Spring roll dosa

Long back, I had promised my cousin to post few breakfast recipes, but I kept on forgetting about it. So now on, once in a while I would post few of the dosa recipes that I tried in last few days.

These dosa recipe collection is from a Kannada weekly (2004). They had the article about 62 different dosas. I tried most of them and absolutely loved them.

This is my entry to Nandita’s ‘A twist in the plate‘ event.

PS: I have been getting a lot of recipe requests. But since I am extremely busy these days, my response would be a bit slow. Please bear with me.

Wheat sooji(wheat rava) 1 cup
Corn sooji 1 cup
Rice rava(idli rava) 1/2 cup
Thick yogurt(curd) 1 cup
Butter 2-3tea spns

I didn’t use corn sooji (have no idea what is it). Instead I used corn flour 1/2 cup.
For stuffing:
Sprouted moong 2 cups
Onion(chopped finely) 1/2 cup
Soya sauce 2 tea spns
Chili sauce 2 tea spn

Heat oil and fry onions till they turn brownish. Add sprouted moong, soya and chili sauce. Add salt and fry for around 5-6mins.
Mix the 3 types of sooji with yogurt, salt and leave for 3-4hrs.
Heat tava and spread small dosas. Keep 1 tbl spn of stuffing and fold tightly as shown in the picture. If required, cut it into small rounds.

Serves : 3-4
Preparation time : 20mins

25 thoughts on “Spring roll dosa”

  1. Shilpa-
    These are very interesting! They seem to be a fusion of Indian with Chinese or Thai….I think “corn sooji” might be the same as “corn meal”, but i am not sure….62 different dosa recipes?!! That is certainly a treasure to keep…

    I understand that you cannot post now as often as before, but that is OK. There are so many wonderful recipes on your site to read and try that it is enough instead to leaf through these…

  2. Hi,

    This is something new,which i never came across….

    Anyway will try some time later and let u know…

    As a Clinical Nutritionist i do know well the sprouted ones are good for health…

    Thank you…

  3. Good idea dear! Can I pick this one up for the WBB twist in the plate – round up or are you going to send me?? 😀
    Wishing you a very happy diwali.

  4. Mandira, let me know if you try these.

    Thanks Pelicano for your support to AR. I really appreciate it :). Keep visiting.

    Usha, even I had seen this for the first time in the weekly. The sprouted moong part attracted me to this :).

    Thanks Rooma, Usha.

    Nandita, yes you can take this for the WBB (I have updated my post). Sorry, I had forgotten about the event. Thanks for picking this up :D.

  5. Corn sooji is called corn grits, sometimes referred to as corn meal, but usually corn meal is finely ground. You can get coarse, medium and fine varieties of corn grits. The regular grocery store in the US carries corn sooji, it is especially popular in the south. In other parts of the country, look for it in the ethnic section, in the Italian or Mexican aisle.

  6. Hi,

    I tried this dosa and it turned out hard. Would like to try it again, can you please specify how thick the batter should be? Also, do the dosa need to be spread out thick?
    Thankyou for your time and keep up the good work.

  7. Shelly, they need not be very thick. Just you should be able to take out them easily from the tava. Did you change the proportions?

  8. I used the same proportions, 1/2 cup corn suji like you. How much water did you add to the batter? is it like regular dosa batter?
    thank you for the quick reply

  9. Yeah, it is like regular dosa batter. In case if you can’t remove it, try adding some rice flour to it. Usually first one or two dosas are hard to remove, but after that they came out very easily for me.

  10. thank you
    I’ll try again and let you know. Your dosa looks so fluffy with a nice lace, hope will get that texture next time.

  11. Hi Shilpa,

    I am a regular reader of your site. Ienjoy the recepies as well as the comments made by all the young readers. I am myself an Aayi of two beautiful daughters. I have to let you know that corn suji is a rava of corn as regular wheat rava of wheat. It is very much available in Indian grocery stores and is yellowish colour like corn. I have been using it eversince I got here in 1979. I like it’s fine texture and you can make halwa, dosa, dhokla, grits, upma etc. I hope this will remove the littla confusion of corn suji.

    Thanks and have a nice day.

  12. Saw this recipe on some blog event entries. Easy way to make a instant no grinding dosa!
    Corn soji is available as corn meal. It looks like a yellow colored rava. I make upma/rulav with it. It is also used in making corn bread.

  13. goning through all kind of dosas, it tempted me to ask u what is mysore dosa/spring dosa and bye any chance is there any non veg. dosa? thnaks.

  14. You try the same dosa recipe adding some instant noodles & spring onions to it & kids will love it. Filling as well as healthy also.

  15. shilpa, the recipe sounds really intersting..what exactly is the corn sooji..is it the yellow colour flour called maize flour??

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