Daal vada (Chattambade)

Unlike Bangalore, Belgaum we don’t find any chats at Kumta. So what is the first thing that comes to mind when we think of an evening snack in Kumta?? We can find many small shops(goodangadi) or carts with samosas, Jalebis, Batata vadas and other mouth watering dishes. One dish which can be found in such shops and loved by all is “chattambade”. I guess the name has come from “chappat”(flat) “ambade”(vada), not sure though.

I got a mail from Madhura yesterday, saying “From many days i wanted to post you some recipes. This is one of the recipes, you can try and may be post it on your site if you like to. This is the recipe for Daal Vada. This is a starter or you can have it any time as a evening snack.” and there was the detailed recipe :). I felt I have found a big treasure :). I thank Madhura for sending me this delicious recipe.

Please note : Curry leaves and black pepper give a unique taste to this dish. So in any case, do not miss these two. I am saying this because I was not having curry leaves stock so I prepared chattambade without them and the taste was very much different from the traditional ones.

The chattambade that we get at Kumta are much bigger than the picture shown here. Eat one and you will be full :).

These are also called Masala vada, Parippu/paruppu vada etc (all these names I picked up from the comments to this post 🙂 ).

Instead of boring you more, I will go ahead with the recipe :D.

Chana Dal 1 Cup
Green Chillies 4
Dry red chillies 2
Black pepper seeds 4
Grated coconut 1 tbl spns
Curry leaves 2 sticks
Hing(Asafoetida) water(a pinch of hing soaked in a Tbsp of water)
Oil to fry

Soak chana dal for 2 hrs, remove from the water and keep it aside for sometime.Chop green chillies and curry leaves keep it aside. Grind chana dal, dry red chillies without adding water, to a coarse paste(it should be dry. Do not grind the chana dal to make it a smooth paste, if there is whole daal in it, its fine. It will taste good when you fry it.) add salt and black pepper to the same.
Remove the ground masala from mixer/blender and mix it with green chillies, curry leaves and hing water and grated coconut. Make small balls press with your palm to make it flat.
Keep oil to heat and deep fry on a low flame.
Serve hot with coconut chutney or corriander chutney.

Serves : 4 (Makes around 8 vadas)

Preparation time : 15min

25 thoughts on “Daal vada (Chattambade)”

  1. hi shilpa, we call this parupu vada. and besides all the ingrediants u have specified we add onions in addition. And as u said, adding curry leaves and pepper powder makes the vada heavenly..And what a co-incident i made the same vada today by adding banana flower and we call them as vazla pu vada.They too taste very good.I will be posting that vada, tom..

  2. Hi Shilpa…. My mom adds, small coconut peices. I havent tried them off late. We had been to our neighbours place for dinner exactly two weeks back. She had added onions to it. It tasted much better and crispy with onions. Thanks for the post.

  3. This dish will taste good if we put in some methi leaves also.

    Another option is to put in some sabsige soppu(kannada)(I dont know what its called in English or hindi)


    Hi shilpa,

    Ur reciepes are goody goody!!!

    I can add that channa dal in this receipe can be substituted with green moong dal also…

    It tastes good..

    Thanks again for such great receipes and
    wld also like to learn more about punjabi and chinese receipes from ur side.

    Bijal Sanghavi
    Rhode Island

  5. Oh shilpa,
    This chattambade made me to remind my high school days,my mother works in Kumta and I used to ask her to get these vadas from kumta every now and then(bcz i think there we get yummy and best chattambade) ,by chance if she forgot i used to feel very bad..This weekend i decided my snack 🙂
    Thanks for this..

  6. Hey,the photo looks awesome,reminds me of daal vada i had in mumbai on the streets.Moth is already watering,will start preparing for it now.Thank you so much.

