Avocado dosa(BeNNehaNNina dosa)

I started going to office from Wednesday. Initially before joining, I never thought my life would become so busy and I will never have time for anything because the timings were 8.30 to 5. I thought, I will get a lot of time in the evening and I can regularly post here. But, things are not going on so smooth. First of all I get tired after reaching home and the cold weather has many adverse effects on health. I hope the days will change soon and I will have more time for myself.

Avocados are called BeNNehaNNu in Kannada. I found an article about avocados in a Kannada weekly few days back. I was surprised to see these are available in India and they have a name in Kannada. For some reason, I never saw them before coming to US. The article is very informative and points out many good nutritional values of avocados. After reading the article, I wanted to try avocados. So I bought one avocado and made these dosas with it. These tasted great.

3 cups rice
1 cup urad daal
1 big avacado

Soak rice and daal for around 4-5hrs. Grind them to a smooth paste, add salt and leave them overnight.

Discard the skin and seed of avocado. Grind the pulp to a smooth paste and add it to the batter. Mix well. Make thin dosas.
While serving, sprinkle some lemon juice on them and eat with honey. They can also be eaten with chutney.

Serves : 5-6
Preparation time : 10mins

PS: Increase the number of avacados to 2 or 3 to get a prominent avocado taste.

40 thoughts on “Avocado dosa(BeNNehaNNina dosa)”

  1. Hey,

    Congratulations!! Hang in there, give it a couple weeks, you will be fine. The first weeks are more difficult, believe me!! Right now, what seems like a “very busy” day soon becomes a ‘normal, routine’ day.
    You will be cooking up a storm in no time at all, as usual!

  2. Hi Shilpa,
    Congrats on getting back to work. You are a busy bee now 🙂
    Yes, beNNe haNNu is grown in plenty in Bangalore and Madikeri. My friend from coorg used to get a lot of it during my college days, but then we didn’t knew any recipes..we would mix it with sugar and savor on it.
    Thanks for introducing to this dosa

    1. Haudhu swaami , Benne hannanu dosey maadalikkey balasabahudhu anno vichaara eegaa thiliyithu . Thanks again . Now no ripen Avacados go into Dustbin . Will be cooked for platter 🙂

  3. Hi Shilpa,

    I am a bangalorean and came accorss your blog from someother blog.
    Was so happy to see so many karnataka dishes.
    Also congrats on getting back to work…..and sure after a couple of weeks you will be fine with normal routine.!!
    I’ve also eaten Avocado in India….called butterfruit by my friends from Coorg.
    We used to mix it with vada batter and make tasty vadas out of it or eat it with sugar.

    Anyways…..just wanted to wish you luck and keep up the good work


  4. Great Shilpa…..I never knew we could make dosas out of avacado. I have already soaked rice and urad dal after reading your mail sometime back since i had two avacodos in the fridge. Thanks for a new dosa.

    One more thing i was trying to post a comment, but it gave me some error. This happened for the first time.

  5. hey shilpa-
    sorry to hear of your health reaction to the weather….i ask myself every winter ‘why do i live here?’ 🙂 as i do not like the cold too much either- i miss the windows being open and my garden. but, spring isn’t too far away…just ‘hang in there’ and the warm weather will return. eat lots of fruit too, for vitamin c!!

    i love avocados too- your dosas are most beautiful and i will try this unusual recipe soon….i like the pale green colour!!
    most often i make them into “guacamole”(mexican relish) which is good on many things…just mash avocados and season with fresh onions, chiles, coriander leaf, lime juice, oregano, black pepper and salt…add a few chopped tomatoes. also, i know of a sweet from brazil called “crema de abacate”…similar to manjula’s concoction 🙂 …mix avocado pulp with sugar and lime juice in a blender and serve chilled in glasses with a slice of lime to garnish. this is most refreshing in the heat of summer, but in winter it is nice to have too as it brings to mind summer and green things 🙂

  6. Shilpa!! Congrats!! Focus on settling into a routine first. The rest will follow. Take care of your health, too. I am so happy that everything is falling into place for you!

