Finger Millet (Ragi) – Vegetable Dosa

ragi vegetable dosa
When I was working in Bangalore, the company provided evening snacks to all employees. A different snack is served each day of the week. A ragi-vegetable dosa was one of them. I absolutely loved these dosas unlike all my friends. I have been trying to recreate it ever since. I think with this recipe, I came pretty close.

1/2 cup urad dal
1 cup rice (I used 1/2 cup brown rice + 1/2 cup boiled rice)
1/2 cup finger millet(ragi flour)
1 cup(approx) vegetables (finely chopped/grated carrot, onion and cucumber)

Soak urad dal and rice for about 4-5hrs. Grind to a smooth batter. Mix salt and ragi flour. The consistency of batter should be like normal dosa batter. Keep overnight for fermentation.
Next day, mix in vegetables. Make thin dosas. Serve hot.

Serves : 4-5
Preparation time : 30mins

PS: Boiled rice and brown rice both make the dosas very soft. So for more crispier dosas, use normal white rice.

34 thoughts on “Finger Millet (Ragi) – Vegetable Dosa”

  1. Hi Shilpa,
    I just found this website while searching for receipes. This website has really helped me a lot. Everyday I keep on trying some or other receipes and everyone in home loves the dishes.
    Shilpa I wanted to try some cakes, but in your receipe it says like bake in 250 degree for 30 minutes. I have a microwave oven with conviention, so please guide me how to bake the cake in the microwave oven.

    With Love

  2. I always made ragi dosa with ragi flour and urad dal and never tried adding rice. Your version looks nicer. I will definitely try this. Thanks

  3. Now that’s a fantastic workplace- where tiffin is served every evening!!

    The dosa looks fantastic, I love ragi because it is so filling, I feel satisfied for hours after eating ragi.

    1. Kalpana, as I have already mentioned in the recipe, you can grate or finely chop vegetables. Vegetables used – carrot, onion & cucumber

  4. Dear Shilpaji,
    This dosa recipe is great. Anyone tell me what is call in Gujarati for Ragi flour.
    Would you give recipe for Instant Dosa making.

  5. Hi Shilpa,

    Do you think we can make just ragi dosa ..with veggies. to avoid the grinding part?Can soaking in buttermilk help quick fermentation? A friend does it this way but I havent made this yet.

  6. renuka pradhan

    if u want to make softer bhakris add some wheat flour, they become easy to roll with a rolling pin.we call it chakri.

  7. hi shilpa,
    what is brown rice? is it “pejji tandul/ukdo tandul” what we konkanis eat in between lunch with happal and lonche? pls answer.
    how long to cook it in the cooker to get good texture?

    1. No, it is different. Available under the name brown rice itself, may be you can try in some supermarket (not sure if it is available at your place)

  8. ok. but brown rice looks similar to ukdo tandul. then what is it called for ukdo (pejji tandul) tandul? i want to purchase it here in my place. what is the name for it and how to identify it. pls help.

    1. I don’t think they both look similar. Brown rice is brown in color and ukdo tandul is reddish. Here it is available under the name Kerala red rice or rosematta rice or Kerala matta rice (you can read more at wiki). In Kannada it is called Kuchchalakki or Kuchchige akki.

  9. thank you shilpa. so brown rice is called rosematta/matta rice?
    and one more query which is more nutritious among brown rice and ukdo tandul?

  10. oh! after reading at wiki, i got to know that our ukdo tandul is called rosematta rice right? and
    it is totally different from brown rice.
    we have started the liking for “brown rice”.
    i will have to try for the second variety that is “rose matta rice”.
    shilpa, which is more nutritious among these two rices “rosematta rice (ukdo tandul)” and “brown rice”?

  11. Instat ragi dosas can be made like this. This is almost my everyday breakfast.
    Mix ragi floor,rava(optional),jeera, coriander leaves, green chilli paste ginger paste,salt to taste and water and bring it to neeru dosa consistensy.
    Smear oil on tava and pour the above mixture,allow to get crisp and no need to turn.

  12. Hi Shilpa,

    Can i use the whole ragi instead of the ragi flour. When i was small, i had some konkani neighbours (mangalore) and my mom learnt some konkani recipes from her and we used to like it. So when i saw the word aayi i came back to your website. Good recipes. Thank you and when i am doing any dosas they dont become crispy but it becomes soft. Can you suggest something for it.

    1. Yes, you can soak ragi and grind it. May be the rice ratio you are using is less. Also, make the dosas thin – little oil on top also helps in getting them crisp.

  13. Hi Shilpa,

    Your recipes are all so innovative, quick and interesting. The pictures look yummy too. I have been wanting to make experimental dosas but I have one lingering question. How do you decide if you should leave the batter to ferment? Because for some recipes we ferment it and for some we don’t. So, I am not sure when to leave any experimental dosa batter to ferment. I have noticed that when the recipe calls for more than 1/2 cup of urad dal, we will leave it to ferment. If we add less than 1/2 cup urad dal, we dont need to ferment it and can use it right away. Is this correct? Your insight is greatly appreciated.

    Shilpa Reddy

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