Bread Upma

This is usually done from a day old bread that remains after making some sandwiches or other bread dishes. In the above picture I haven’t used coriander leaves and coconut, but if you add both or one of them the taste will increase.

4-5 cups bread cut in to small pieces
1/2 cup onions(optional)
2 tbl spns fresh/frozen coconut(optional)
3-4 green chilies
A pinch turmeric (optional)
6-7 curry leaves
A pinch asafoetida
1/2 tea spn each mustard seeds, cumin seeds, urad dal
1 tea spn sugar (optional)

Heat oil and add mustard, cumin seeds, urad dal. When they start popping add curry leaves and chillies. Add onions and fry till they turn brownish. Add bread pieces and mix well. Add sugar, coconut and salt. Mix well.

Serves : 4
Preparation time : 10min

20 thoughts on “Bread Upma”

  1. Was browsing for recipes and landed on your blog site. Awesome site 🙂 !! Loved this recipe and tried it for breakfast today.

  2. i would like to share this with u, bit of variation in the recipe:
    dissolve salt,sugar in quarter cup buttermilk and mix bread pieces thoroughly n then keep aside. heat oil,add the above things alongwith boiled potato pieces and the ready bread pieces,coriander leaves and mix well.cook for few minutes.

  3. Shilpa,

    I had tried this recipe once before but it came out too dry(i tried without coconut). thought of sprinkling some water but was then didnt do it because i didint want to make a paste upma. any suggestions??


    Shilpa: Cut bread into small pieces. Also, sprinkling a handful of water does not make it a paste. Do not fry for too long after adding bread.

  4. can v add tomatoz.. in the form of puree or sumthing??

    Shilpa: I usually don’t add tomatoes. But you could add if you wish to.

  5. Anita Kavalekar

    I make it almost the same way too ,with a few variations.
    Don’t add udad dal and mustard but only jeera.
    add a little bit of chilli powder too…..
    to avoid the dryness add 2-3 tablespoons of milk(makes the bread pcs crispier)
    It’s an all time favourite of the family……..

  6. Was searching for a quick and easy recipe for bread upma, and your site was among the first to pop up in a google search. Well, I’ve said this before, sis, but I think it’s worth repeating… Awesome job!!! cheers

  7. I am sure you have heard this before… but your site is very helpful for the mama’s boys who land up in USA all alone and need to start cooking… :-):-):-)

    My daily dinner preparation routine starts with going to your site to find a simple recipe… 😀 Fantabulous job Shilpa

  8. I like bread upma very it is very testy and we can easily prepare it without any hesitation……thank you……

  9. I tried this recipe today …awesome. Just to make it bit healthy, sprinkled wheat bran and instead of coconut used lot of coriander….high fibre …yummy good break fast.
    Shilpa I visit this website many a times, very brilliant breakfast ideas. Thanks.

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