Pav Bhaji

Pav bhaji is one of the most popular snacks in India. Though I have tasted it in many other places, the pav bhajis from Belgaum were best. I still remember those days when my friend and I would go to different restaurants which served this heavenly dish. It was spicy, semi dry and perfect in taste and texture. When I went to Bangalore, I tried it in many different restaurants. But I always felt there was something missing. So finally I learnt to make perfect pav bhaji at home. It was liked by all my friends and relatives.

2 cups cooked and chopped potatoes
1/2 cup fresh/frozen green peas(optional)
1/2 cup cauliflower (optional)
1/2 cup bellpepper/capsicum (optional)
1/2 cup finely chopped onions
1 cup chopped tomatoes
1/2 tea spn chili powder
2 tea spn pav bhaji masala
1 tea spn ginger-garlic paste
4-5 strands coriander leaves
5-6 pav
2 tbl spn butter

To serve:
Lemon juice
Chopped onions

Fry the onions in ghee or butter till onions turn slightly brownish. Add ginger garlic paste. Grind tomatoes into a paste. Add that to onions and fry till tomatoes are tender. Add potato, cooked peas, cauliflower, bellpepper mixture. Add chilli powder, salt and pav bhaji masala. Garnish with coriander leaves.
Slit the pav into half and apply butter. Fry until little reddish. Serve with bhaji, lemon juice, sev and onion pieces.

Serves : 3-4
Preparation time : 30min

PS: You chop the bellpepper(capsicum) into small pieces and fry with onion for a good taste.

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  1. Shipa, try this… cook 1 potato,1 carrot,5 beans & a few peas, 1 small tomato(everything chopped roughly) with little water for 2-3 whistles… mash…
    crush 2 cloves garlic & some ginger with 1/4 tsp jeera… heat butter… add gin-gar paste…saute till it flavourful… add 1/2 chopped onion & cook for a min(should be still crispy)… do not brown… add garam masala1/4 tsp & cori powder 1/4 tsp,turmeric powder & fry… add the mashed veggies…add salt…adjust taste & consistency… swith off fire.. add chopped onions, coriander leaves & sueeze some lemon juice…

  2. You can try this receipe. Pressure cook cauliflower and peas toegther. Boil potatoes and mash it in the cooked cauliflower and peas. The other vegetable i use is capsicum and tomatoes.
    Keep oil and fry onions and ginger garlic paste. Then add tomatoes and the masalas (Pav Bhaji masala, chill pd and dhania-jeera pd) and capsicum and cook till the masala leaves the sides. Add the mashed vegetables and salt. Add water and bring to a boil. Granish with coriander leaves and squeeze with lemon juice.

  3. Aruna, my pachi also uses all those veggies in her pav bhaji, but she does not add dhania-jeera. I will try your recipe soon.

  4. Shilpa

    I used to prepare earlier using only pav bhaji masala and chill powder. But i found that it was getting a little spicy or say there was something which i can tell as “dalchini chatka” so i reduced the quantity of pav bhaji masala and added dhania jeera powder. Maybe you can try it. Do let me know if you found difference in the taste

  5. I am living in a place where Pav Bhaji masala is not available.

    Could you provide me with a method of preparing the pav bhaji masala at home?

    It will be greatly appreciated.


  6. Pinkoo, I am searching for the pav bhaji masala recipe from a long time now. As soon as I find it, I will definitely post it here.

  7. hie i m goin to make pav bhaji today
    my pav bhaji hardly turns out good
    but fingers crossed today
    will reply after making it .bye
    hey aruna pai i m trying ur receipe

  8. Hi

    i have just learnt cooking, plz provide me with some more reciepes plz..

    busy schedule hardly get tym for cooking,provide me some easy cooking reciepes


  9. Neha, there are so many recipes on this site. Just go to categories and pick up the dish suitable for you. 90% of the recipes I post are very simple.

  10. Hi shilpa,

    Tried the Pav bhaji..ditto from your came out awesome. I am kind of a person who would run away from kitchen given a chance :)After going through ur site has kindled my interest in cooking 🙂 got your site when i was googling ‘ how to make soft chapati’ trust me…learnt from your site with all the fotos that you gave 🙂
    well my hubby & his friend ( my guinea pigs to try out new recipes) were impressed with the Pav bhaji and were licking their fingers at the end of it…..Thanks a ton….


  11. Thanks Shilpa..your site is just great..It gives me all the enthu to try new dishes..the pav bhaji that i tried came out great..i modified it a bit and made it similar to what aruna pai had suggested coz i love capsicum and it was just amazing.

  12. Pinkoo and Shilpa,
    Both of of you are looking for PaanvBhaji masala from scratch. I find below accidentally from DilipUK blogsite. I am myself fond of PaanvBhaji and BhelPuri as I was born and grew up in Bombay, although my major tasting food habit is Konkani style because my Mom’s authentic home cooking and we have hardly gone to any restaurant except may be Udipi resteaurant in Matunga area. Except Fish, I had never tried any other non-veg until I came to US. Here is recipe and link also
    From Website

  13. Vastevu, I totally forgot about the request about pav bhaji masala. I will post my version soon. Thanks for giving the link of Dilip’s post. Please give only the link next time, if entire post is given here, copyscape will show this up as copied content. Hope you don’t mind.

