Spicy puffed rice


When the work scene is tight, it’s hard to manage all the fancy stuff while cooking at home.

Even with so many things going on, I think I am managing lunch and dinner pretty well. Most of the times it is not something great, but for sure, it is something easy and very filling. Since V likes chapathis for lunch, I make them in the morning. Most of the times I make the sides in the evening so that I have to make just chapathis in the morning and carry previous days sides. But during all this, the most affected meal of the day is breakfast. I try my best to cook breakfast and recently this dish has become a regular at my home now.

I created this dish from my memory. During my college days in Belgaum, once I had visited one of my friends. Her sister made a delicious snack for us. I watched her making this dish and was very surprised by the method. Until then, I had only seen puffed rice (chirmure/murmura) used in its crispy form. But for this dish, her sister soaked the puffed rice in water, squeezed it and then prepared this dish. I simply adored the taste. I don’t remember her recipe now. But few months ago, I remembered this and tried to recreate it. I don’t know the exact name. We both love it and since it gets ready within minutes, it suits my busy schedule.

2 cups puffed rice(chirmure/murmura)
1 tea spn chilli powder
A pinch turmeric
1/2 tea spn coriander powder
1/4 tea spn cumin powder
1/2 tea spn mustard seeds
A pinch asafoetida
4-5 curry leaves
2-3 coriander leaves
1/4 cup tomato

Take the puffed rice in a large bowl and add water to it. Leave it for about 10mins. Then squeeze the water out of it.
Heat oil and add mustard seeds. When they start popping, add asafoetida, curry leaves. Add tomatoes, soaked puffed rice, coriander powder, cumin powder, turmeric powder, chilli powder, salt.  Mix well. Close the lid and let it cook on a medium heat for about 2mins.
Take off the heat. Garnish with coriander leaves. Serve hot.

Serves : 2
Preparation time : 15mins

26 thoughts on “Spicy puffed rice”

  1. Well I think I know the name for this – ‘puri uppittu’ !
    The first time I tasted puri uppittu was after my wedding. I heard its pretty popular in mysore/blore region. My mom-in-law’s recipe is very different from what you have posted.She uses green chillies,lemon juice etc .It’s one of the fav breakfast dishes at my hubby’s place.Even I like it a lot too. I will try this version sometime.

  2. Hi
    I think its similar to “Sushila”. You can prepare this similar to “Pohe”(onion can be used). But it won’t taste like “Pohe”. It is one of my favorite dishes.

    Thanks for reminding me my favorite childhood dish.

  3. this recepie is called vagrani in karnataka side ( Bijapur ).mt mothe rin law makes the same. However she adds..dalia powder in this with little onion lemon and sugar..so sweet sour and spicy taste..just try it taht way. M sure it will be more tastier

  4. I make the similar thing , which as mentioned below is called Sushila or susla.

    Basically same thing but the ingredients are just mustard, jeera, gree chilli, onion, tamanrind and jeera powder. Once everything is mixxed with soaked churrmurri add dalia pwdr and mix. Tastes yum.

  5. Well it looked too appetizing to not try!!

    I tried it today, and instead of the tomatoes, i fried some green onions before adding the kurmure. The crunchy goodness was awesome.

    My kurmure did not puff up like yours have in the picture. Any tips on how to get that?

  6. This is almost like the charmura upkari…you can make it so many different ways!!!

    But this is the first time I have heard about soaking the charmura. Doesn’t it turn soggy ?

    These days, when we come back from work and nad are very hungry and there is still time for dinner, hubby make a quick charmura stir fry with cumin seeds and garlic and sometimes with onions.

    We simply love charmura – anyway it is made. My mom makes one with onion, tomato and sambar powder and coriander leaves. It is soooo yummy !!!

    I shall try making this soaked version next time.

    Shilpa: No, it does not become soggy at all. Infact, I feel it is better than poha.

  7. Hi Shilpa, Have come to your blog after ages. I love the new look,although I may have been some time since you changed it . But it’s new for me. I am going to try the Paneer Butter Masala and the Paneer Biryani. Both look too tempting. I also like this idea of soaked murmura snack.

  8. My fav, I love to have them as snacks… they look more puffed up, but sometimes when I soak them in water poof they go down… Nice one…

  9. shilpa,
    How many versions of the same recipe. The comments part goes really interesting nowadays. YOu really make fast and easy dishes , and of course they are too good and suit our taste buds too. The new upliftment of thehome page is really beautiful.Do we have to soak it for 10 mts? somebody told me that it has to be put int he tadka as soon as ti is soaked. Bye

    Shilpa: Nirupama, I usually soak it for 5-10mins because in that time the puffed rice really holds up water. I love that way. I tried soaking and using it immediately and I did not like the final result.
    Happy to know you like the home page. V has been making lots of changes to the site these days. We are also going to change the colors soon.

  10. I prepared spicy puffed rice this morning. It was extremely delicious and my husband loved it!!
    Thanks for posting it!


  11. When growing up, I remember one of our maids making this dish (susla) the similar way but adding powered (chunks) pea nuts at the end.. But I think she added Onions too… Thanx for sharing!

  12. Shilpa, I made this yesterday and it came out very tasty indeed. Quick recipe and my husband and daughter loved it.
    Moreso, the weather was very good on Saturday in NJ. We all ate outside in our backyard and truly enjoyed the dish. This spicy puffed rice will be seen more on our tables going forward.
    Thanks girl.

  13. Hi Shilpa, I tried this recipe today. It was very good. We all liked the texture and the flavor a lot. Thanks for sharing such unique recipes.

  14. the above reciepe is called susala.you can add onion and fry it.my g mother used to add putani(puffed chana daal)powder and eat it along with curds.

  15. I used to have it in my school lunch box. But i have heard from my husband that there is special “masala” called “masala muli” from Kolkata which they were using.

    I am searching for the reciepe of Masala muli powder.

  16. You can even add green leafy vegetables and veggies like capsicum, green peas, tmoatoes, spring onions…so..on..This will not only make the dish tastier but also filled with nutrients. Im not sure of the calories it carries..Can anyone reply how many calories it has…so that we can have this nutrient supplied dish as part of regular diet as well as helpful for people who diet

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