Garlic bread

I always loved the garlic bread sticks served with pizzas in Domino’s pizza, Bangalore. Though many people did not like Domino’s, I loved them back in B’lore. I am yet to try them here in US. I never knew how they prepared the garlic bread sticks, which were soft, crunchy and had amazing taste.

Then, while watching a recipe show on TV, I saw this dish. It was a program on ‘Udaya news’, a Kannada channel, were people from all over Karnataka used to come and show their favorite recipes. I noted down the recipe but never thought it would turn out great. When we came to US, I didn’t know were to find the same bread. I was missing it badly. So one day I tried this recipe and I simply loved the taste. Usually when I buy ‘pav‘ for making pav bhaji, half the packet of pav still remains. I always make garlic bread with them and it is a favorite evening snack at my home these days :D.

4 pav or buns
1-2 tbl spn salted butter
1 tea spn chopped garlic
1/2 tea spn oregano

Slit the pav or bun into two.
Melt the butter. Apply butter (keep aside around 2 tea spns of butter) on all sides of buns.
Now mix garlic and remaining butter. Apply this on the pav (only on one side, preferably inside part of the pav/bun). Spread some oregano.
Preheat oven to 300 F for 5min. Line up a oven proof dish with parchment paper. Keep the pav/bun with the garlic side facing up in the dish and bake it for around 15mins at 300F.The aroma of garlic and oregano fills the entire house within minutes :).
Serve it with any dip. I like to eat them without any dips.

Serves : 2-3
Preparation time : 20mins

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  1. Shilpa, i still remember the taste of garlic bread.I use to have them from pizza hut and like you even i love to have them without any gonna try this one..And ya the show that your talking of in udaya tv, i remeber it used to be aired around 12:30 pm isint? even i was a fan of this program..but now no chance to view them here..good one shilpa..thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe.

  2. Shilpa …..I love garlic bread. I didnt know you need to bake the same. We get six pavs here in a packet. So if pav bhaji is made we require two packets, but still some remain. I can definately try this over the weekend. Thanks a ton.

  3. hi,

    i luv garlic bread very much….
    i have an microwave but no oven…
    can u tell me plz if i can make garlic bread on pan….

    thanks a lot

  4. Swati, yes you can use the same method and fry the bread on tava. With oven usually the bread absobs the butter, but the tava version is also very tasty.

  5. Antonio, I haven’t tried to make it anytime in microwave. But I guess you can follow the same instructions given above for it.(use microwave instead of oven)

  6. Hi Shilpa,

    Your garlic bread recipe is simply delicious,another suggestion is to use French Baguette and one can also substitute margarine instead of butter for the calorie-conscious,hehe..

  7. Hi shilpa, this is a good idea, …could you tell me if we can make this using whole wheat bread as well? coz iam having a lot of them in stock here..

  8. Roopa, I am not sure if this would taste good with wheat bread, because I have never tried it. May be you can try with one piece. I have many bread recipes under “Breakfast or snacks”, please try any other dish. Bread dosa, vada, upma, bajji etc taste amazing.

  9. Yummy Shilpa, i can almost smell the aroma here. Garlic bread is best left alone all by itself and with no accompaniements. Can u suggest an Indian herb instead of oregano? Please tell us how to make a cheesy dip to go with it? The dip is for the others and not me.

  10. Hi Shilpa
    this receipe sounds really good. My daughter who is 3 loves garlic bread very much. I will surely try this
    I am also a saraswat. I would like to know the place name which photo is put up on the home page. My mother is from kumta and there fore i know certain carwari dishes.

  11. Shubhada, you can make garlic bread without oregano also. Just use butter and garlic. I don’t think there is any other good substitute. I will search for the dip recipe.

    Majiri, I am from Kodkani, a small village in Kumta. I don’t know which picture you are talking about as I don’t have any pictures on homepage, all pictures are of food. But I have 3-4 pictures of Kodkani in different places on this site.

  12. Hey Shilpa! Aayi’s recipes are jut great… love the way you present them.
    I am totaly new to cooking and i find it vey helpful with pics.

    Had a question on Garlic bread… i have some garlic powder do you think i can use powder instead of fresh garlic?

  13. Thanks Sunanya for your kind words. Yes, you can use garlic powder. It will be easier to spread it on the bread compared to fresh garlic.
    All the best for your cooking adventures :).

  14. Hi Shilpa,
    I tried this today…but it got very crispy 🙁 I kept it for 15 mins but it was not done so I increased the temperature, guess it got over done 🙁

  15. Geetha, these are supposed to be crispy. It is enough to keep them in oven for 15mins, if you keep them more, they get very crispy. Since all the purpose of baking them is to make them crispy and fluffy, 15mins is just enough.

  16. Hi…i too love the garlic bread at Domino’s,Bangalore….i liked ur recipe and will surely try it out…hope it comes out fine…can ajwain be substituted for oregano….?

    Shilpa: Namita, Oregano and ajwain taste completely different. So I don’t think it is a good idea to use ajwain. If you don’t get oregano, do not add anything ese, just make it with butter and garlic, it still tastes good.

  17. Hi,

    I made garlic bread using micorwave. it became soggy and i had to throw it. is oregano avl in shops?

    Shilpa: I am not sure if these breads can be made in microwave. I have mentioned “oven” in the recipe. Oregano is usually available in any supermarkets.

  18. hi
    This is very simple. I have tried it. I and my husband liked it very much.
    thanks for such good recipe.
    I have tried it with karalachi chuttney.

  19. Hi Shilpa,

    This is a wonderful blog.Really appreciate your efforts.Have not tried any of your recipes yet but have made a note of quite a few of them and plan to make them soon.

    Now back to garlic breads, can these be made without an oven/mocrowave?
    I jus love garlic breads 🙂

    Once again good work!!

    Shilpa: You can fry them on tava too. They won’t be as good as oven version but taste will be same.

  20. Hi
    This is awesome …i have never thought that garlic bread could be so easy to make at home . My hubby loves it and we usually end up buying the readymade frozen ones form stores .This is a good one to make at home.Iam gonna try this ….

  21. Shilpa, Thanks for this wonderful recipe. I have tried this recipe of yours many times and each time I make, it gets better :). Last week I thought of trying something new and used fresh green garlic. The Garlic bread tasted amazing…along with the Vegetable pizza which agin I made from your recipe.

    Thanks again!!!

  22. Dear Shilpa,
    I had gone to dominoes last week,as my son wanted to eat a pizza.He took a margerita pizza topped with onions.I smelt the garlic bread and ordered one box of garlic bread sticks and had it(though he did not give any dip along with it.It was heavenly and thanks to you I am able to make it at home.Thank you shilpa

  23. Hi Shilpa,

    I tried it yesterday. It tasted superb. Just added some cheese spread in the end. My husband liked it so much that he refused to share the last toast with me 🙂

  24. Hi Shilpa,
    If you can get garlic bread powder, that is much better option for this recipe. But it may not be available in all stores then we can go for garlic. Nice work.

  25. If you’re in the states you can easily purchase garlic butter. Land O’ Lakes makes one (that’s the type of butter my parents prefer for ghee), that tastes wonderful on garlic bread. Please stay away from the margarine, if you’re going to indulge in butter stick with the real stuff. Lab-made fats are just bad news all around.

    If you can’t find the prepared garlic butter, just chop up garlic, add some dried oregano and mix into softened salted butter, spread onto bread and bake. If you don’t want it to be so crispy then simply wrap the bread in aluminum foil and bake, the butter will melt into the bread, but it will still be soft.

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