Lentil Dosa (Dal Dosa)

Our main food is rice, we use it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. On “fasting days”, we eat rice only once in a day. Other meals, we eat something that is made of wheat or other lentils/floors.

I make these dosas on such days. Moong dal is beleived to be cold on the digestive system and the body. It is rich in proteins. Ginger and green chillies give a very nice flavor to dosas. Since these do not require fermentation, a lot of planning is not required. These are similar to pesarattu and adai, but slightly different.

1 cup urad dal
1 cup moong dal
2 tea spns ginger pieces
3-4 green chillies

Soak urad dal and moong dal in water for about 2hrs. Grind them along with ginger, green chillies and salt to a smooth batter (of dosa batter consistency). Instead of grinding ginger and green chillies to the batter, they can also be mixed to the ground batter.
Heat tava and make thin dosas. Cook them from both sides like any other dosas.
Serve hot with ginger chutney.

Serves : 5-6
Preparation time : 30mins

PS: 1 cup of red masoor dal can also be added to the dosas along with moong and urad dal.

24 thoughts on “Lentil Dosa (Dal Dosa)”

  1. very interesting esp as no fermentation is required my kids usually tell me a day ahead to start the process as I have coached them 🙂
    this will be really handy. Do you soak both the dals together and grind or separately like dal and rice.

  2. hey I tried the dosa, and it came out really really good and tasty…
    The best part is no fermentation required.. I will definitely tell this to one of my relative, as she is not allowed by doctors to eat fermented food…
    Thanks Shilpa..

  3. Fab dosa Shilpa, high protein, no seperate soaking & grinding, no fermentation – and with the chillies and ginger, hardly even needs chutney! What a miracle dosa for lazy girls like me 🙂
    Just tried it out, and its all it promised to be. Going to be a regular contender for sunday breakfast now. I think amma used to make a similar tasting idli, must ask her. Thanks!

  4. Loved these dosas, I have already made them several times now and my picky eater will eat it too. I sprinkle chopped spinach on them and make them a little thicker kind of between an utthappa and dosa, yum yum! thanks

  5. will this dosas stay for soft for long,, means if taken for lunch boxes,, will the dosa stay soft? as normally other dosa will be not soo nice if its not hot, can we send to our children lunch boxes , pls let me know whether this stay soft

  6. Yes this dosa stays soft and can be taken by kids for lunch. As Shipa suggested, make it thick, not thin as thin dosas become crisp. I give this dosa with a box of flavored yogurt to my son.

  7. Can I make these as a base for a pizza?
    Also just curious you did not boil the moon and urid daals, right? You just soak them and then grind them?

  8. Thanks for the recipe. Can do tell how long can we keep this batter either outside or in fridge? Can we use the same batter for making idlis if kept overnight?

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