  14. Thanks, I will do that, I was not sure whether you have limitation of GigaBytes and so long as we give credit to the author we should be OK in public domain.

  15. Thanks a lot for understanding Vastevu. I will look into both the link you have mentioned. Thanks again.

  16. Correction:
    Wel of Wel’s kitchen is from Sidney and not from US as I had mentioned earlier. Based on her blog writings,her mother seems to be Maharashtrian (possibly from Mumbai)as most of her recipes have a touch of Maharashtrian type.
    Also, PaanvBhaji truly originated from street vendors in Mumbai many years ago and then many restaurants started adopting serving all the way to the south. Another example is Idli/Dosa started from south originally and now spread northwards all the way to Haridwar, even in US NI snack places serve Idli/Dosas rarely tasted with any good quality.

  17. you can also add little grated beetroot to bring colour to the bhaji

    Shilpa have you made pav?

    Shilpa: No Fio, I haven’t made pav at home so far.

  18. Hi evry1 ,

    here’s the end to the quest.found recipe for pav bhaji masala havent tried it yet myself but sounds authentic.Enjoy!

    Shilpa: Payal, please do not copy and paste the contents from other site/blog here. It violates the copyrights. However you can always give links to the recipe.
    which is –;_ylt=AiMliJzyAuOUFlhn0MLvj44jzKIX;_ylv=3?qid=20070831035431AAKUr4J

    Thanks a lot for the recipe. I will post my version soon on the site. I will try this version also.

  19. Hi shilpa,
    this recipe taste depends on the pav bhanji masala can you suggest me which type of masala powder is good.
    thanQ in Advance.

    Shilpa: My personal favorite is Badshah Pav bhaji masala.

  20. hi shilpa,
    i made pav bhaji today. it was good. thanks. the ready made masala says to add 4 Tbsp of the masala!!!! I am glad i followed your recipe and added only 2 tsp.
    keep posting these wonderful recipes.

  21. Thanx for Pav bhaji receipe.. I am Mumbaikar, currect me if m wrong but where is Coliflower in Pavbhaji receipe

  22. suba karthikeyan

    i saw the recipe of pav bhaji it was great. kindly let me know how to prepare pav bhaji masala at home.

  23. Hi,
    I scan ur website once in while when I crave to prepare my favorite childhood recipes. Pav bhaji is especially dear to me since my uncle would take me and my cousins to eat it in Belgaum.
    I made some Pav bhaji yesterday and I made my own masala pdr. since we don’t have an indian store nearby in Eagle Pass. I used peppercorns, cloves, fennel and cinnamon in equal quantities; coriander seeds in double the quantities as cloves. I dry roast them all and pulse in a coffee grinder. Then, I add turmeric, amchur pdr. and chilli pdr. to this mixture. I store it in an airtight container in the refrigerator. when I use it in the bhaji, I add it to the bhoona mixture of onion and tomato puree. And, then I fry it more till oil separates.
    I thought like sharing this masala recipe with you.
    Thank you for your lovely website and do keep posting those amazing recipes filled with memories.
    Take care.
    Eagle Pass, TX

  24. I thanks for posting this recipe. How should one make the pav bhaji masala without the readymade one available at the stores?

    Shilpa: I will post my version soon.

  25. Thanks Shilpa..the pav bhaji that i tried yesterday with exactly the same recipe u have mentioned came out great…yummy recipe…

  26. Well those who donot like potatoes thay can try with raw bananas or combination of both. U have to peel and boil the bananas and then smash it with hand or grate it.
    U can get rid of the gas trouble. The taste is still the same. U can try this and let me know. Also add a beetroot for for color when along with all the vegetables in pressure cooker.

    Try this and let me know


  27. I am always trying to be a good cook coz my husband likes anything prepared at home. ur receipes are very helpful for me

  28. hey,

    i was really impressed by you and loved your blog. i see u deleted my comment and didn’t post it. thats not very nice of u. can you tell me why would you do that?


    1. Manisha, I did not find your comment. I am not sure what you had posted (there is a possibility that my spam software got it and it is close to impossible to go thr’ spam daily. It usually happens if there are any links in the comment, many a time, spam software cannot differentiate between good and bad comments).

  29. hi shilpa.. i come from belgaum.. nice to see various recipies .. some of which i had almost forgotten… thanks for everything… atleast i do not have to sit and worry on what to cook the next day…

  30. Hi. Thank You for this recipe.
    I want to ask you the recipe for ginger garlic paste.
    I have made ginger garlic paste with 100gms of ginger and 100gms of garlic.
    Is this the way of making paste?
    I know this is a very simple question, but I need your help.
    Thanks in advance,
    Thanks a lot for this website.

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