Konkani Uttappa(Abhibhakri)

‘Abhibhakri’ looks very similar to Uttappa/Uttappam, so I chose to call it as Konkani Uttappa. Unlike uttappa this dish does not need the fermentation time (though some people keep it overnight, but it is known for a fast-to-make procedure). It can be very commonly seen in many Konkani houses for breakfast.

This is my entry to Nandita’s Breakfast blogging event.

I omitted curry leaves in the above picture, but the unique taste to this dish comes from curry leaves.

Urad daal 3/4 cup
Coconut(fresh/frozen) 1/2 cup
Green chillies 2-3
Curry leaves 2 strands
Ginger 2″

Soak urad daal in water for around 1 hour. Grind it into a paste with minimum water (The paste should not be ground to  very smooth). Add coconut (coconut can be ground with daal but I prefer the non-grinding version), finelly chopped chillies, ginger and curry leaves. Add salt.
Grease dosa pan and make thick dosas (like uttappa). Cook from both sides.
Serve with chutney powder.

Some people grind the urad daal previous day and add 1/4 cup sooji/wheat rava. Next day add remaining ingredients just before making ‘abhibhakri’. If prepared in this way, it tastes more like uttappa.

Serves : 2
Preparation time : 10min

12 thoughts on “Konkani Uttappa(Abhibhakri)”

  1. Never heard or tasted this recipe before and just using uradh dhal shd make it real soft rt? I love soft dosas and it is gr8 coz u dont have to plan ahead of time like other dosas. Thanks for sharing

  2. Thanks Shilpa for posting this. My MIL makes them very nice and tasty. I have been thinking of making this since last two months. Now that i have the recipe readily avble, its going to be easy. In SK we do not call it Abhibhakri, but i dont know the name, my mom calls it udida pitta polo. Many times it is made with the idli batter also and slightly thick.

  3. Shankari, Arjuna, Krithika, since the batter here is coarsely ground and fermentation is not there, this does not become too soft. Give it a try and you will definitely like it.
    Thanks Aruna, Anupama.

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  5. Thanks Shilpa- this recipe is new to me. I make it by mixing Rava to fermented udad dal batter and always despaired when I forget to make batter in advance. Ah! for a quickie, wholesome breakfast….

  6. Hey Shilpa
    Was wondering if this could be made by just mixing urad dal flour with water-would be even more instant!!!…Do let me know

    Shilpa: I have no idea, but I feel there will be a definite taste difference.

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