Spinach puri

Spinach puri

I have almost stopped making any deep fried dishes these days. But from my childhood, I have been great fan of anything deep fried. Even though not very often, aayi would make puris, vadas etc and my brother and I absolutely loved them. I miss those days so much. So some times I get a real craving for these deep fried goodness.

So after almost 3 months (last time I ate them when I was in India), I made puris. V loves them with his favorite amras. I had to finish some spinach that was in my refrigerator begging to be used. So I made these very delicious puris and we loved them.

1 cup chopped spinach
Wheat flour
1-2 green chillies
1″ ginger
1/2 tea spn cumin seeds

Cook in spinach in water for about 3-4mins. Do not add too much water, just add enough for cooking the spinach. Grind the spinach with chillies, ginger, salt and cumin seeds. If required, add the water used for cooking the leaves, but do not make it too watery.
Add the paste to wheat flour and make into a stiff dough.
Roll puris and deep fry them. (More details about making puris).
Serve hot.

Serves : 3-4
Preparation time : 30mins

24 thoughts on “Spinach puri”

  1. Dear shilpa…amazing recipe. this is the first time i am leaving a comment here….got nostalgic looking at the beautiful picture and had to leave a comment. My mom used to make this combination very often during summer holidays…and its one of my favorite combination in the world….she also used to serve us bhajjis or besan puris with mango juice or amras…

    you have some really amazing recipes…and equally amazing pictures to make everyone nostalgic 🙂


  2. hi shilpa,
    Even with me the same, i dont remember when i had these puris last time. Even if i want to make deep fried item the quantity of the oil for two of us is more..
    To finish of this oil again i hv to make some more deep fried dish. Any way i will try this some or the other day.

    wonderful Pooris. I miss them.

    puch puch loch


  3. Hi Shilpa, when a culinary enthusiast tries variations of standard dishes, isn’t it such a creative and rewarding expeience? Thanks for graciously sharing yours.
    For my part, a few puri making ideas I’d like to share with you and your fan following 😉
    *I’ve tried making puris with mashed red pumpkin and jaggery.
    *To prevent oil from collecting inside puris, I make diagonal scratches on the puri with a knife before frying them.
    *Also found that adding 3-4 drops of vinegar to the oil before beginning frying and closing the kadai till the spluttering subsides, prevents from extra oil soaking into the puris.
    I’m due at the end of July for my baby and making the most of the count down spare time in the kitchen!

  4. Palak Poori sounds delicious ….even i havent made pooris in a while your post is wanting me to make them:)

  5. My friend makes beetroot puris from time to time, I bet yours are just as yum! On another note, I was going through your cake recipes over the weekend. The ginger cake sounds interesting and I think I might try it soon. Also, the blue fondant cake looked just out of this world! Kudos to you Shilpa!!

  6. hi shilpa..good receipe..
    i always make palak puree.I add some ajvaain for taste and garlic-green chillies paste to enhance the taste …
    it’s really healthy for kids…keep sharing

  7. Amazing, i made it just now and all my friends liked it… Thanks for this simple and delicious receipe.


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