Coconut dosa (Soyi polo/Pan polo/Neer dose)

This is a very common breakfast in North Canara. The combination differs. Some people eat this dosa with normal coconut chutney or jaggery(molasses) or chutney powder. But I like this dosa with garlic chutney the way my mother does it.

This is called Neer dosa in Kannada and served with fish/chicken curry in Mangaloren restaurants. Traditionally these dosas are prepared on cast iron tavas which are well oiled. My aayi applies oil to the tava, keeps it overnight and makes dosas on it the next morning. This helps in avoiding dosas sticking to the tava.

1 cup rice (use dosa rice if available, otherwise use any normal uncooked rice)
3/4th cup coconut (tender coconut works the best)

Soak rice overnight. Grind with salt and coconut. Make the batter very thin. Prepare dosas. These dosas have to be cooked from only one side. (Since coconut is used, there is a chance of dosas getting sticked to tava).

Serves : 4
Preparation time: 10 min

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  1. hey shilpa i wanna know whether 2 grind d rie in orning or in d night also rply whether 2 keep d dosa batter 2 ferent should we spread a thin layer of dosa or thik as whenewer we prepare it; it gets rispy & hard instead of soft & fluffy kindly gie a tip 2 get it soft

  2. Anu, if you use very tender coconut, the dosas become very soft. The rice should be ground in the morning as fermentation is not required for this dish. Make the batter very watery, then spread a thin dosa. It should be cooked from only one side. Increase the amount of coconut if you still do not get soft dosas.

    1. Hi Shilpa,

      i would like to share a hint to make crispy, pearly neer dosa with all. If you add a handful of sabudana (sabakki) to rice while grinding, you can make tasty, pearly dosa.

  3. Which grinder/blender do you use to get a fine batter/masala? I find that my masalas/batter are not as smooth as we have back home.

  4. Sonam, I use “Hamilton beach blender” for grinding, keep it on ‘high’ speed and “frapee/mix” option for all grinding. But I agree with you, these blenders are not made for our kind of batters/masalas. Chutneys come out pathetic as they are made in very small quantities. So if you are in US for a long time, purchase an Indian mixer which will solve all the problems.

  5. Hi Shilpa ….Neer dosa prepared in restaurants does not have coconut in it. I have tasted in two places in Mumbai. They are the best restaurants for non veg food and they serve neer dosa with ghassi (fish or prawn) My mom told me that our neighbour who is a kannada from Bangalore never used coconut. When i used to take pan polo in my lunch, my collegues in office said it was much better than restaurants. Guess that was because of use of coconut. The batter is more like sevayi which can be done with or without coconut. Thanks.

  6. Hey shilpa..dosa looks good. was wondering if you use the dry coccunut powder or freshly grated once? I use coconut milk instead of the dry coconut powder which we get here. Comes out well.

  7. My husband used to work in Goa and used to prepare this using the Coconut Feni and it sued to turn out amazing, although I luv my mom’s original version with the garlic chutney…all this has made me hungry now !!!

  8. Neer Dosa alias panpolo is one of my favourities.
    If you dont add coconuts, no hassles… its as tasty ‘cos this is a very simple dish… 4-5 hours of soaking rice is best enough if there is a time crunch…please try with chicken adajania… i will post u the recipe soon if anybody interested…bilqul shettystyle/
    I am an amatuer cook with no profeesional learning

  9. Vinod, I will be happy to get the recipe of Kori Ajadina. Please send it to my mail id ( aayisrecipes AT I will try it myself and then post here.

  10. I make neeru dose without coconut. It turns out very soft. The technique is not spreading the dough like regular dose. As Shilpa said the batter is so watery that when you can throw water over tawa. This dosa makes a mess in your kitchen because it splutters. To avoid that add 1/4 tsp of methi seeds. Non stick tawa makes the dosa little rubbery. Key is to add liberal amount of oil to iron griddle and throw the batter over it. This dose also tastes very good with mango/banana rasayana.

  11. have tried making dosa on the non stick pan but does not come out fine and crispy,please tell me the right way of preparing crispy dosa and how the right heating of non stick works

  12. Hubert, this dosa is not supposed to be crispy. It is supposed to be best when these come out very soft. If you want to make them crispy, you need to reduce the amount of coconut and fry it for a bit longer time.

  13. hi,
    i would wish to try this recipe.but can you tell me what rice to be used ?whether is it raw rice or parboiled rice.thankyou.

