Cucumber Roti (Taushe/Magge Bhakri)

These days I am digging my memory to find some nice Konkani dishes. Sometimes I leave some dishes thinking they are very simple to do and people might laugh at me if I blog about them. Then there are some of my bachelor friends, who ask me for those recipes and I realise, I have to post them :).

Few days back, I blogged about Taushe Bhakri. Though its a very simple one, it requires some patience to do. It takes a long time to cook (But it is worth a try). But then sometimes during week days, people absolutely dont have time and patience for a long cooking procedure. This is the ideal breakfast at such situations (I usually do it when I want to finish off the cucumber sitting in my refrigerator!!!).

Cucumber pieces 1 cup
Rice flour 1 and 1/2 cups
Coconut 3/4th cup

Grind together cucumber and coconut, without adding water, to a smooth paste. Mix the paste with rice flour and salt(If needed add very little water).
Heat tava and apply ghee. When it is hot, take a handful of dough and spread on the tava (Do not make it very thin). Cook from both sides, adding ghee/oil if necessary.
Serve hot (It tastes great when it is hot, it looses the crispiness when cooled).

Serves : 2
Preparation time : 15min

14 thoughts on “Cucumber Roti (Taushe/Magge Bhakri)”

  1. Have you blogged about mugha bhaji, that really garlicky cold ambat with the chopped green onions, tisra wade, fried aloo (I’m talking about that big green leafy stuff that’s kinda itchy like green aloo and kala aloo), green tomato bhaji, avial that ganpati bhaji which is corn and ghosale.

    Of course, you could always blog about karela, lol.

    I found the recipe for my favourite cauliflower and carrot lonchi (the fresh one)! Thanks for posting that.

  2. Oops, thats a real tough list :(. muga bhaji(we call it muga randayi)is there in “side dish” section. I think you are talking about kande tamboli(but we dont put garlic to it, so i am confused).Fried aloo and green tomato bhaji which I am not very sure :(. Other things I am sure I can blog soon :). Well…I will dig and find out what those dishes are :).Thanks MM.

  3. Btw, I think my parents call fried aloo “alwachi paan.” They are big green leafs that grow out of the ground. There’s a “kala” version that’s a bit less itchy.

    The green tomato bhaji might be a Marathi thing…it’s basically a simmered curry bhaji with green tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant.

    There’s avial bhaji but I think that’s Malayalee.

    My parents also make some horrific bhaji with tiny chanas and pineapple. I HATE this bhaji. It’s usually accompanied by that thing they call “Paz” (you know the rice with lots of water in it?). Classic sick food for us is paz, that chana-pineapple bhaji and dried ambli lonchi.

  4. MM, You are correct. I might write a book after some 20 years. But I definitely cannot write it now :). Bcos I feel I have a long way to go (especially after starting this blog, I feel I know only 5% Konkani cooking).There are so many to learn.
    We make something called as “Pathrode” using those “alwa panna”. but it does not have “potato” in it :(.We even make a side dish(randayi) with those leaves and channa which is offered to god during “ShriKrishna Janmashtami”.
    I make “paz”(Pej) when I dont feel like cooking anything or when I get sick :).

  5. good stuff,i’m in tokyo find bit difficult to get fresh soyi,anyway this turned really gud with cucumbers i get here and dry cococut threads.thankyou!!

  6. Menu Today, I used the green cucumber for this roti. I haven’t tried yellow cucumber yet.
    Mamta, I too use the dessicated coconut for this dish. Infact I use it for all the dishes, bcos we dont buy fresh coconut here.(In India, I always used fresh coconut).I dont see much difference in taste,but there are very few dishes where soyi is used (without grinding) and you can clearly make out the difference :(.

  7. Reshma Shanbhag

    I made this today, and have tried it out many times in fast. we love this bhakri. More importantly it hardly takes any time to make it and tastes so YUMMY.

    THANK YOU SHILPA, you interest in sharing recipes keeps our tummy happy :).

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