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Beetroot-Yogurt Gravy (Beetroot Tambli)

This recipe is inspired by beetroot sasam and beetroot raita. This is very mild in flavor, it has that sweetish tinge from beetroot. It can be made with little thick yogurt to be served as a sidedish/chutney or can be made with thinned down yogurt/buttermilk to be served with hot rice as tambli.

1 cup cooked and chopped beetroot
4 green chillies
2 tea spns mustard seeds
4-5 curry leaves
1/2 tea spn urad dal
1 red chilli
A pinch asafoetida
1 cup yogurt

Cook beetroot, peel and cut into pieces.
Heat oil and add 1 tea spn mustard seeds. Add green chillies, beetroot, salt. Mix well. Grind to a coarse paste (do not add water, do not make it a smooth paste, leave some small pieces).
In a bowl, take yogurt. Add the beetroot paste. Mix with a spoon. If serving as tambli, add water and thin it down to desired consistency.
Heat oil and add mustard seeds, urad dal. When they start popping, add curry leaves, red chilli cut into pieces. Pour this over the tambli. Serve with hot rice.

Serves : 2-3
Preparation time : 20mins

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  • Madhuli March 17, 2010, 10:56 pm

    Hi Shilpa..we make beet koshimbir similarly except the grinding part..will try this next time..Happy New Year to you and your family!

  • julie March 18, 2010, 1:47 am

    hey shilpa,
    i stumbled into your blog recently while looking for some interesting south indian cooking, and i loooved your recipes…very simple to understand and meticulously written..cooking is very personal and there is no right or wrong..i see that in all your posts. keep up the good work.

  • sujata March 18, 2010, 5:30 am

    The picture is lovely and very tempting ! Got a few beetroots to try out your previous recipe(beetroot with almond paste) and meanwhile saw this. This week its going to be beetroots galore on my dining table. Since summer is just starting cool yoghurt dishes are very appetising and welcome. Thanks Shilpa.

  • sudha borkar March 18, 2010, 8:17 am

    Hi shilpa,
    I prepare beetroot salad many times but this recipe is new to me.can I use garam masala instead of biryani masala.where do u get shaan masala.

    sudha borkar

    • Shilpa March 18, 2010, 8:44 am

      Sorry, which recipe are you talking about? Shaan masala is available in Indian stores here in US. I don’t know where it is available in India

  • sudha borkar March 18, 2010, 1:50 pm

    oops I forgot to mention the recipe(sprouted moong pulav).I am dying to make this recipe.you had mentioned about biryani masala in the recipe and I feel this masala does all the trick I use garam masala

    • Shilpa March 18, 2010, 2:00 pm

      I use homemade biryani masala, have stopped buying it.

  • Mariette March 19, 2010, 2:12 am

    I think Shan is a Pakistani product, so chances of finding it in India are slim.

  • Supriya Shenai March 19, 2010, 3:03 am

    The Beetroot tambli looks beautiful. I am drooling on the color. Nice click as well. Luv the tempering that you have provided on it.

  • AshaLatha R K Prasad March 19, 2010, 3:22 am

    Looks Hmmmm….. I love that combo since my childhood….. I always made a mix of it as a child & called it beet ice cream & savored it like crazy…. I love your prep…the color, the texture…everything about it…..


  • closeupsmile March 20, 2010, 12:08 pm

    If anyone asked me which is the vegetable I (used to) hate,I would say “Radish”.But thanks to u,I like it now.I prepared ur spicy garlicky radish(with white radish) and Mulangi ambat with the red one.Both turned out yummy.My husband is worried that I might become a konkini in near future(not that its bad..language is the only hurdle ;)).My week end cooking is entirely ur recipes.yesterday I made chole bature.Today it was chane usli,mulangi ambat and tendli upkari…Only thing is u have’nt yet told me whether u have any recipe for “Parle-G” like biscuits.

  • Rumana Rawat March 25, 2010, 1:09 am

    looks Yummy!!!!

  • hamsababu March 30, 2010, 9:43 am

    my kids avoid beetroot but after tasting this recipe they liked it very much.

  • Teeboh August 24, 2010, 3:50 pm

    Dear Shilpa,
    I think this may be the first time I write to you, though I’ve been surfing your blog for a few month. I have to say, I sincerily have no words to tell you how delighted it is to me to see all the gorgeous work you put into creating, and sharing what is also my passion, cooking.
    My question to you is what you, personally, would tend to serve side by side with this tambli?

    Thank you for your amazing work.


  • Ritha Hegde April 22, 2011, 8:31 am

    I really like your recipes….the pineapple palya is my fav. When I have guests at home, yours is the first blog I run to….and have tried some of them for the first on my guests directly and all of them have come out well. This betroot recipe, southekayi kadubu are also some of the ones I have tried. I am going to try mix veg curry in cashew gravy for my next guests :). Thanks a lot for all the recipes that are so accurate….

  • Kavita A September 12, 2011, 7:46 pm

    Loved this recipe. I prepared this today for dinner. This is an instant hit!

  • teju September 25, 2012, 4:26 am

    prepared this for lunch today. Its so simple, yet tasted great. Thanks for the recipe

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