Instant sweet noodles (Didhir Sihi Shyavige)

I love rice noodles in all its forms. We call it Shevayi in Konkani, Shyavige in Kannada and Idiyappam in Malayalam. We make a couple of different types of them – aayi’s special with boiled rice and Konkani special. Both these versions require a little bit of planning as the rice needs to be soaked for few hours. I make them very often, the boiled rice version being my choice always.

Recently I saw a recipe for Didhir Sihi Shyavige – KairaLi style (Instant sweet noodles – Kerala Style) in a Kannada magazine. I have seen this in many different blogs too, but somehow never tried it. Few days ago, on a Saturday, I wanted something good for breakfast. Usually weekends are idli/dosa days at my home, but somehow that weekend, I had not prepared the batter. So I thought it is right time to try this recipe. It got ready in about 40mins or so and was lip smacking good. This is going to be a regular at my home now. Next time I will try with some spicy topping.

1/2 cup water
1 cup rice flour
1/2 cup fresh/frozen coconut
2 tea spns coconut oil(optional)
2 tbl spns sugar
1/4 tea spn cardamom powder

Heat water along with salt in a large pan. When it comes to boil, switch off the heat, add rice flour and close the lid. Leave it for about 5mins. Then open the lid and mix with a spoon to remove any lumps. Close and leave for another 5mins.

When it is cooled enough to touch, mix it well with hands. Add coconut oil (just to give extra flavor, it can be ignored) and mix well. Make small balls out of it, if needed sprinkle little more water.

In a separate bowl, mix coconut with sugar and cardamom powder.

Grease an idli stand with little oil. Take the balls in a shevayi dante(idiyappam press) or chakli press which is greased with oil. Press the noodles on the idli plates. Traditionally, it is pressed on banana leaves and then the leaves are kept on the idli plates, I didn’t have the leaves, so I directly pressed them on the plates.

Now, top each of them with about half table spoon coconut mixture.

Steam it in a steamer or in a cooker(without weight) like idlis for about 12-15mins. Serve when they are still hot.

Serves : 2-3
Preparation time : 40mins

PS: For a better taste, instead of ready made rice flour, make it with homemade version. Wash rice and spread it on a towel till it is dry. Grind to a smooth powder. Roast this powder till a nice aroma comes out. Store in an air tight container. Ready made “Idiyappam flour” can be used for more taste. I used normal rice flour available in market.
I made them slightly thicker as I was running out of time. They taste great when made very thin.

26 thoughts on “Instant sweet noodles (Didhir Sihi Shyavige)”

  1. Wow, something so so simple. Can you believe i have the homemade flour and the banana leaves too. Was planning to make Mumbri, last weekend but did not. Why made the flour at home, coz my blender stopped working, previously soaked for idli, dried the rice on a cheese cloth and made to a powder after 2 days on getting the new food processor. Will surely try this for tomm morning breakfast. Thanks Shilpa for posting this at right time.

  2. Dear Shilpa, Wow I never knew making shevayi at home was so easy, now I have to try it. I remember my Mamama making it with a humongous shevayi danti. I love slurping the sweet ras. Thanks for another simple recipe, you bring back all my childhood memories.

  3. Nice to know you made it with chakkali press :). We typically make this sevai with the sevai maker. Lovely recipe, never made the sweet version of this. Looks very apetizing

  4. much simpler than the way we prepare at home. thanks shilpa for posting this recipe. i guess viji of vcuisine also has similar recipe blogged.

  5. hiii shilpa
    thnak u very much… u gave an idea today to prepare this dish.. i had almost forgot as i’m from mangalore… in tulu v call this dish as “seme da adde”….
    i love it… now i will make it tomorow…

    thank u very much

  6. Wow.. Shilpa.. Love shevige.. thank you for the easy method to make it.. My mom used to make it back in India.. I miss it here a lot 🙁 !!
    Thank you dear.. Love it !!

  7. Shilpa, you have simplified the shevai process so much. Making shevai the traditional way involves so much time and effort. This method will remove all the unnecessary people from the kitchen who are there in the context of shevai ‘pilche’.
    I also did not know that you put coconut mixture on the shevai while steaming. We usually have it as a side dish for shevai.

  8. Hi Shilpa i was just searching for shirvolli recipie thats what we call in konkani since i had just bought a seviyam press. In goa we mix the coconut with jaggery or it is served with a suce prepared from coconut milk and jaggery.yummy….

  9. Hi,
    Shilpa, very simple & tasty receipe.Now a days raw mangoes are available in Mumbai. so if you can suggest any raw mangoes receipes.
    o.k.bye shilpa.

  10. Hi Shilpa,
    we make idiyappam on a regular basis at home,we make a different version in that we add powdered jaggery to grated coconut and mix well.Add cardamam powder,and it can be added as topping or as side dish.Same way ,while making kerala puttu,instead of using grated coconut in btw,this mix can be used.It is yummy.I am kerala based Konkani so we tend to mix both cuisines:-)

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