Teppal (Tirphal) Chutney / Tambli

tepla chutney

Tirphal or teppal is used a lot in Konkani cooking. It has a very distinct flavor that goes very well in coconut dishes. You can read more about this spice here. We use them in preparing chutni and other dishes.

For preparing chutni, we use tender teppal (called jeev teppal in Konkani) which is generally available during rainy season. These tender teppals have a very strong aroma compared to dried ones. These are used in chutnis, tambli or tavashe (cucumber) hulel etc. When used, teppal is not eaten directly with the dish, but picked up and thrown. These teppals grow fully in December or January when they are collected, dried and stored in airtight containers after removing the seeds from them.

1 cup grated coconut
3-4 green chillies
1/2 tea spn thick tamarind extract
7-8 Teppal (tender ones preferred, if not available, use dried ones)

Grind all the ingredients except teppal in a mixer to a smooth paste. Take a table spoon of water in a mortar, add the teppals and crush them with pestle. Remove and discard the teppals and add the water to the paste. The chutni is ready for use.
The same can be diluted and used as tambli with rice. The chutni can also be mixed with cucumber pieces to make hulel.

Serves : 4-5
Preparation time : 10mins


tepla chutney1

tepla chutney2

tepla chutney

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Hi Varada,The recipe looks wow. I have never used Tirphal, will try to find out if I can get it here in Delhi also.
This is the first time I am posting a comment on your blog, although I do visit it frequently and have followed some great recipes of yours in my kitchen. The fruit cake I prepare using your recipe is really loved by everyone at my home.

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