Moth Beans Curry (Easy Matki Usal)

Easy Matki usal

Moth Beans are these tiny beans that are popular in Maharashtrian cuisine. Misal Pav is one of the very popular dishes made with these beans. There was a time I would make the more traditional version but now due to time constraint, I started making this easy matki usal. I make this often on weekdays, I put everything in InstantPot before I leave for kids classes. By the time I am back home, I have the hot dinner ready.

Different ways to serve this Easy Matki Usal.
Serve with either pav/bread or chapati
– Topped with onions and lemon juice
– Topped with chiwda
– Topped with both onions, and chiwda
– Topped with some spiced yogurt(add chilli powder, chaat masala to yogurt)
– Just plan usal without any topping

2 cups moth beans (matki)
1/2 cup onion
1/2 cup tomatoes
1 tea spn grated ginger
1 tea spn chilli powder
1 tea spn goda masala(or use garam masala)
1 tbl spn grated coconut
1 tbl spn coriander leaves
3 cups chicken stock or vegetable stock or water
A pinch turmeric

Heat oil, add onions and grated ginger, salt and fry for sometime.
Now add turmeric, chilli powder, tomatoes.
When tomatoes get a bit softer, add goda masala, fry again.
Add the stock or water.
Close the lid and cook for 4mins manual(if using sprouted matki, reduce it to 3 mins since it cooks really fast).
When pressure is gone, open the lid and adjust water.
Add coriander leaves.
Serve hot.

Serves : 5-6
Preparation time : 15mins

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