Rice flour rotti (Tandla pita/Piyyavu bhakri or Akki rotti)

Few days ago, Sudha Vinod left a comment on Aayi’s recipes. The comment goes like this, “I want to know the recipe of a dish, I don’t remember the name it goes like this – I think its made of rice batter and u add coconut and coriander leaves on the top. They look like uttappam but have a slight sweet taste. One of my friend during collage days used to get this, she was from Konkan area and that was about 12 years back. I still relish the taste :-) can u please post the recipe of what I am asking for “.

I could not think of any dish which exactly matches the description. I asked a few Konkani people and they said it looks like ‘pita/rullau bhakri‘(tandulu – rice, peet/pita – flour, rullau – rice flour – , akki – rice). The ‘uttappam‘ in the comment reminds me of another popular dish, its called ‘abhibhakri‘, but then, it is not sweet and it is not made of rice batter. So I thought of posting both the recipes, so that Sudha can choose the correct one. If I find something else which is more accurate, I will post it here.

Sudha, Your comment is necessary to get to the correct dish. So please leave a comment for this post.

Priya has posted a different version of bhakri few days back.

1 cup rice flour
3/4 cup fresh/frozen coconut
1/2 cup milk
1 tbl spn ghee or butter
1/2 cup chopped onion
1/2 tea spn sugar(optional)

Mix all (1 tea spn of ghee is used here, remaining is used for frying) and add water if required. Don’t make the dough too thick like chapathi dough, it should be a bit watery.
Apply oil/ghee to hot tava & spread the bhakri slightly less than 1/2 inch thick with hand – Keep a big ball of the batter on the tava, slightly spread using hand, then apply a bit of water on the batter and spread to the required thickness.

Add some shortening/ghee & cover on medium flame.

After some time, turn it and apply some more shortening/ghee on the edges.
This tastes great when it is hot and crispy.

Serves : 2
Preparation time : 15min

23 thoughts on “Rice flour rotti (Tandla pita/Piyyavu bhakri or Akki rotti)”

  1. Looks Yum !

    We make coconut dosa , very similar to this. It fresh ground rice batter ( just like how we make for dosas) lots coconut and little salt. the coconut gives a little sweetness to the dosa. This is a regular breakfast at home and i just love coconut dosa.

    Thank You for mentioning my recipe Shilpa !

  2. Priya, I know coconut dosa. I had blogged about it a few days back. We call it ‘soyi pole’. Thanks for the comment.
    Krithika, The batter should be a bit thick compared to adai. Because this is spread on the tava using hand(not with the spoon). If you make it too watery, it cannot be spread using hand.

  3. shilpa, thanks so much.. I make them too..its called aki roti right? i dont use the coconut..Thanks once again for taking so much of trouble in finding out the dish i have asked for..im waiting for the recipe of ‘Abhibhakri’. Nice presentation ..

  4. Sudha, thanks for reminding me of “akki rotti”, I have updated the name.
    Well…it looks like I have to search more to get the exact recipe you had asked.

  5. shilpa,nice dish.Can u tell me as to whether ghee should be added to the mixture or it is used only for applying?

  6. Latha Udaya kumar

    Pls. tell me how the halva become dark brown. I have made wheat halwa . It came out well but the dark brown colour didn’t come.


  7. My grandmother used to make Rullava bhakri, with Rawa/soji instead of rice flour. It was more or less similar to yours except she didnt add onion or milk. But there used to be finely chopped green chilies and coriander leaves. Yum!!

  8. hi shilpa,

    i am a kannadiga from mumbai,yr dish is called akki roti,even i make this it is really very tasty if eaten with pickle and yogurt.i learnt it from my mom.

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  10. My daughter -in-law cannot eat anything with white or wholewheat flour. Do you ahve any recipes for pie crust made with rice flour ?

    Shilpa: Caroline, as of now, I don’t have any such recipes. Since rice flour has a distinct aroma to it, I think it may not be suitable for pie crust.

  11. Shilpa Bhandarkar

    Hi Shilpa,

    I just read through ur recipe of tandla pitta bhakri….
    I know it is too late to post a comment now….
    But I cud’nt help it. 🙂

    My mum(she’s from Karwar), prepares this bhakri with chopped onions, just as u have mentioned, but she adds buttermilk in place of milk….
    She spreads it over a plastic sheet, soaking her hands in water every now n then….cos it sticks to the hand….
    Then she flips it on to the tava, the plastic side facing up.
    Once it slightly heats up, she easily peals off the plastic cover…. 🙂

    It tastes heavenly…..
    I love to eat it with a dollop of butter….slurp…slurp!

    I’m married now and in B’lore. My MIL has never prepared this bhakri till date….
    She’s from M’lore.
    I’m missing this bhakri more than ever now!!! 🙁

    I’m going to prepare it soooooooon.

  12. your site is really good yaar. for quiet sometime i was looking for the receipes of joladh rotti and brinjal curry . and today i got from ur sire thank u.

  13. hi,
    I always loved your recipes.
    Type 2 for Akki rotti,
    Rice flour, chillies, cilantros, jeera, hing, curry leaves, onoins and small cut peices of fresh coconut and salt to taste.
    Preparation: mix all of them with adequate amount of water. Make balls.Pat it using 4 fingers on tava(preferably on non-stick) put some oil at circumference of the rotti.
    Cook it on medium flame till it becomes golden brown and crispy.No need it cook on the other side.

    You can also do this in non-stick kadai. Akki rotti will take a shape of kadai.

  14. Hi Shilpa,

    Thanx for the recipes. I have been visiting this blog for quiet sometime and it is really interesting. This ‘Akki Roti’ looks yummy. But if you still add finely chopped onions, finely chopped green chillies and corriander leaves to this and make this it would taste really yummy and that too along with groundnut chutney..Mouth watering……..I am going to make this today for breakfast…….Bye………

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