Sabudana Vada with a twist

sabudana vada

I studied engineering in Belgaum. There I got my first introduction to many Marathi dishes. Among all, my favorites were sabudana khichdi and vada. I would just gobble down these whenever I got a chance. I stopped making these in last few years as V is not a big fan. Last week I was craving for these vadas, I did not want to deep fry them, but wanted them to be crispy. So I rolled them in bread crumbs. They came out wonderful.

Click here Pallavi’s recipe for Marathi sabudana vada. I used the same ingredients and slightly different method.

1 cup soaked sabudana (tips for soaking)
1 cup boiled and mashed potato
1/2 tea spn cumin seeds
2 tbl spn chopped coriander leaves
1/2 cup peanut powder
3 finely chopped (or crushed) green chillies
1 cup breadcrumbs

Mix all the ingredients except oil and breadcrumbs in a bowl. Make small balls from the mixture. Roll into breadcrumbs and shallow fry them. I fried them on my cast iron pan.

Serves : 3-4
Preparation time : 30mins


sabudana vada1

sabudana vada2

sabudana vada3

sabudana vada

26 thoughts on “Sabudana Vada with a twist”

  1. I love Sabudana Wadas too but not a fan of deep frying so avoid making them..this is a good idea..only cant be used if making for upwaas..thanks for this.. 🙂

  2. Thanks for posting this recipe. I sometimes do the fasting just to eat sabudana or khichadi. 🙂

    Also tips for soaking is really the key for this recipe. Your tips are really helpful


  3. look yummy …….can eat without feeling guilty for all that extra oil consumed with deep fried ones… thanks for this twist… will surely try……!!!!!!!!!

  4. Oooh thanks, Shilpa!
    And I love this method, i love Sabudana wada and dread deep frying it, so it is a *rare* indulgence for me.

    Pssssttt… u got the spelling of my name incorrect ;), it’s Pallavi

  5. Dear Shilpa,
    The recipe is fantastic. Will be trying it tomorrow. I think there is a small mistake. It should be coriander leaves and not coriander seeds.
    Love catching up with your blog once a week.

  6. I tried shallow frying sabu Dana vada. It was o.k. Not as tasty as the fried ones! But it absorbs lot of oil while frying. So shallow frying is a healthier version. Only thing is we have to reduce the quantity of chillies while shallow frying.. I will try your version with bread crumbs. These may taste like cutlets. Thanks Shilpa.

  7. Shipla i am a regular visitor to your blog and also enjoying all ur receipies. Shilpa, in this receipe can we use rava instead of bread crumps

  8. sabudana vada is prepared mainly for the fasting, bread crums is totally no no for fasting food. for binding its advisable to add ararot powder.

  9. The twist to Sabudana Vada is really nice and it is indeed a healthier version. I had recently made these since me & my husband were both fasting on Angarika.
    Next time I will definately try out this version.

  10. Looks like an interesting twist! I saw a recipe where a lady has made the vadas in the appo pan, to reduce the amount of oil used! I want to try that method. Shall try this too.

  11. Tried these yesterday….they turned out to be really nice. Loved the fact that they were not fried! Thanks for sharing the recipe 🙂

  12. I like sabudana wadas. But deep frying absorbs lot of oil and that scares me from eating sabudana wadas. This is a great idea!!!! Will give it a try tomorrow. Thanks shilpa.

  13. hi…I have a small doubt about soaking… u say to soak for 30 min,drain and leave it as it leave it in d sense is to leave outside closed or open in the same strainer or to keep it in fridge…coz 8hrs..wont it spoil..
    Can I mix all the ingredients previous day n keep it in the fridge n cook next day morning for kids lunch box…will it b ok or will it leave the water
    pls reply,
    thanks in advance.

    1. Not necessary to keep in fridge. Just keep it in a vessel/strainer closed. Yes, you can mix everything previous day and cook next day

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