  7. Hi Shilpa,
    Congratulations 4 ur rejoining. Few days it’ll definitely b strenious but later it’ll be fine. Inspite of ur busy schedule u hav posted these recipes u hav 2 b appreciated 4 that. Good work keep it up.
    Recently in Zee Kanada Recipe show they have shown about “Avocado salad” the recipe goes like this:
    1. Scoop Avocado(Butter Friut- 1 medium size) with a spoon into a glass bowl
    2. Cut capsicum- 1 medium size, cucumber -1 small (without peeling), tomato – 1 medium size into cube form & add to the scooped fruit
    3. Powder Mustard 1/4th-1/2 tsp & black pepper 1/4th -1/2 tsp coarsely.Add this powder to the bowl. Add salt to taste, also add 1/2 tsp white pepper pwd
    4. Finally add lemon juice 4-5 tsp, Vinegar 2-3 tbsp(optional) and mix lightly but completely.
    5. Adjust it for taste with salt & serve this as a colourful starter.
    (I tried without vinegar & only 3 tsp lemon juice as I had very sour limes) u all an also try this jo 🙂

  8. What’s konkani name for avocado? I can’t seem to find anybody who can tell me that consequently I still dont know what is avocado?

  9. late comment, and first time here, but the recipe is lovely! I didn’t know avocados were Indian at all – nice! have to try this dosa soon 🙂

  10. hi

    Late comment but I stumbled on your blog !! The best way to discover new things… The first time I saw an avocado was when my siter returned from Sri lanka she brought back the fruit…We did’nt know what to do with the seed, my friend parul who lived in the US told us that if you plant the see it will grow…so many years later we have a couple Avocado trees and fruit but no one in the extended family liked them very much…….I have seen a few avaocados in Bombay over 15 years ago ..but they were very expensive and may still be…all I knew was they came from Bangalore…… Now I can try a new indian recipe for a favourite food. Thanks.

    Hang in there the winter will soon pass……

  11. Hi shilpa
    Good luck and dont worry.. women are capable to take any amt of stress.. it becomes effortless after a few days.
    I liked the idea of making dosas with avocado but just wanted to clarify.
    Should we use raw rice or Puzhungal (par boiled rice) arisi
    thanks and keep up the good work

  12. Hi,
    I have been going through this site for many days and yes indeed it is a very good site.. very informative.
    Recently in office my friend bought a Dosa
    which was made by Coconut water, rice ,dal and cocunut milk. The dosas were spongy and thick and very good to taste. She is a Manglorian.. do you haave any idea of any such receipe?
    If yes pleas send it to me



    guess what..last week in veg/fruit sec. i was tempted to buy an avocado thinking it might b something like guava! i picked it up and my hubby asked whether i tasted it b4..since i hadnt..it went back to its place!! but this recipe is really tempting wd give it a try and get back!
    tku again!


    Hi Shilpa,
    I finally got hold of an avocado for the first time, and the paste is as smooth as butter! the color of dosa was awesome (beautiful pista) and my hubby wanted to know if i added coriander or any green colored veg! kids enjoyed it too and batter got over in a day(after brkfast, it was in demand not only for lunch but also for dinner! wht more can i say? BIG TKS FOR UR LOVELY RECIPE !!

  15. hi shilpa,
    i am happy that now i could catch up wth u..had been for vacation to Kerala..so comp aftr question..where in laws live…all of ur recipes are gr8 wenever i have tried them..sorry to hear abt ur health but plz take care of urself…..
    thanks for the avacado dosa recipe..bcuz i get avocados but so boring to eat only in salads..once again thanks….

  16. so far i used to prepare only avocado milk shake.thanks for this dosa recipe.will definetely try it. thanks

  17. Hi Kalpana,

    very simple .beat avocado pulp,sugar,milk,cream and cardamom powder.if it becomes very thick serve as avocado icecream.