  7. HI
    I Just love this. i remember eating it very hot hot in udupi. but coming here in chicago i never thought i would get to eat it again. i tried this one and came out to be tasty.. but i could nt make it flat.so i made it round like golibaje..i try most of ur recipe and everytime it turns out to be yummy.

    i dont know what went wrong, does the chana dal need to be grounded to more smoother paste. but still the taste was like of those i ate in my home town.
    Thanks a lot

    Shilpa: I have no idea. Sorry.

  8. i would suggest to add chopped ginger & garlic along with green chillies & curry leaves and also to add corsly ground coriander seeds for extra aroma & taste.

    Would appreciate if you could reply me on the above mail if you like my comments

    Thanks & best regards,

    Tanu Attavar

  9. Hi SHilpa,
    We have guest coming today so was thinking what to make for dinner so suddenly i thought of Aayis recipe and try to find Chattanbade.When this window popped up i was so happy to see the word KUmta.
    ITs my grandma’s place and whenever we get time we used to go out and have this chat.ya ur right the fun having it there and one of the kumtas speciality is really different.
    Thanks for this recipe and also mentioning our lovely place kumta.

  10. Hi Shilpa,

    I must say.. “Simply Awesome..!!” Mind Blowing.. I followed ur recipe becos as soon I saw it on your blog, I wanted to make it.. I came home, soaked the chana daal.. but had no patience to wait for 2 hrs.. which would mean that I had to cook it after 9 pm.. so after waiting very very impatiently for an hour and 15 minutes, I put the chana daal in the grinder.. Since u told no water, I did not add any water.. the batter came very dry and the consistency as just as u had mentioned.. as soon as I added defrosted grated coconut to it, it became a little wet and i was unable to mould it in to the patties shape.. the batter was falling apart due to excess water.. i figured i’ll add 2 tspn besan to the batter.. and Lo behold, I had perfect chattembade.. I feel proud that I could enjoy this delicious snack today, after so many eons.. just because of your hard work and efforts in creating this wonderful blog.. your Aayi must be really proud!!

  11. I Would like to second the opinion on Sabbasige soppu , also a bit of mint leaves will make it double yummy 🙂 in addition to all the above mentioned ingredients,this is Bangalore style, but one has to make sure that sabbasige and mint is not used in excess, since all these soppu’s are big on water content, your vada’s will end up absorbing more oil than desired. If you happen to be in the US, you can easily procure this sabbasige soppu from H-Mart, will post pic on request.

    Divya Kamath

  12. hi shilpa,
    i went thro’ this recipe.the very idea of adding pepper sounds interesting.i would like to share my mom’s recipe.along with chana dal i add littleurad dal,grind into paste ,put chopped onions,coriander leaves,coconut slices,ginger.tastes good.but i will try this recipe since my husband loves pepper and will let u know soon.

    sudha borkar

  13. I live in philipines now and this blog has almost become a life safer to my otherwise very very basic culinary skills.

    The recipes are so simple that sometimes I have fun by simply reading them and wondering that oh this can be made easily. Thanks again

  14. Hi Shilpa,

    I always thought chettambabado was very difficult to cook.
    Saw the recipe here and it dint sound so difficult

    tried it today and it was just awesome
    Cant thank you enough for this:)

  15. Hi Shilpa,

    We have guest coming today so was thinking what to make for dinner so suddenly i thought of Aayis recipe and try to find Chattanbade.When this window popped up i was so happy to see the simpal method to making chattanbade.my husband is so happy for this.thanks shilpa.

  16. Hi Shilpa,
    I tried this and came out really good and were delicious.We enjoyed the taste with a cup of tea.The taste took me to the memory of my childhood days in Mangalore where i used to wait when my mother will go and bring this from nearby hotel.we used to eat rarely from the hotel those days.thank you very much Shilpa.

  17. Hi Shilpa,

    Its soo glad to go through all the recipes of konkan style you post. Im also from Kumta and now your evry post reminds me of childhood.
    A huge thanks to you, coz i never learnt cookin when i was with my mum and 2day when I miss her food, ur blog helps me..
    Thankyou very much.

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