  14. Rathi use normal rice (like sona masoori) or rice called as “dosa rice” which is little thicker than normal rice. Do not use parboiled rice.

  15. hi shilpa ,
    good day.tried it today with white rice {raw rice} .came out hubby liked it.thankyou.what is sona masoori rice.can you suggest any other side dish for this dosa other than garlic chuthey. pls give me a veg side dish or chutney.thankyou.

  16. Namaste Shilpa,

    I live in US. I want to know if regular brown, white, or brown basmati rice may be used. Will any of these types of rice produce a nice dosa? Also, I don’t know what masoori rice, sona masoori is; can anyone explain this to me?

  17. Anasooya, I think white rice(normal or basmati) can be used for this. I have not used brown rice anytime. Sona Masoori is a kind of white rice (very popular in Karnataka/Andhra). It is available in almost all Indian stores here in US. We usually make rice with this rice.

  18. hey shilpa this is kris,
    neer dosa is one of ma favourites as i ate it once at ma frnds house…can u pls elaborate on how to make this dosa…m a student and no big cook…ma hostel mates are pesterin me to make it…kindly help me

  19. I think this is also called PaanPole (may be Shilpa you can correct it!) and Jeevo Narloo, if availble, is used for added flavor.

  20. Vastev, yes, I have given the name pan polo in heading of the post. I forgot about the jeevo narlu, will change it when I update the post. Thanks.

  21. Hi Shilpa,
    Just wanted to suggest a thing about panpole. we are from mangalore and my mother makes panpole with a slight variation. Instead of coconut, she uses the water of the tender or normal coconut while grinding. The dosa becomes very soft and is also very tasty. U can try this out sometime.

  22. Hi Shilpa,

    tried neer dosa this morning. the taste was excellent but it didn’t turn out very thin. I was not sure how much watery the batter shld be. how you pour dosa??? do you pour it from a certain height or pour on the tava and rotate the tava to run the batter into dosa??? also, it didn’t look porous like the pic that you’ve posted. I want to do this again cause we just loved the taste. I followed the measurement to the exact possible. even made both garlic and hing chutney – both tasted good.
    Pls do reply.

    Shilpa: Lakshmi, usually the batter is made very thin almost watery. Then either throw one big spoon at a time on hot tava or lift the tava and tilt it to spread the batter. Its a personal choice how you feel comfortable.

  23. Dear Shilpa,

    A regular visiter to ur site. Tried your Date cake, tasted heavan..

    Have a query on this coconut dosa or your banana dosa for that matter – dosa does not comes soft, it appears like a rubber, though the taste comes well. I have seen that without daal dosas are not soft …
    I just pour a karandi full and rotate the tave so that the bater not sure whether they are thin or not.

    Please let me know if i am missing something.

    Shilpa: Priya, these dosas require a considerable amount of coconut. If you add less coconut, they become dry and rubbery.

  24. Hi, Shilpa,

    My surname is probably the biggest give-away as to why I am such a huge fan of your site and the recipes you post on here. With neither my parents or bapamma alive (my dad was konkani, mum – kannadiga) I have had the loveliest time every time going over your site to decide the evening’s menu, or for the recipes I couldn’t ask my mum (who perfected konkani khaan and the language) or bapamma in time.
    but, I HAVE TO say that all the recipes I have tried from here come VERY, VERY close to what my mum/bapamma would make, and they would be very proud of me if they were to taste this food. I wish they were alive so I could tell them about your site.
    Many congratulations, and good luck!
    Very gratefully,

  25. Oh! and PS: I almost forgot to mention that my husband (who is farthest from konkani) LOVES the food, and thinks i have suddenly become the greatest cook! (it definitely helps to keep the fights at bay, so thanks for that too!) 😉

  26. Pratibha Prabhu

    Hey Shilpa

    I tried the Ragi Pan Polo and it turned out great. What a simple and tasty recipe. Just yum and healthy too.

  27. Hi Shilpa i hv tried neeru dosa. i use coconut while grinding rice. And i spread the thin batter on the hot tava by tilting the tava round n round. but the dosa cracks. i want to know why and what should i do to make the dosa soft as in restaurants.

    Shilpa: Try using more coconut. Tender coconut gives best results.

