Potato Dosa

I learnt this recipe from some book. Everybody makes fun of me when I say we can make potato dosa. But if you try this once, you will never forget the taste!!!. This dosa is a bit hard to take out from pan. So my initial trials were all big disasters. But this dosa was so tasty that I wanted to master this. So after trying it many times, I could make them perfect. The key is to add as much rice flour as required to make them easy to remove from pan.

1 cup boiled, mashed potatoes
1 cup rice flour
5-6 strands coriander leaves
1 tea spn ginger-garlic paste
2-3 green chillies
2 tbl spn yogurt/curd

Grind all the ingredients(except rice flour). Add rice flour. Mix well and make dosas. Some times, the dosas get sticked to tava. Add more rice flour and try again.
I usually serve this with honey or mango syrup(ambe paank).

Serves : 2-3
Preparation time : 10min

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  1. Hi Shilpa,

    Never thought i would end up trying this one…….but tried it and enjoyed it too!! Thanks for a nice quick recipe.

  2. Dinesh Krishnajois

    Hello Shilpa,

    I am impressed by your recipe khajaane’ (khazaana). Its so nice to see a rare site of Kannada-Konkani dishes. I am from the old Mysooru region (Mysore for anglophiles). Although, I grew up on staple Mysoor gojjus, huLi-thauvve, saaru, huLI etc. I am always fascinated by the diversity of food (Mysoor, bayalunaadu, malenaadu, kodagu, konkani, dharwad, mangaLooru, karaavaLii etc.) in our Kannada naandu. As is our our music (Karnatak in south, Hindustani in north), languages (various dialects of kannada, konkani, kodava, tulu and other tribal languages) marriage ceremonies, the list goes on….

    In any case, the intent of my “comment” was to offer a variation on potato dosa (All the measures given here are approximate):

    Potato (2)
    Onion (1)
    Carrot (optional) (2 or 3)

    jeera (1 teaspoon)

    Sooji (1/2 cup)
    rice flour (1/4 cup)
    kadale hittu (besan) ( 3-4 table spoonful). This acts not only additional binding agent , but also helps getting that golden color in the dosa

    ginger (optional) (1 teaspoon) (one can substitute this with store bough ginger pate
    green chillies (to taste)
    Salt (to taste)
    Cilantro (Corriander) leaves (1/4 cup). This is because I like corriander a lot, one can reduce the quantity.
    Curry Leaves (2-3 sprigs)
    Sour Buttermilk (1 cup)

    Grate the potato, onion, carrots.
    Chop the green chillies; grate the ginger.
    Place all the flours, grated vegetables, chillies, corriander, jeera, cilantro, curry leaves in a bowl. Mix them thorougly to incorporate all the ingredients
    Add the butter milk and mix again.
    Following this, add water with caution to get the batter to thick dosa consistency. The batter should be thicker than regular idli batter and thinner than the regular dosa batter.
    keep it aside for 30 minutes.

    Pour the dosa over non-stick pan and fry it with (or without! thanks to nonstick pan!) oil.

    Serve it with any kind of chutney.

  3. hi
    for these dosas
    how should be the consistency?
    thick or running like a proper dosa
    and do you put the potatoes in the mixer too with the other ingredients

  4. Mahek, you should make the dosa batter thin. Because the thin dosas taste better than thick. They are little difficult to remove from tava, so add more rice flour if necessary.
    Yes, the potatoes are ground in mixer along with other things. Let me know if you try this.

  5. Hi Shilpa,
    Is water to be added too while grinding? I want to try this recipe, but not sure how is it going to get the running consistency to be poured into the pan like a dosa.

  6. Smitha, you have to add sufficient water while grinding. Don’t make it too watery since they are bit difficult to remove from tava.You can add more rice flour if you are not able to remove them.

  7. alright, will try that, thanks.
    just a quick suggestion..when I searched on potato dosa in your search box, this “Potato Dosa” which is an exact match comes last in the results..hope that is useful..

  8. Hi Shilpa,
    Did you have any trouble spreading the dosa on the tava?I couldnt spread it well so I made the batter really thin and prepared like we do rava dosas.Was your batter consistency same as regular dosa?I used non stick pan so there was no difficulty removing them,though it took some time to cook well.BUt yes dosa tasted very good.Will definetly try it again.

  9. Swarna, As I have mentioned in above post, these dosas are hard to remove from tava. It needs a lot of experiment before you can actually master them. I make them thin if I can take them out from tava easily. But sometimes when I change the tava, I can’t take out thin ones, so I make them thick. You have to spread 2-3 dosas before you could adjust the consistency properly. But its the taste of these dosas that makes me come back to them again and again. I can’t tell you the consistency exactly because these depend on many things, mainly the kind of tava used. I have two non stick tavas which give different results to me.

  10. Varsha, no standing time for these dosas. They are instant dosas, prepared soon after the batter is made.
    Btw, I am happy to see you back here. Looks like you are busy these days.

  11. Hai shilpa,
    nanu aasha antha. Bangaloornalli erodu.Nenne inda naanu nimma Aayi special oota,thindi thindu thegidini thanks. Ella thayiarigu ondu tribute thumba chennagide. Nange nimma adageya jothe nimma baravanageya shyli bahala hidisithu aakaranavaagi ee pathra. Keep it up. I have taken many tips from your pages.Keep giving more delicious items.I am enjoying.Hope you can understand kannada part of this letter.

  12. Hi Shipa,
    This dosa sounds interesting ..n of course a gr8 treat for all potato lovers like me….luks delicious..!
    Will try this today itself n let u kno..Thnks for d gr8 recipie.


  13. Hey Shilpa,

    Made potato dosas b4 som days….n d taste is heavenly..! Too good..:)
    N yeah the dosas came out properly,without sticking much….thnks to d exact measurements n procedure details tht u hav provided..!!Coz i just realised….hd i added lil bit of water to d final dosa batter (sinc it looked thick n sticky)….i wud hav hd a tough time removng them frm d pan…!!..good i dint do tht….n sritcly abided by ur instructions..
    It was a very filling n deicious meal..!
    Me n my hubby njoied eating these dosas..Thnks agn..

    Best regards,

  14. 1 slice of white bread
    1 can baked beans
    1 teaspoon of magarine
    i egg boiled and cut into slices
    2 potatoes boiled and cut into quaterd into 8 pices
    1 carrott chopped finely snd i1 teasppon rasin grinded and spead it on your bread
    4 tablespoon of sugar free jam
    chef nazreena .salamualaikum

  15. Thanks Shilpa!!

    Potato!! my all time favourite veg and when i saw u mention potato dosa was restless to try it out. made the dosa over the weekend. Its easy and thanks to ur exact recipe it never sticked to the pan. My hubby devoured it so much that he preferred aloo dosa to aloo paratha 🙂


  16. hi shilpa,
    such a fabulous recipe… many thanks for posting this one. I absolutely love your site. i tried this recipe 🙂 and you wont believe…. it came out perfect the first time i made it, I used a non stick so my job was easier. I served this dish with brinjal chutney and my husband loved it !! 🙂
    I had one question does the potato mixture become sticky when it is mashed and grinded in the mixer ?? I was a bit hesitant when I saw the potato mixture to be really sticky , but later on it turned out to be alrite when I mixed it with the rice flour and water .

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