Dill Leaves Idli (Shepi Idli)

shepi idli
There are many recipes that are passed on from one generation to another generation. However there are few out of them, which are not liked by this generation… at least at my house. None of my immediate relatives like smell of Shepi(Dill leaves) and hence this one is hardly prepared and would have lost from our contemporary radar but for my wife. Now this one is prepared by my wife for breakfast and she brings this recipe in, from her mother. I do like this dish but not my parents or any other immediate relatives. I have heard from Aayi that some of our relatives who are contemporaries of my grandfather still prepare this. But at my ancestral house, as no one liked, it was never prepared. This may also because Shepi(dill) leaves are not easily or regularly available in coastal area. We do prepare this now at Bangalore, when we don’t have guests. So over a period of time, a breakfast dish has become sort of ‘temporary’ instead of staying contemporary!!! This will have strong smell(and for me it is fragrance!!) and I wonder why Dill leaves have not won many Dil(hearts)s !!!

2 cups dill leaves
1 cup rava
4 tbl spn jaggery
1 cup thin poha(flattened rice)
1 cup fresh/frozen grated coconut
Salt to taste
shepi idli1

Soak poha in water for couple of minutes. Do not leave it in water as it becomes soggy. shepi idli2 shepi idli3
Mix all ingredients except rava. Grind them to make smooth paste.
Mix rava and ensure that no lumps are formed.
shepi idli4 shepi idli5
Pour in to idli molds and steam for 20 minutes(or microwave for 5 minutes).
Serve with chutney or chutney powder.

Serves : 2
Preparation time : 30mins

20 thoughts on “Dill Leaves Idli (Shepi Idli)”

  1. Hi Naveen,
    Thanks for sharing this recipe.
    I agree dill is not popular with most of our population.I really like it but have noone to share with.My husband would not touch anything made with dill.Lol!I might try these idlis on my own.I use dill for fish biryani where I fry them so that smell is tolerated by him.One of my friends used it in pakodas and it tasted yummy.Most of her guests didnt like it though:(

  2. Just needed 2 clarifications… Do you grind raw dill leaves into the batter or blanch them and then grind? The rawa is your ordinary wheat semolina or idli rawa? The colour looks really tempting 🙂

  3. Turned out so yummy. Thanks Shilpa!
    I replaced jaggery with green chilli 😉 and i tagged Aayi’s recipes on my FB post

  4. Hi
    I like this idli a lot. Its very tasty when hot. U can also prepare pulao
    out of this Dill leaves.Both are my grandma’s fav dishes.

  5. Hi Shilpa, I visit your site regularly and I must say that you have done a great job with it. I am a konani too and its such fun to be able to access these recipes with a few clicks! This recipe I have never heard about so am going to try it out asap. And yes the smell of dill is too strong but it is a very healthy greens. I use it with toor dal or make thalipeet with it which is acceptable to hubby and kido.
    well keep up the good job and keep posting these rare recipes.

    1. hi
      just came across your sheppi idli recipe . this is one favourite item liked by all at our home, especially my elder daughter. this is a very healthy breakfast item. I would like to mention my version here. I roast the rava lightly and add 2-3 tsp ghee to the mixed ingredients before pouring it into the idli moulds. also since my husband is diabetic and is required to avoid sweets , in the same above mentioned ingredients ,in place of more jaggery I put just about 2tsp jaggery, 2-3 green chillies and a small piece of ginger before grinding. this taste is also liked by all at home. these “Green idlis” have been a hit with my daughter’s friends and colleagues too!

  6. I made them this morning. I came across your blog looking for recipes of sabudana khichdi and instead stumbled upon this recipe. Since I had all the ingredients, gave it a go. Will try the savoury version next time.. Perhaps cut into pieces, add tadka and make it a starter.. Who knows.. Lot of potential with Dill..

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