  28. Hey,
    I love your website, this is the 2nd time i am referring to it. Neer Dosa is my favorite except that traditional mangaloreans dont use to much oil while frying it. What is the secret behind preventing these from sticking to the pan without using oil?


    Shilpa: Pearl, neer dosa always requires some oil. If you don’t use it, it will stick.

  29. Hello shilpa,How are you?
    I love neeru dosa,which my mother used to make in Mangalore. Now i am alone in Toronto, and after seeing your recipe here, I wanted to try it out myself. But ,there is no grinder with me. please tell be if I use rice flour ,and coconut powder, will I get the same result?Your service to public is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    Shilpa: Sebastian, unfortunately, rice flour gives a very different taste to this. So you have to grind rice somehow to get best result.

  30. Hi Shilpa, First time visited ur site. Great to read mangi words n receipe. I used to make pan pole on non stick pan in mumbai but used to crack. My m.i.l. a perfect mangi cook told me to put some par boiled rice with raw rice. She did not use coconut. I tried with little boiled rice n made it on iron pan(bid griddle) today. It was ok but sticking to the griddle n difficult to fold. Can u pls tell me what’s wrong?

    Shilpa: As far as I know, boiled rice always makes the dosas stick to pan.

  31. Hi Shilpa,
    I tried neer dosa without boiled rice today. I used iron griddel(bid tava). I put oil with onion as we do for other dosas. It still sticks, I hv lost patience now. I tried it several times, still the batter sticks to griddle. Also tell me whether we have to cover the griddle and if sticking of dosa is due to quality of rice

    Shilpa: Nutan, change the proportion of rice to coconut if it sticking to the tava. Add more rice and less coconut (you have to do some trial and error to get it right). I don’t cover the griddle while making dosas (I think aayi covers it).

  32. Hey Shilpa,
    Thanks for your quick reply. I hv taken quick action and trying paan pole today. I have just pore batter on griddle now, you will not believe it, it has come out great! Looks just like your dosa. So happpy, Thanks dear, credit also goes to my dear hubby who told me yesterday to try it again and again. God bless you.

  33. Just made these – first time ever making panpole and they turned out sooooo yummy with some coconut chutney. Of course took a few trials and error, before I got the right consistency and shape. But yummy. So important to have just the right thin batter consistency and seasoned griddle – makes a big difference. Wow!! And so easy to make.
    Thank you sooo much Shilpa. This is a keeper.

  34. I wanted to know if the batter can be made as a mixture of par-boiled rice and raw rice or does it have to be one variety of rice only? If mixture can be used can you tell me the correct measurement? Is plain raw rice alone suitable for the batter?

  35. hi shilpa i saw ur recipe but i could not understand can u pls send me a clear neer dosa recipe on my mobile 9036523233 or 9060058458 pls pls pls pls pls pls. actually i am 15 yrs old and i like 2 hog i am pure vegetrain. ok bye

  36. Sheela Bhadsawle

    Hi Shilpa I went through ur recipes n I liked them very much. Kottu podi pdr ingridients I didnt so I googled n got it. Ur neer dosa looks superb with red chuttney only thing I feel with coconut in it, it will stick to the tawa

  37. when i am at crossroad deciding what to cook shilpa yr receipes are handy. I am from kerala brought up in Mumbai married to a Managlorean. So your receipes just fits right into my family. thanks for saving my many many days.

  38. Hi shilpa, came across your recipe through google search. Yummy blog! could you mail me the link for the recipe to the yummy red chutney that is seen served with the panpolo/neer dosa?

  39. Hi Shilpa,

    I tried to make these dosas. they tasted very good, but stick to tawa.
    I used cast iron tawa and most of the dosas stick to it. On nonstick, it was ok but didnt get the bubbly surface.
    Any suggestions?

  40. Hii..
    I need to knw why neer dosa cracks after it has problem while cooking..i usd to cme out after that it crackz why is t so..plz do reply

  41. Hi Shilpa !

    Lovely site you have here, we are ex-pats and my mum refuses to make this so I have to take up the torch XD Thanks for recipe !
    I have one question you mentioned Chutney Powder in North Karnataka. I was in a boarding school in Davengere for 2 years and they would serve a Ground Nut based powder along with Plain Rice, Curd and Salted sun dried green chilli’s. Would you happen to know of this ground nut powder and it’s recipe ?
    Many Thanks if you share !

  42. coreection, this is a south canara origin recipe, not north canara. And Neer dosa is a tulu word, not kannada

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