Shark gravy(Mori ambat with teppal)

We ate fish at home after a very long time. Sig’s beautiful fish curry recipes and pictures had started fish cravings in me. Thanks to Asha’s links of Sumeet mixer, I have a very good mixer which makes very smooth paste. So I wanted to try some fish dishes that require real smooth paste. My hubby being a great fish fan, I thought he would enjoy aayi’s fish dishes.

So we went to Chinese market here to buy some fish. To our disappointment, we didn’t find many familiar fishes. Then I saw a piece of shark (mori) which looked very fresh. There was one more fish which looked familiar and we bought those two. The guys who were cleaning the fish didn’t agree to de-skin mori – this is one of the toughest fishes to clean. Removing the thick skin off the fish takes forever if you don’t know how to do it. Luckily they had cleaned the fish(it smells real bad if the insides are not removed) but had only the skin on.

At my native, mori is one of the most loved fishes. The day people get this, they have a big feast. At my home, this was not very frequent since removing the skin of this fish is very hard. Aayi used to ask the maid or someone else to clean it. As I said, this fish has a very peculiar smell which is not loved by many. So when we bought it here, my parents were very skeptic about cleaning the skin – the fish cannot be eaten with skin on since it is very hard and thick. I took about 30mins to clean it well (everyone was surprised that I could clean it, considering I have never attempted to clean it anytime before). Aayi made this delicious gravy. Everyone liked it very much.

Things to remember:
- The skin is real hard and thick, so it has to be removed before cooking this fish.
- The fish has only one hard bone in the center, it does not have any other bones. So usually it is cut into small 1″ by 1″ square pieces. They slightly increase in size after cooking.
- Wash them very well in water.
- Do not cook them for a long time.

15 pieces of shark(mori)
1 cup fresh/frozen coconut
6-7 red chilies
1/2 tea spn chopped ginger
1/4 tea spn turmeric powder
4-5 sichuan pepper(teppal)
2-3 kokum pieces
2 green chilies

Grind together red chilies, coconut, ginger, turmeric powder into a very smooth paste.
Cook the paste with enough water, slightly crushed teppal, slitted green chilies, kokum, salt and cook. When the gravy starts boiling, add fish pieces and cook for about 3-4mins (when it comes to a rapid boil. Do not boil for long after adding pieces, they become paste if cooked more).
Serve hot with rice. Top with few drops of coconut oil while eating, this increases taste.

Serves : 3-4
Preparation time : 15mins

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