Edamame Paratha

edamame paratha

I had read/heard about edamame before and had tried it a couple of times in stir fries. This time when I bought a frozen pack of edamame, I wanted to try making something different. One of the dishes that we all enjoy is paratha. I make parathas with almost all vegetables. I feel this is a very good way to eat most of the vegetables. So I thought of making some paratha with them. Parathas came out very well.

For those who do not know what edamame is, wiki says – Edamame or edamame bean is a preparation of immature soybeans in the pod, which commonly are found in the cuisines of Japan, China, and Hawaii. The pods are boiled in water together with condiments, such as salt, and served whole. Occasionally they are steamed.

1 cup edamame beans
3 cups wheat flour
1/2 tea spn chilli powder
1/2 tea spn amchoor powder
1/2 tea spn coriander powder
1/2 tea spn cumin powder

Cook edamame. I added a little water to them and microwaved for around 4mins.
Then grind to a paste. (as much as possible, do not add more water). Now add all the spices, salt, wheat flour. Make a dough.
Roll into a paratha and roast them on hot tava. Serve hot.

Serves : 2-3
Preparation time : 30mins


edamame paratha1

edamame paratha2

edamame paratha3

edamame paratha4

edamame paratha5

edamame paratha

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