  18. Hello,
    You should feel good that you are working, otherwise there is no human being around you all day long. I used to work, but I resigned due to my circumstances, I get bored now, though I am actively participating in many areas of my life. After you get used to work you will do everything you wanted. If you have passion, you will not stop doing those. When you give excuses that means you are not really into it.
    My friend gave me avocados from her back yard. I did not know what to do with it except guacamale. So I googled and landed on your website. I am glad I did. Now I know that I can try dosas, vadas, etc. And also I found out that you can put the mashed avocados and mix with wheat flour and make avocado parathas. I am going to try to-night. Thanks a lot and good luck.

  19. Dawn Marie Martin-Ali

    hi, Shilpa..
    I have Aayi’s Recipes on my desktop, it is just so tastey and good!! As an american woman married to a Pakistani man, I often find the need to look foor more and more ever-increasingly gourmet recipes from the subcontinent in order to suit his, our 2 kids and yes even my tastes: your site fits the bill nicely.
    Although I am now in Hangzhou, China for 2 yrs. due to my hubby’s textile business setting up office here, we lived in Panama for many years an avocadoes are a lush seasonal fruit there, although we mainly ate it in salads, as guacamoles, and in gourmet styled crepes as a filling, not as a batter like in your crepe-like dosas. and to me like to most latinamericans except for the Brazilians, avocadoes benefit more from salt and pepper than from sugar when eaten by themselves: their rich buttery taste seems less cloying that way. But hey, diff’rent strokes for diff’rent folks! To me, avocadoes in a savoury vs. sweet concoction, like your dosa, are just a natural progression to that theme.
    Congrats on your entry to the workforce, I am now working in CHINA alongside my hubby and learning Mandarin to boot, so I know what it is like to have your plate full(and not just with dosas.) Bilqul stressful, ha na? 🙂
    Anyway, best wishesand keep up the good work!

  20. hi,

    this is a good recipie. where can i buy avocado’s in bangalore?


    Shilpa: Gautam, I am not sure where they are available. But my best guess would be any big supermarkets like Nilgiris, total etc.

  21. there is a lot of avacado’s here in london and since we are a family of 6 indian alll locked up in one house for spicy indian dishes its hard to manage cause the spices here are not that spicy but my i managed to get some avacado’s some how so i think this recipe will do fab for tommorows breakfast

  22. Hi Shilpa! thnx for this interesting recipe! I tried this today morn’ for brkfast & my husband liked it 🙂 I’ve alwys eaten avocado with salt/pepper or as milkshake…will pass on this recipe to my friends..

  23. Hi shilpa, your banana puri was called Bhoobhusa at my home when we were small. My mom was a great cook. I am sure these will taste the same.
    I found out about Avacado by accident. My sister in law showed me a basketful of them(tinier then I have ever seen abroad) and asked me what to do with the benne fruit!! I said wow these are avacados… thats all. never knew they could be made in dosas.

  24. hi, the dosa looks yum. wil definitely try this.

    avacados are called butterfruits in bangalore and its yummy juice is available in almost every juice junctions in bangalore during season

  25. Hi shilpa,

    It was great to go through your receipes. Your beene dosa recipe from vidyarthi bhavan was good, i stay in shankarpuram, basavanagudi and was surprised that many like the old hotel for its great taste. roaming gandhibazaar is itslelf a great fun. I was always wondering about there dosa receipe thanxs a lot.

  26. Dr.shantha mohan

    icame to know avocado after my marriage only
    my father in law told me as butterfruit
    i made a salad out of it when i was in u.k. came out well
    now coming to know as dosa, i will try and let u know my
    feedback. it must be yummy
    though i am doctor by profession as dermatologist
    i am interested in cookery (VEG)

  27. Hi Shilpa, i ve tried oput most of ur recipes.But i ve a small suggestion.plz specify the ruce dat s, whether t s raw rice or par boiled.N dis one also, plz specify if u can. T ll b worthwhile…..

  28. I too had never seen/heard of avocado as long as I was in India….amazing that it does and has a Kannada name too. After coming to the US of A, the first time I ate guacamole with chips…I liked it. Though I’ve been here a few years now, I have not bought/made anything with avocado….maybe its time to try now. (Just had a whole bunch of chips with salsa & guacamole).:)

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