Sprouted moong idli

I have been having a hard time to clean up my pantry, refrigerator etc before our India trip. So I stopped buying any groceries some 15 days ago. Yeah, I am a very bad shopper and my pantries always overflow with different lentils, beans etc. Same goes for refrigerator. So I stopped going to grocery stores and all I cooked for past couple of days was pohas for breakfast – which, according to me, is not a breakfast, it is an evening snack. Yup, I am not even close to switching to cereals for breakfast, I love them as crunchy snacks and can’t accept them as breakfast. That being the case, I was totally intrigued to post this recipe today when I saw it in my draft (okay…that was a lie. I am salivating thinking of all the nice dishes I will be eating in India and a hot bowl of idlis is one of them).

This recipe was actually originated when I had decided to make idlis more often on weekdays. I never keep the batter in refrigerator, so whenever I want to make them, I start fresh. One fine day when I was going to start steaming them, I saw a batch of sprouted moong begging to be used. So I thought I would use them in idlis for a different taste. I ground those with ginger and green chilies, added to batter and kept them for steaming. All the time I was mentally preparing myself for another big batch of “tennis ball idlis” because I thought they would turn out rock hard. But to my surprise they came out soft and very tasty. Since then, I have made these couple of times.

Now the most asked question and I may get a frustrated look from some people for my answer..hahaha. How do the idli batter ferment in this freezing cold? And the answer is….. tada…I take the batter in covered steel vessel and keep it in oven overnight with oven-light on. So, please do not try this with gas ovens. Mine is an electric oven, so it works fine. Attempt at your own risk.

These have a strong moong taste which takes a while to get used to. So give it a couple of chances. Serve with a hot bowl of sambar or your choice of chutney and you have a hearty breakfast.

1 cup urad dal
2 cups idli rava (or 2 cups rice, soaked, dried and coarsely powdered)
1 cup sprouted moong
4 green chilies
1/2 tea spn ginger

Make idli batter with urad dal, idli rava and salt as explained in this post. Keep the batter overnight for fermentation.
Next day, just before steaming idlis, grind sprouted moong with green chili paste and ginger. Do not use much water. Do not make the paste very smooth, it should be a bit coarse.
Mix the paste with batter. Steam the idlis.
Serve hot.

Serves : 4-5
Preparation time : 20mins (excluding the idli batter preparation time)

PS: Do not attempt this if your idli batter is not fermented well. These idlis are slightly harder than the plain idlis, so if the fermentation has not happened well, the idlis become rock hard.

23 thoughts on “Sprouted moong idli”

  1. Wow, something different. I just finished making the last batch of idlis before i am off on a spring break. Anyway wouldn’t be able to try this as i did not have sprouted moong on hand.


  2. Oh, thts a wonderful idea, never thought of it. I second ur saying about having cereal for bfast, would have made life easier, but just can’t bring myself to eat it (my husb too)..Ahh, time to go to India, lucky you :)..

  3. Submitted too soon, have a great trip and have loads of fun n good food in India, Shilpa :)..Come back with lots of your Aayi’s recipes..

  4. I have done this in freezing cold Cleveland, but I just turn the heat up in the house and leave the bowl over the vent. When I was little my mom, used to put the bowl next to the exhaust from the fridge, but now our fridges are much too energy efficient for that. Though I too use pre-sprouted moong, but my mom does sprout it herself.

  5. Wonderful idea..sprouts in idli..tks for tips..very useful! I just finished my idli batch today. Have sprouts of red chowli n moong on me too! Hey I too cant substitute my brkfast wt poha , cereals etc..i find them good for snacking though! Glad to know I hv company in this pool of thought!:D

  6. Nice idea! and I like the chile-ginger-moong combo…I also don’t eat dried cereal for breakfast (as I don’t care for milk) and eat it occasionally as a crunchy snack…so you have good taste! 😉 Enjoy your vacation!

  7. i had moong sprouts leftover from yesterday and not able to know what to do and also since i am planing to make idli tomarrow this post is a nice idea thank you.

  8. Fantastic Idea!! Try stuffing the idlis with a mixture of freshly grated coconut, jaggery and cardamom powder — the kids will just chomp it up. Meeta

  9. Hi!I am a big fan of your site. have tried out a few oof them. everyone at home loved it .please keep up the good work!

  10. this was good but can u find out the recipe of”Kulitha Idli” if u can pleaseeee

    Shilpa: I don’t have the recipe, but will look for it.

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