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Pharali misal

Misal is usually a mixture of 2-3 dishes topped with sev or any such crunchy snack. “Pharal(Marathi) or Phalar(Konkani)” – “phal ahaar” is the food taken on fasting days. The main dish on these days is Sabudana khichdi for most of the Maharastrians.

This recipe is sent to me by Aruna. Here is what she has to say about this dish, “This is served in all Maharastrian restaurants in Mumbai. Every Mumbaikar who eats in these hotels especially in Dadar and Girgaum area, will be aware of this. Even I have not read in any other hotel menu about it. From the taste, I could get the receipe”.

I tried it and loved it more than the normal Sabudana khichdi. Even though you are not a fan of Sabudana Khichdi, do not miss this. It tastes very good.

This dish can be divided into 3 parts :
Sabudana khichdi – Prepare the khichdi without peanuts. Instead of peanuts, peanut gravy is added.

– Potato chivda – I bought Haldiram’s Pancharatan from Indian store. You can use any normal potato chivda mixture.

– Peanut gravy – see the recipe below

Ingredients for peanut gravy:
1 cup peanuts
1/2 tea spn mustard seeds
A pinch of asafoetida(hingu)
2-3 green chilies
4-5 curry leaves
1 cup water (add more water if required)
1-2 tbl spn grated coconut (fresh/frozen)

Wash the peanuts and keep aside.
In a pan heat oil add the mustard, when they start popping, add asafoetida, green chilies and curry leaves. Add the peanuts mix well. Add enough water, salt and grated coconut. Cook till the peanuts are done.

For serving:
In a bowl take the khichidi.

Add the peanut gravy. The sabudana should soak the water.

Add the batata chivda and serve immediately.

Serves : 2-3
Preparation time : 30mins


  1. Thanks Shilpa for sharing and posting. It is long time, i too havent made this for breakfast. Was thinking of getting the chivda frm the Indian store just yesterday. But the same was nearing best before date. Want to try making this potato chivda/sali at home. If you have some idea / recipe of the same. This is a all time favorite breakfast at my place. Your pictures look really gr8.

  2. Hi Anjali…..This is avble at restaurants named Phanshikar and Mama Kane in Girgaum and Dadar area. I too started eating at these places after my marraige 8 years ago. Although i have seen Misal (Puneri) in all other restaurants in Mumbai, Pharali (Eaten during fasting times) is the only one i have seen in these two.My hubby loves this misal, kothimbir vadi, kharvas and so on which these restaurants are famous for. Hope you like and enjoy this. The sabudana and the chivda should get soaked in the peanut gravy (water) for a better taste.

  3. Thanks for the delicious recipe Aruna. I will see if I can get hold of potato chivda recipe.

    Thanks Linda. I too loved this because of the beautiful peanut gravy.

    Anjali, see Aruna’s comment. I don’t know much about the Mumbai restaurants as I haven’t been to Mumbai in a long time. Last time when I went there, I was a kid and hardly remember anything :).

  4. Aruna… This time I visit Mumbai I will visit Panshikar or Mama Kane. Its going to be on my itenery ;)…Thanks. Also what if try with crushed Shendane curry ….let me try and will let you know the difference in both..

    Shilpa thanks for link up with Aruna.

  5. I think this type of misal is also available at “Prakash” and “aaswad” in dadar. – i think it’s called “upasachi misal”…..brings back fond memories!!! Thanks shilpa and aruna!

  6. Rajasi, I could not recollect the name of the third Maharashtrian restaurant “Aaswad” – (near Shivaji Park right) , when i wrote my first comment. My hubby and me were a regular visitor of Phanshikar and Aaswad. Yes in Aaswad it is called “Upasachi Misal”. I miss Mumbai a lot in every way. I am waiting to get the recipe of batata chivda and want to make it at home, instead of the mixture which has a lots of peanuts and dryfruits.

  7. Thanks for the recipe… I was longing to try it at home. I am a regular at phansikars’s but last month when I went there they were closed for renovation!!! hope they open soon.

  8. hi,
    i do read and follow a lot of ur recipes. maharashtrian recipes are almost same as we make in our home, so feels nice to check back. just one thing tough, the above misal is made for upvas” fasting” and for that nither mustard, hing or navratna chiwda are recomended. instead use jeera and ghee tadka with red chilli pwdr and also u get special potato chiwda that is for fasting. they also add coconut chutney made with dahi over this misal. in all the above named reasturants, they put khichadi, on top of it, the peanut rassa, chutney and top off with chidwa. enjoy !!

  9. Hi,

    This recipe sounds yummy and I’m dead set on trying it out – provided I can get some batata chivda…

    By the way, does anyone have the address of Mama Kane’s in Girgaon? I had been told that all the true Maharashtrian restaurants in Girgaon had shut down…


  10. hhhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii i want pihari misal recepie plzsend it bbbbbbbbbbbiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii(& thhhhhaannnnnkkssssssssss

  11. Hi
    I read about the receipe, but it is not typical receipe which one can used for fast because maharashtrians usually dont use hingu, and curry leaves for fast.I will give you one more receipe for penut gravy which is very easy and can use for fast.
    Receipe.Danyachi amti.
    1 cup crush penut power or Danyache kut
    2 green chiils
    2tbsp grated coconut
    cumin seeds or jeera
    sugar and salt to test.
    Pure ghee
    Amsul (Dry Ratamba)

    In mixer bowl take penut powdwer, grated coconu, corriander, cumin seeds, chiils, salt and sugar.Grind it and make a pest of medium consistency.
    After that in a pan add put ghee let it get hot add few cumin seeds in that let it splutter then add one chilli if u want, thenadd penut pest mix it well add some water, amsule and let it get boil for some time. If you want then dont add coriander while grinding , add at the end. This danyachi amti is so yummy. you just enjoy it.

    while making misal jst add potao chivda, sabudana khichadi and this danyachi amti and enjoy it hot hot.

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