Paneer butter masala

These days, due to a busy schedule, my experiments in kitchen have reduced a lot. Though I cook regularly, I make something easy and quick. But some days are different. Last week, when I was very bored of eating same thing again and again, I thought of cooking something special. This “Indian restaurant special” paneer butter masala instantly came to my mind. I have cooked this many times and we love it. I served this with garlic naan.

1 cup paneer pieces
1 cup tomato puree (blanch about a and 1/2 big tomatoes in water and puree them)
2 tbl spns cashews (blanch and make a paste)
2 tbl spn chopped coriander leaves
1 tea spn ginger
1 tea spn garlic
1 tea spn chilli powder
1 tea spn butter
1/2 cup chopped onion
1/2 tea spn cumin seeds

Spices (make a powder) :
1 tea spn coriander seeds
4-5 cloves
2″ cinnamon
1/2 tea spn cumin seeds

Heat butter and fry paneer pieces for a few minutes till they become golden brown. Do not fry for too long, they get hard. Take out the pieces.
In the same pan, add cumin seeds. When they start popping, add ginger, garlic paste, onion. Fry for few minutes. Now add spice powder and mix.
Add the tomato puree, chilli powder and cook for 3-4 minutes. If required, add 1/2 cup water (optional).
Now slide in the paneer pieces. (Be very careful after adding paneer, do not mix the gravy too much).
Add the cashew paste, salt and cook till the gravy thickens.
Garnish with coriander leaves.
Serve hot.

PS: Add 2 tbl spn of cream and 1 tea spn kasoori methi along with cashew paste for extra creaminess and taste. I normally don’t have these on hand, so I skip these most of the times.

Serves : 2
Preparation time : 20mins

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