Maddur vada

Maddur is a place in Karnataka. In 2005 when we were in Bangalore, we used to make a lot of trips every now and then with my brother, SIL and sometimes with my parents. My brother used to plan all these trips, and whenever we went on Bangalore-Mysore road, he would plan a stop at Maddur to eat these vadas. These vadas are made with rice flour and onions. The vada is so famous in this place that, it is called “Maddur vada“.

Everyone has their own variation of Maddur vada. Aayi gave me this recipe few days back, I liked this more than the actual vadas that we get in Maddur.

1/2 cup rice flour
1 cup wheat sooji(upma rava)
2 tea spn all purpose flour or maida
1 tea spn cumin seeds
2-3 green chilies
3/4 cup onion pieces
2 tea spn coconut

I think the actual Maddur vada has more rice flour and less rava. But the proportion I mentioned above makes the vadas more crispy.

Make a paste of cumin seeds and green chilies.
Mix all the ingredients above with the paste. Add 3 tea spn hot oil and mix well. Do not add water. If required, add more oil till a vada shape can be given to the dough.
On a plastic paper, apply some oil. Take a ball of the dough and spread it on paper to get a thin vada.

Deep fry the vadas in oil.
Serve it hot with pudina(mint) or coconut chutney.

Serves : 2-3
Preparation time : 15mins

31 thoughts on “Maddur vada”

  1. These are an absolute favourite!! I’ve eaten so many Maddur vada’s from that station…it’s awesome. Thanx for posting teh recipe here….brings back memories and ofcourse the taste

  2. Maddur vadas are something new to me. As you mentioned maybe they are famous in this place. I have guests for lunch tommorrow and i am going to try this later with tea. Thanks for posting such a unique one.

  3. shilpa, recently i watched a cookery show while visiting my native. in that they added more of maida. i guess it will make soft vadas compared to the one with semolina. anyways maddur vada is my all time favourite. i love the sweet taste of onins in it:)

  4. shilpa-
    thanks for sharing the nice story… and to your mother for the recipe of course! i will make sure to stop in maddur when i visit in a few years…. until then, these look really fabulous and i will try them soon….am i understanding that the onions and chillis provide all the necessary moisture for this mixture then?

  5. Hi Shilpa,I have heard of maddur vadas.Never made them at home though we used to have it at a friend’s restaurant.I will try this version as it seems easy also.

  6. hi Shilpa,
    They look great and im sure will taste great too,perfect with evening cu of tea…as are all other vadas[:)]

  7. umm..nostalgic. My college canteen in Manipal used to serve Maddur Vadas for evening snacks. Thanks for the recipe.
    Hey, few question – U said no water. Is oil the only liquid ingredient? Is it done instantly or do i have to wait for sometime to make the vadas?


  8. Pelicano, oil gives the moisture to this vadas. As far as I know, they are not made with basen. But i might be wrong.

    Smitha, sure I will try and let u know.

    Manjula, Yes, you can add as much oil to make them into vada shape.These vadas are done instantly, no need to wait So they get ready is less than 20mins :).

  9. I fell in love with this maddur vada when I made it for the first time using Mr.Hemant Trivedi’s recipe. Good to see a detailed post and more pictures of it.

  10. Hi Shilpa,

    It will take me a month to catch up with all your new recipes. Coconut roti looks simply amazing… and that chana chaat… ragi chakli! I might have to try those first 🙂

    Your New Year’s photo is just lovely. Wishing you and your family a very happy New Year, and all the best as you go back to work!

  11. I made this today, following what you mentioned exactly. They were excellent and my guests who are originally from Bangalore said they are much better than the ones avble in Karnataka. Thanks for a nice recipe.

  12. Hi Shilpa,
    The vadas look absolutely delicious. I can’t wait to make them, sink my teeth into them and think of the old sweet times eating vadas at the Maddur station!
    – Roopa

  13. Hi shilpa, never heard of maddur vada but when i read ur describtion, it sounded similar to a rice poori that we make back home. did u find that it drinks a lot of oil?

  14. shilpa-
    i made these yesterday…they turned out very very very well….because i made 2 batches and brought them with me, along with some pudina-dhania chatni, and also alle chatni(your recipe) on an hour-long road trip and visit to a friend in a nearby city, and now they are all gone! 🙂 this is very good traveling food..i was hoping i would not get into an accident as i kept reaching to the back seat for another while i kept a small jar of chatni at hand…
    i made these exactly as you described the first time, and they are very crispy. i needed to add more oil than 3 t to have it hold together. on the second batch i tried an experiment….i mixed the onions, chili paste, coconut and cumin with the salt and let it stand in the bowl for 30 min to release a bit of water….then i finished the mixing and needed less oil than before…this batch came out softer on the inside, but still crispy outside. i love the onions that brown on the outside! i did not think of this until they were frying and the most delicious aroma of these filled the air!!! thanks for a wonderful addition to my repetoire!! it will not be long until i make these again…

  15. Aruna, you tried them? wow :). Thanks dear.

    Thanks Pelicano. When I was posting this recipe, I thought of “Biggest vada fan” – You :D. I knew you would love this. I didn’t know you would try them so soon and give your feedback :). I am so happy. Thanks a lot again.

  16. B.Dhanasekaran

    Hi Shilpa
    I tried as per your formula but on frying the vada was breaking up and most of the broken pieces were rava .
    My wife incidentally from Mysore told me that adding more maida and less rava and allowing the onion with salt to marinate for an hour and then adding othe ingredients will get a good vada. thanks for the recipe

  17. the recipe is really fantastic..i always used used to buy maddur vadas from hotels as I dint know the recipe but today right after seeing recipe in this website I tried out.It came out very well..

    thanks a lotttttttttttt

  18. hey, thanx a ton for this recipe. my son who is 2 yrs old loves these vadas and ofcourse i thought u only get them at the railway station enroute b’lore – m’lore. my son wudnt go to sleep till he gets one and that too he attacts it directly from the vendors bucket. tried my best asking most of the expert cooks and the maids, today after reading ur recipe i tried them and yuuummmmmmmmmmmmm. thanx again.

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