My kids just chomped them up!! Give it a try!

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