Thikshe kare

This is one of the most popular munchies for Indians. We call it tikshe(spicy) kare(sev). The recipe was requested by one of my reader. I have no idea what these are called in any other languages (I think they are called ‘Janthikalu’ in Telgu).
This is usually(but not always) prepared to make use of the oil after preparing chaklis, chips or any other munchies. It gets ready in no time due to very simple method and also very simple ingredients available at home. When we were kids mom would make these often and we would finish most of it before she finished making them :). This would be a great accompaniment with a hot cup of tea or coffee for the cold days.

Ajwain gives a very different taste to these munchies. There are different ways of making this dish, but here I am posting the Konkani recipe. Aayi uses pure coconut oil for deep frying, because they remain fresh for a very long time. I use sunflower oil. Use any oil suitable for your taste.

Besan(gram flour) 2 cups
Chili powder 2 tea spns
Ajwain(Carom seeds) 3/4 tea spn
Baking soda(or baking powder) a pinch

Mix flour, chili powder, ajwain, soda, salt and 2 tea spns of hot oil. Add water and make a dough(do not make it too watery, make like a chapathi dough).
Apply water to inside of the chakli press (to avoid sticking to the press). Use the disc with many big round holes on it. Insert the dough in the press.
Heat oil and press the dough directly into oil (the chaklis need to be pressed on a flat surface and then deep fried. But for this, directly press into oil). When they are fried, take out on a clean paper.
Cool to room temperature and store in air tight container.

Preparation time : 20-30mins


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