Konkani Vadas (Biscuit ambado)

Every South Indian cuisine has its own recipe for Vadas. Here is Andhra Version of it. As Preeti says here, this is a must in any wedding meal (Vardike/lagna javan) for Konkanis.

Biscuit ambado‘ is prepared as an evening snack at my home. Aayi makes these vadas with ginger chutney. Her vadas are very soft and crispy and one of the best vadas I have ever had. She always makes them in the shape of vadas (with a hole in between – called as thoothu vadas) for my brother, but usually the traditional ‘biscuit ambade‘ has no shape, may be because giving the nice shape is extra work. I don’t bother about the shape as far as I am getting the proper taste :D.

1 cup urad dal
2 tbl spns fresh/frozen coconut + few pieces of fresh coconut
4-5 curry leaves
1 tea spn ginger (cut into tiny pieces or grated)
2-3 green chilies(cut into tiny pieces)

A handful of urad dal with skin makes vadas become very crispy.

Soak urad dal for around 2 hours. Grind it into a paste (with minimum or no water), the paste need not become very soft.
Add coconut, curry leaves, ginger, green chillies and salt. Mix well.
Heat oil. Drop small balls of the batter in hot oil and fry on a medium flame.
Serve with ginger chutney.

Serves : 2
Preparation time : 15mins

33 thoughts on “Konkani Vadas (Biscuit ambado)”

  1. Biscuit ambado is such a stylish name, i liked it. Thank you for the recipe, i am planning to try it since you mentioned about the extra crispiness coming from whole black gram. Thank you Shilpa.

  2. Thanks all. I too wonder how the traditional dishes are called ‘Biscuit …’. May be because they are crispy…thats just a guess :).

  3. I love this very much. We use coconut peices, cut very small (katli). Now that you have reminded must try this on the coming weekend. Thanks for sharing

  4. Hi

    After the batter is ready put a wooden spoon in it & churn for about two minutes. It becomes light & fluffy & wadas turn out very tasty.


  5. hi shilpa,
    i would like to know is this the recipe of the vada that is served in hotels with idli?

  6. Sowmya, yes it is same. Only thing is in restaurants, they give a round shape and make a whole in the center. Most of the times they add a pinch of soda to it.

  7. thanks a million shilpa….!!! yesterday my hubby asked me do i know to prepare it…and i said no but this is easy and it will be a nice surprise…(got married just 2 months back…;))

  8. Hey Shilpa…i tried it out…and it was great…ofcourse next time i will try to give round shape…but shape didnt matter much as it was soo tasty…i was soooo happy to see my husband eat it joy… thank you…

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  10. hey shilpa,
    thanks a lot for shairing the recipes ……….. they are realllllly yummmmmmmmmmy ……………. pls also help in microwave cooking as i have got a new one but i am scarred to use as the first time i used it i burned my bday cake:-(it was very sad .Help me 🙂
    thank you

  11. It would be interesting to know why it is called ‘Biscuit ambado‘ Shilpa.

    Shilpa: Anjali, I guess it started because someone thought the vadas were crisp and so called them biscuit. Ambado is any vada in Konkani. (I am just guessing, have no idea 🙂 )

  12. HI Shilpa,

    I loved the recipe for biscuit ambado and ginger chutney.
    I had a question…When I try to grind something, I cannot grind it unless I add sufficient amount of water (I don’t have our good old Indian Mixi). So while grinding udid, I have to add lots of water. If I do that, the vadas absorb lot of oil when frying. Do you have any solution to that ? I don’t have a food processor. Thanks !

    Shilpa: No solution that I know of. Thats the reason I had to buy Sumeet mixer.

  13. My all time fav, we call it as Ambode..my grand mother use to make it ..(we also add lil bit hing(asafoetida)and coriander leavs 🙂 )

  14. Rajeshree Milind Nayak-Nevrekar

    This type of Biscuite ambade were prepared by my mother frequently at our home. As I had married in the different family I almost had frogotten this receipe . Thanks for sending this receipe. As my mother is no more she must be very happy to see this receipe from heaven.

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