Dried Shrimp chutney (sukkil sungta kismuri)

Sukkil(dried) sungta(shrimp) kismuri (chutney) is one of the most popular seafood preparation in coastal Karnataka and Goa. Our dear friend Vitz (who is from Karwar) had requested for this recipe long back (He is one of the guys who is responsible for starting my blog. Thanks Vitz for your immense support). I had searched a lot for dried shrimp here (since hubby is also a great fan of this dish), but I was unable to find it. But last week when I again gave a detailed search in ‘ChinaTown’, I found a packet of small cute shrimp packet sitting quietly in a freezer. Finally now I know where to find any kind of seafood here in US :D.

This dish does not involve any kind of cooking (roasting of dried shrimp hardly takes any time), so it can be prepared in no time.

Mahek explains here the Goan recipe for this dish.

Dried shrimp 2 tbls spn
Coconut ½ cup
Onion pieces 2 tbl spn
Tamarind juice(thick) ½ tea spn (Soak tamarind in water and squeeze it to get the thick juice)
Chili powder ½ tea spn

Clean the shrimp (remove the sharp edges, they can be removed easily by hand).Dry roast (fry without oil) the shrimp for around 5-6 mins till the shrimps become crunchy and aroma (or bad smell for those who don’t like dried fish smell) of the shrimp comes out.

Mix coconut, onion pieces, tamarind juice, chili powder and salt (Mix thoroughly with hand). Just before serving, add the shrimp and mix (do not add before, the shrimps should be crunchy while eating).

Serves : 2
Preparation time : 10min

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