Rice flour Dosa

Rice flour 1 cup
Onion finely chopped 1
Sooji rava(optional) 2 table spns
Chilli powder 1 tea spn
Jeera 1/2 tea spn
Coriander leaves finely chopped 3-4 strands

Mix all ingerdients with water to the consistency of dosa batter. Make thin dosas. Serve hot with chutney powder.

Serves : 3
Preparation time : 10min

40 thoughts on “Rice flour Dosa”

  1. Hii
    I really enjoyed goin’ thru ur recipes. I’m from gowda saraswath Brahmin thoroughly bred in Mangalore and enjoy cooking various cuisines as much as i enjoy eating!!
    The best compliment i have recd is from my hubby who says that i cook better than his mom n’ my MIl happily agrees to it. Don’t really know if its true !
    I believe the main ingredient to any recipe is one needs to put their heart in what they cook…n’ its definite to taste gr8!!
    happy cooking!

  2. Hiiiiiiiiiii

    Really cool website so many variety of Dishes all in one roof

    Thanks for craeting such website Guiding in proper way


  3. Hi,

    I tried making dosa with rice flour but it did not spread well also although i did the same as above, it seemed something like a thick batter, should we make the mixture the same time or before? wud be glad if i get some tips…

  4. Shelly, the batter should be very thin like watery. You should just “throw” the batter on the hot tava, it can not be spread like urad dosas. This is an instant dosa, nofermentation required.

  5. hi !!
    I made this dosa for breakfast today.. liked it!! SO did my hubby..thank u. I did not add sooji though.. Planning to add it next time.. should i put in soojistraight from the packet or should i roast it??please answer..

    Shilpa: Maithri, sooji is directly added. No roasting required.

  6. Hi,
    Great recipe. My mom-in-law makes this amazing akki roti dosa. It’s similar to the rice dosa but you add some coconut, hing, avrekalu in kannada and green chillies instead of red chilli powder to the above mentioned ingredients. Consistency of the batter should be dosa like..Thanks,

  7. I tried it today and they turned out really YUMMMMMMYY with the ginger chutney from your site.

    Tried a little variation. Stuffed with chopped tommato and chedder cheese after they were done and made it into a wrap.

    Turned out fantastic.


  8. namaste

    it is great to try all this receipes here in Fiji

    i am writing from Fiji Island. I hope u now where fiji is on the world map.

    i would like to try most of this pure indian recipies. I love cooking in weekened when i am at home.
    this way i also learn so many traditional cooking.

    i also love to make friends through yr web my email address is [email protected].
    iam married with two children. my age is 40. l would like make friendship at least i will be able to now more about india.

    hope to get some friends

    rgds parmila

  9. Hi I tried this dosa this morning for breakfast and it really turned out very delicious.I just love this site,it has so many varieties in it.I really enjoy cooking oflate…thanks to this website.keep going and keep posting


  10. Hi
    I just now I tried rice dosa.We also call it ghavney in marathi.I just liked it so much.I will prepare again.
    Jyoti sawant

  11. hey shilpa ..

    can u pls help me with Neer Dosa …
    specially the consistency of the Atta used?

    Shilpa: Puja, the batter is almost like water. Since you do not spread it with ladle after pouring on tava, it is better to make it very thin.

  12. Hi Shilpa!

    Thanks a TON! for all this information. The breakfast receipes are very useful and interesting also. I really appreciate your initiation of creating this website.

    All the recipes are very nice. Will again write to u after i try out few receipes.

    Thanks again
    love Sanju 😉

  13. Hi, I tried this out today for the first time, however i added some grated coconut to it too along with cut green chilles. The dosa didnt crsip up instead it craked all over even before I could turn it (it had small visible cracks all over and when I trid turning, it just split into small pieces. I did try to make a thin enough batter. What could I be doing wrong, is it to dry coconut flakes? I have never made dosa’s at home before and i wanted to start with an easy instant one like yours. Thanks.

  14. tried this recipe came out real good…..
    my husband & my 14 months kid just loved it
    thanks a ton for this simple and superb recipe
    keep the good work going on

  15. Excellent, Suberb, Inspiring website…… just simply awsome and the recipes are sooo good that i can just keep staring at them and get so hungry when i look at this site for recipes…

    Congrats and all the very best for a great food site…

  16. I treid this recipe but it did not turn out well.I made the batter of the consistency of neer dosa and it got stuck to the tava..not sure what went wrong…..

  17. Hi,
    I would love it, if you could provide the recipe on how to make true/authentic GOWDA STYLE – NON VEGETERIAN Recipes. I have been hunting the net for the same.
    I would like to get recipes of how to make Doanne Biryani, Boti (intestines) fry and curry, gowda style chicken and mutton curry (thick curry; both the green and red color; that can be relished with ragi ball), mutton chops and mutton fry.
    Thank you so much for your help in advance

  18. Hi Shilpa,
    Can u make dosas with Iddiappam Flour? I have tons of iddiappam flour and I don’t enjoy the iddiappam making process so I want to use it for other stuff. Do u have any ideas.

    Shilpa: No idea. Sorry.

  19. hi,
    this receipe z gr8 n v easy 2 do in jst 10 min when ever i am v v hungry i try 2 prepare this
    i jst thank 4r shwng us this reciepe instant dosa n i really enjoy it eatng thm at evengs
    well i jst enjoy cookng this reciepe
    n thanks 4r guidnd bi
    hav a gr8 day

  20. Thanks Shilpaji for replying for instant dosa yes this is very nice and tasty will try.
    and see other in Dosa corners
    love your site

  21. hey shilpa..

    thnx for such simple and quick dosa recipe…i am a big fan of dosas and keep on trying out new variations…liked this one of urs..but also added lil bit of singoda flour and rajgira flour….delicioussss n nutritiouss tooo…

    thnx dear!!

  22. FLop show…..This is the firt time i tried preparing any dosa and turned out awesomely bad.Craked into pieces…I dont know what i am missing. How come it turned out good for others. I am just wondering if they really used the rice floor. I tried in evry possible way–lowring the flame,making batter more thin but no luck. I dont have good pan i dont know if this is the reason ….Please let me know whats going wrong with my preparation…

  23. Dear Shilpa,

    I am new to this blogsite and I wanted to tell u that i tried the above recipe and it turned out wow!!

    thanks for sharing your recipe on the internet

  24. Hey Shilpa,

    Can you please xplain what you mean by ‘dosa batter consistency’? I’m making dosas for the first time. My mom said it’s okay to use ragi flour instead of rice flour. So when I made the preparation the dosa batter itself made boiling motions. And then it got burnt. I thought it was too thing so I added a little more flour, but it still wasn’t roasting to the extent to which I could take it off of the tava – it was directly getting burnt. I think my proportion is wrong – can you help me out?

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